Chapter Ten:  The Resurrection of Dean Winchester


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New Chapter Characters: Dean Winchester and Castiel

Chapter Summary: The time has come for Dean’s return. As Sam paces, Tony sits in the Impala and ponders their situation. Then they meet another angel, only this one finds out it’s best not to mess with Light.

Author’s Note: This is definitely an AU of Dean’s return on the show. I have left some elements, but changed others to suit my needs. This chapter was not included in last year’s NANO posting. It was on my EAD for this year though. So, it may seem familiar. The EAD posting was removed awhile back.

Chapter Ten:  The Resurrection of Dean Winchester

Tony was in the Impala while Sam paced back and forth outside in front of the car.   Zeus and Hades were in the back seat playing poker.  The four of them had been camped out every day near the spot where Dean was buried.  Spencer thought that it was a little ridiculous, and Aaron had been mostly mum on the subject.  Danny was off working a nearby case having said that he was staying out of it, but it didn’t seem unreasonable.  Tony though got it, even if he was bored out of his skull.  If he was in Sam’s position and it was Aaron, he would be dragging Sam’s ass to the middle of nowhere every day to stare at a bunch of dead grass.

Add in the huge amount of guilt that Sam carried over his brother’s death, and yeah… there they were.  Aaron had offered to come along, but seriously. They didn’t all need to be bored out of their minds, and since they had no idea what would happen he didn’t want his brothers there.  He knew that he and Sam were safe, but Aaron and Spencer weren’t fully immortal yet.

They’d sat down with Samael to try and get some idea of what to expect.  While the archangel had given them an idea of what will happen, he honestly hadn’t been sure how it would affect a human.  Hence Tony insisting that his brothers are far away from the blast zone.  He did wish though that Azrael was there.  He was more than a little fond of his mentor and bodyguard, and sometimes craved his presence even more than that of his brothers.  It was a connection he was a little afraid to explore and figure out.

The two archangels had been off finalizing some things needed to separate themselves as much as possible from their ties to their Father and what the humans called Christianity while still keeping their grace and powers.  Tony had a feeling that it would be much easier if they were… well them.

They weren’t though so the pair were feeling their way along with assistance from someone they weren’t yet ready to name.  Tony was curious and his mind was trying to figure out who they could be working with.  A fact that Azrael was well aware of, and fed little tiny bits of information just to be a bloody wanker.  Tony would have the last laugh though. He would figure it out, and then he was the one that would be laughing.

He’d been laying across the front seat with his feet out the passenger’s side window.  His mind was wandering aimlessly. Sort of meandering through the new bits in his brain poking at places that had recently appeared or changed.  There was all sorts of new shiny white doors and areas that he wasn’t sure what to do with.  He hoped that people didn’t just expect him to know at some point, because he had a feeling it wasn’t going to work that way.  They seriously needed to do a shit load of trial and error to figure it all out.  Maybe once they had Dean back they’d go to the cabana in Italy and see what they could do.

He was staring at a new door that had suddenly showed up trying to decide if he should open it or not, when he felt a shift in… well in everything.  Opening his eyes, he studied the Impala ceiling noting that the two fairy angels had stopped talking.  Turning his head, he saw them both perched on the back of the seat staring out the front windshield.  Their wings were out, as if they were ready to take off at any second.

“Big coming, Master Tony,” Zeus said, and Tony sat up to look out the window.  Physically nothing had changed yet, but there was a feeling in the air.  Something big was coming, indeed.

“Come on, guys.  Time to get out.”

Scooting over to his side of the car, Tony opened the door and got out. He waited for the two fairy angels to fly out before shutting it again.  He supposed that they could probably have flown out the window as it was down, but that just seemed rude.

“Tony?”  He heard and turned his attention away from where he’d been studying the horizon intently.  Looking at Sam he could see the same worried intensity that had been there for weeks.

“Can’t you feel it?”  Tony asked turning his eyes back to their surroundings.  When Sam came to stand near him, Tony reached out and curled his fingers with his mate’s.  This felt much bigger than what Samael described, and it worried him.

“Sam, I think…” He began to say when a blast of energy erupted throwing them all to the ground, and knocking them out.

When he came to, Zeus was patting his face almost frantically, and everything felt just… more.  “Zeus?”  He croaked.

“Master, you must get up! Danger!”

Turning his head, to look at the fairy angel, Tony could see fear on his face.  Groaning at the pain in his body, Tony rolled onto his stomach then pushed himself up.  Zeus was right. There was danger for sure.

Looking around he could see that everything around them was dead.  The grass and trees were all dead.  The trees laying on the ground, and the grass had large scorch marks.  Shaking his head, he realized that his ears were buzzing, and looked around to see where Sam was.  What he saw filled him with dread.

It had to be an angel.

It appeared to his human eye at first as just a bright light, but one of the doors in his mind opened allowing him to see the figure inside the light.  It was a man with brown hair, appearing to be roughly his height, but the wings spread out behind him made it clear this could only be one specific supernatural creature.  This angel seemed to have an issue with his mate.

“Abomination. Creation of Satan begone!”

When Sam and the man next to him, who he recognized from pictures as Dean Winchester just flinched covering their ears.

“Master! Make stop! Do bad!”

Tony saw the angel’s arm lift with his hand toward Sam, and he knew that this creature had no good intentions.  The fact that he couldn’t affect Sam never really crossed his mind.  All he knew was what its intentions were, and that it needed to be gone.

“Angel begone!” He shouted, and felt another door fly open.  The angel looked toward him. His eyes growing wide in shock, just before he disappeared with a boom knocking him over again.

“Ouch, master,” Zeus complained, and Tony grunted nodding.

“Definitely gotta work on that.”

“Tony!”  He heard Sam call, and looked up just as his mate reached his side.  His brother was making his way over slowly.  The distrust and skepticism evident on his face.

Holding out his arm, Tony let Sam help him up.  “What the hell did you do?  Was that an angel?”

“Yeah, what the hell did you do, and who the fuck are you?  And, what the hell do you mean angel, Sammy?  What did you get yourself mixed up in while I was gone?”

“Dean,” Sam started, and Tony took his hand as he studied the older brother.  He couldn’t help but wonder if Sam felt as off as he did.  It felt like everything inside him was suddenly shifted again.  His body felt like he’d grabbed live power lines thrumming with the energy running through his body.  He had a feeling that this was what Azrael meant when he said that while they bonding connected them, things would be sharper and fuller once the final cabinet member had risen.

“Sammy, what the fuck did you do?”

“Hey!”  Tony snapped, stepping forward angrily.  While he sympathized with the man, feeling how incredibly unsure and off balance he was, he wasn’t about to let him take his frustration and confusion out on Sam.  The days of the Winchesters using Sam as their doormat were over.

“You keep the fuck out of this, whoever the shit you are.”  Dean snapped pointing a finger at Tony, and it was only Sam’s pleading gze that kept him from replying.

“Dean! It’s not what you think!”

“Really? ‘Cause it looks to me like you’ve hooked up with another evil sonofabitch! Where’s the demon bitch? Or, have you moved higher up the food chain? What the hell are you shaking up with now that has the power to kill an angel?”

Tony sighed and rolled his eyes feeling Zeus fly up to hover just behind his left shoulder.

“What the fuck is that?”  Dean screeched, and Tony had a feeling if the man had a gun it would be pointed the fairy angel.

“Is just Zeus!”  The little creature insisted holding onto Tony’s shoulders now.  “I harmless!”

“Dean! Jesus would you listen for a second?”  Sam snapped.

Tony could feel the burst of frustration quickly followed by an almost overwhelming burst of guilt.  He quietly wondered if this was the normal routine for him.  Letting out his true feelings, only to quickly feel guilty for them.  As if he was somehow wrong for being frustrated that his brother wasn’t resurrected for ten minutes and already accusing him of something.

With difficulty, he kept his mouth shut. He was going to try and let the brothers work it out.  He knew that was what he’d want from Sam if he were in his spot.

“Would you just… things changed while you were gone, and you don’t get to talk about Tony like that.  He isn’t a thing. He’s a person.  Just like I am, or do you think I’m some kind of creature now?”

“What the fuck, Sam?  Of course not!”  Dean insisted wide eyed and looking a little lost.  Tony could feel the aggravation and worry.  This feeling all emotions was new to him, and he wondered if Sam was feeling the same as he was.

Prior to this his empathy only gave the positive emptions from others, and Sam only the negative ones.  Now though it seemed as if one of the new tricks let him feel everything.  The underlying love and concern for his brother was the only thing preventing Tony from just taking Dean Winchester’s head off his shoulders.

“Jesus, Dean! You’ve been back for like… ten fucking minutes. Can’t we just… FUCK!”

When Sam let go of his hand and paced away, Tony let him go. His eyes stayed on Dean who wasn’t even trying to hide his hostility.  The older brother was watching him as if he expected a second head to pop up any second.

“Sam’s been worried sick about you,” Tony started.  He wasn’t sure where it was going, but had to speak up.

“Like he said… a lot has changed.  Through it all though his first thought always was you.  How to get you back.  How to fix whatever the demons broke once we had you back.  How to make sure it couldn’t happen again.  Would you understand everything we’d learned?  Would you hate him? Would you still love him? Would you just turn your back on him and never come back?  How would he survive if he had to choose between you and me?”

Tony sighed and ran a hand through his hair feeling Zeus quivering on his back.  Reaching one hand back he patted the fairy angel’s head.  “This is Zeus.  He’s mine.  The one hiding behind the car is Hades, and he’s Sam’s.  They are just a small part of the things that we’ve learned in the last few months.  Something big is going to happen, and Sam and I have to stop it.  We can’t do that though without some important people, and you’re a big part of that.”

Turning his head, he saw Sam walking through the dead trees, and felt the pain and confusion coming through the bond.  “I know you’re confused, and I don’t blame you. Maybe though this attacking people isn’t the way to go.  You’re only making Sam feel worse, and making me want to take your head off.  Maybe you might consider letting him explain, and remembering that this isn’t all his fault.  You made a choice.  You made a deal.  Hell, your father made a deal.  Your mother made a deal.  The only one who didn’t make a deal with a demon is Sam.  So, ya know… maybe you can stop being an asshole for like two seconds, and remember that he’s been scared shitless and beating himself up with guilt.  Not that you’ve been having a walk in the park, but… I’m just saying.  This wasn’t easy on either of you.”

“Who the fuck are you?”  Dean asked mulishly, but Tony could feel that his words had maybe made some impact.  He also noticed how the older brother’s eyes kept wandering to where Sam was walking.

“My name is Tony DiNozzo. I have two brothers. One is older than me, and his name is Aaron. Last name is Hotchner because we have different fathers.  My other brother is Spencer and he’s younger than me.  He and I share a father.  Pastor Jim and Bobby Singer exorcised my parents, and saved us when I was 17.  We started hunting within a year of that.  I’m in love with your brother.  There’s a… bigger connection that you need to know about, but that’s Sam’s story to tell you.  All I ask is that you stop hurting him.  He’s been hurt too much already.  Hell, from what he’s told me, you both have been hurt too much already. I am more than willing to do every single thing in my power to help you recover from whatever they did to you down there.  The last thing I want is for us to be at each other’s throats all the time.  I just… Sam is my first priority. Always.  I simply can’t change that.”

Tony watched Dean nod, and when the man turned to walk in the direction Sam had headed, he turned to look for his mate.  He wasn’t surprised when he found him halfway through the dead trees standing and watching them.  Smiling, he lifted a hand, then turned and headed back toward the car.  Whatever he’d done to the angel had worn him out.  Maybe he could catch a quick nap while the brothers talked.  Hopefully, they wouldn’t tease him too much when they caught him snuggling with Zeus and Hades when they returned.

Sam stood in the middle of the dead trees watching his brother and mate talk wondering what they were discussing.  It was probably a stupid thought.  If they weren’t talking about him, he’d eat Dean’s leather coat.  Somehow he had a feeling his brother’s second most prized possession was safe.

He felt weird.  He wished that he could talk to Tony about it, but there wouldn’t be any talking about that stuff until he could explain everything to his brother.  Samael had been trying to tell him that things would get better once Dean was back as far as things with his true self went.  He’d have more access to the good things.  He’d no longer feel only the negative emotions for one, and Sam had been looking forward to that.  It sucked always feeling the bad things that people were going through or projecting into the world.   Tony had been a literal lifesaver.

It was like his mate surrounded him with a blanket of warmth and affection almost right from the start.  He’d literally thought he was going to drown in other people’s pain before Tony had walked up that driveway.  Looking back he wondered how he’d ever believed that Ruby could be anything good in his life.  All she’d ever done was make the pain worse and more stifling.  Sometimes he’d literally felt like he’d been suffocating when they were together.

When Dean started walking in his direction, he forced himself to unfold his arms from across his chest and let them hang loosely at his sides.  He wanted to fidget, but he knew it aggravated Dean when he did that.  The last thing he wanted was to make things worse because he couldn’t stand still.  He briefly wondered if the day would ever come when he felt like it was ok to just be him, and he could stop thinking ten steps ahead of every little fucking thing he did and said and felt and… Jesus it was exhausting.

When Dean stopped in front of him, Sam was almost afraid to breathe.  There was one thing that he needed more than anything else in the world, and so far hadn’t gotten it.  That angel thing had appeared just as he and Hades were digging Dean out, and then everything had gone to shit from there.

When his brother’s arms wrapped around him, Sam returned the hug squeezing his brother tight.  It felt like the dam had broken, and he couldn’t keep the tears filled with his fears and worries and anxiety hidden any more.  So, in a field of dead trees, he stood wrapped up in his brother’s arms, letting it all go.

End Note:

I’d originally planned more after this story, but I don’t know if that will happen now. I just have too much going on story-wise. Maybe someday though. We have one chapter left, which is completely new to everyone. I want to thank those who have been reading this for taking the time. I really loved this story, and I appreciate those that gave it a chance.

I am working on several things right now. Mostly this month I am trying to get some good headway on my Slow Burn Big Bang story so I can ignore it next month for NANO. For those that follow Rough Trade, I have indeed signed up for this year. My fic is called Unveiled and has a Tony/Jack O’Neill pairing. That will be mostly secondary though to my main storyline. I hope those of you that read on Rough Trade enjoy it.
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  1. Can you not decide how old Tony was when Bobby and Jim helped him with his parents, for one chapter he is 22 the next he is 17

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