Chapter Eleven: Things Changed While You Were Away


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Chapter Content: AU for Dean’s Resurrection

New Relationship: Pre-Dean/Spencer

Author’s Note: Credit Diffuse sky radiation Wiki for the Spencer rant on why the sky is blue.

Chapter Summary: Sam and Dean have a chat, and Dean finds out what happened in his brother’s life while he was in Hell. Then, the boys go to the house, and the newly returned Winchester finds himself a potential playmate.



Chapter Eleven: Things Changed While You Were Away



“Alright, Sammy,” Dean said once his brother had calmed. “Tell me about this guy. I promise I’ll listen.”

And so, Sam did.

He started off with the aftermath of Dean’s death and how hard it had been. How lonely he’d been. How vulnerable he’d been for Ruby to prey on, and how she had until Tony and his brothers came to his rescue whether he liked it or not.

He told him about how conflicted he’d been and how he’d just wanted to take Tony’s head off and how his immediate thought was that there truly was no one left who knew who Sam Winchester was. Only, something happened with him and Tony and quickly he realized that maybe he wasn’t alone.

Then he told him what he knew about Tony’s past. About his parents deals with the demons and what they’d done to him. He told him about Aaron leaving and putting Tony in charge of Spencer and how the younger brother had been a butthead. He told him how Pastor Jim and Bobby had saved them and how Pastor Jim kept in touch with the three brothers. He told him how Pastor Jim would be dead if it weren’t for Tony and his brothers. How the three were hunters just like himself and Dean.

He told him about Azrael and Samael and what they’d told them and what the two angels were sacrificing to be their champions. He told him about the collusion between Heaven and Hell and how broken they’d wanted not just the Winchesters but he brothers Hotchner-DiNozzo so that no one could stop their apocalypse.

He told him about Tony’s visions and his angel abilities and Sam’s own visions and his demon abilities and how scared he was of them.

“I don’t wanna be evil, Dean,” Sam admitted softly, “and, I’m scared that no matter what I do it’s inevitable.”

“But, you said that Samael angel dude said it wasn’t about good and evil right?” Dean asked making sure he understood. His first instinct was to take Sammy and lock him in Bobby’s bomb shelter, but as he’d listened to the story and what these three brothers, especially this Tony guy, had done for Sammy, he knew he couldn’t. As a hunter, sometimes he just knew when to run and when he had to stand and fight. And if there was any bigger moment when he needed to fight, well then he didn’t know what the fuck it would be.

“Yeah,” Sammy admitted softly watching the Impala where Tony was sleeping. “I just…” He started then trailed off uncertainly.

Dean huffed. “So, are you worried about being evil? Or, are you worried that I will think you’re evil?”

Sam shrugged but peeked at his brother, and Dean knew it was the latter of the two options. Huffing, he wondered if his brother would ever trust him, and then wondered if he’d ever be able to make up for not standing up for him when their dad told him not to come back if he left for Stanford.

“Can you bend a spoon yet, Houdini?” Dean asked sarcastically, and Sam gave his own huff mixed in with a laugh.


“What? I’m sure we could use some dough. We can take you to Vegas still you know and make a bundle!”

“Actually, we’re doing pretty good money wise,” Sam admitted smiling. “We don’t even use fake credit cards anymore. Aaron lectured me for like four days about that shit. Instead we do odd jobs now and then. Or we hustle someone. Apparently, Aaron feels that if someone is too stupid to know not to bet a stranger then they deserve to lose their money. It’s kinda nice to tell you the truth.”

“Huh,” Dean offered considering the possibilities before shrugging it off. He had more important things to worry about. “This Tony guy, you really love him? I mean, besides this no sex thing which just… you better not think I’m signing up for that crap.”

Sam laughed big and genuine, and Dean smiled just because his Sammy did. No matter how old they got or what they did. In his mind, his little brother would always be his Sammy. He was a little worried about the reverence that the kid talked about this Aaron, but then figured maybe the guy’d earned it.

It sounded like they saved Sam from that demon bitch, and he sure as fuck was gonna give Sammy a huge fucking ‘I told you so’ when the kid wasn’t so vulnerable. Looking around him at the destruction his resurrection caused, he couldn’t help but wonder if it was all worth it, but wasn’t about to look a gift horse in its mouth. He was gonna take the gift of life and use it to make sure those angel bastards regretted ever fucking with the Winchester family.

“I do, Dean,” Sam professed smiling as he looked toward the car again. “I can’t explain it. I mean, I can see now how much Ruby was manipulating me and how bad a spot I was in with her. I’m damned lucky that the guys saved me. ‘Cause God only knows what I would have done if they hadn’t. She’d been trying to convince me to… to drink her blood when they found me. I… I’m not sure how much longer I’d have lasted to be honest.”

“Sammy!” Dean spat then ran a hand over his face wanting to bitch, but those damned puppy dog eyes that his little brother used as weapons got him every fucking time.

“I know, Dean,” Sam said quiet regret evident in his tone. “Samael chewed my ass a good one for that.”

“I don’t know if I can leave all this if you hate it, Dean,” Sam admitted carefully watching Dean who frowned trying to figure out what his brother was saying.

“I like this little unit we’ve built. I like all the people, even Rossi and Gibbs. I like all the Fairy Angels and Azrael and Samael. I like knowing there’s all these people looking out for us. All that was missing was you, and now that you’re back… I was afraid that Az was wrong and Castiel wasn’t really going to get you out.”

“Castiel?” Dean asked not remembering that name in all the things Sam had covered earlier.

“The angel that called me an abomination a little bit ago. Or, at least I assume that it’s him. Azrael told us that he was tasked with getting you out of hell, and that we needed to be patient because neither he or Samael could do it. I think he kinda hates me though.”

“Huh,” Dean offered frowning. “Where’d he disappear to?”

Sam shrugged his shoulders before looking toward the car once again, and Dean figured that maybe little brother had been apart from lover boy long enough. “Who knows. Tony doesn’t always have the best control over his abilities at the beginning, and I’ve never seen him do anything like that before. You, uh, you wanna meet him? Tony I mean?”

Dean nodded and stood offering his brother a hand up. “Sure thing, Sammy. Let’s go meet Loverboy for real.”

As he watched, Sam’s smile turned bright, and after letting him help him up, his little brother hurried toward the car using the excuse that his other half was probably sleeping. Shaking his head, Dean followed more slowly taking in the sight of his baby. He was glad that Sammy brought her, and hoped the kid hadn’t damaged her while he was gone.

When he reached the vehicle, he caught a glimpse of Tony laying across the front seat with two small winged things lying snuggled on his chest before turning his attention to his girl.

“Hey, baby,” Dean crooned happily as he touched the metal reverently. “Daddy’s back.”

He heard a snort from his brother, but ignored it as he rounded the body looking for any new damage. “You better not have scratched my car, Sammy!”

“As if,” came from inside sounding husky with sleep. “I’d kick his ass if he hurt this car. It’s a classic.”

Perking up, Dean looked back to see the two – what had Sammy called them? Fairy Angels? – fly out the driver’s side window before the Tony guy exited Bo and Luke Duke style through the window. At the back of the car he was studying the finish above the trunk frowning as he noticed a pattern in the paint.

“Well, except there, but that was deliberate,” the Tony guy said again and Dean looked up and frowned at him then glared at Sammy who quickly explained.

“They put some sigils and other markings on it to protect the weapons and things we keep in there. Plus, it protects her from being manipulated like the Lady in White case in Jericho. Tony and Aaron did it. They work on all the cars. In fact, Tony has a classic car himself that we’ll use now that you’re back.”

Dean frowned at that, but turned his attention back to the car running his hands over the marks once more until he finally decided that they were faint enough you wouldn’t see them unless you knew they were there. Or, if you were looking for them like Dean was. When he finally got back to the front of the car, the hood was popped and Tony was bent over the front checking some things with a purple flying thing next to him handing him tools or a rag when needed. Peeking down at the engine, he had to admit that his baby looked like she’d been well taken care of.

After only a short wait, Tony stood and wiped his hands on the offered rag before handing it back to the purple flying thing with a smile. “Thanks, Zeus. Dean may need that in a little bit.”

“Yes, Master Tony,” the little thing chirped before turning its eyes to Dean.

“Uh, thanks,” Dean said before Tony stepped back and he took his place poking at things and checking fluid levels until eventually he had to admit that his girl appeared to be in perfect condition.

Closing the hood with a bang, Dean turned to see his brother and his partner watching him with a dark green flying thing hovering at Sam’s right shoulder. “Dean this is Hades,” Sam explained motioning to the flying thing who came to him looking serious.

“Is nice to meet you Master Dean,” the dark green flying thing offered and Dean nodded not sure how he was supposed to reply.

“Uh, likewise,” Dean finally grumbled and Hades nodded before flying back to Sam who was laughing at him. “What’s a guy gotta do to get something to eat?”

“Right,” Sam replied giving Tony a kiss before reaching into his pocket and tossing the keys toward him.

“Oh baby,” was all Dean could offer before hurrying to the driver’s side. He noticed Tony folding his tall body into the backseat and winced knowing how uncomfortable it would be. Maybe Sammy and this Tony having their car made sense after all, but Dean wasn’t sure he’d like it.

Putting the key in the ignition, he ran a hand over the dash praising his girl and promising not to leave her with Gigantor again before turning the key and feeling the thrill at the low rumble that he got back immediately. “Listen to that purr,” he bragged hearing a snort from the backseat and without looking knowing that Sammy was rolling his eyes. Ignoring them both, he put the car in reverse and headed away from the place his body had been resting for months, trying to ignore the memories of where he’d been all that time that were trying to invade his happiness.

It turned out though that Dean decided that he needed a shower before they ate, so the trio ended up back at a house that Sam explained everyone was crashing at for the moment. When they walked in, Spencer was the only one in the front room, which was a more formal room that most everyone else ignored. Sam knew that Spencer liked it for that reason, and chose it to read in, which was what he appeared to be doing sprawled out across the chair with his legs hooked over one arm and his head resting against the back.

When they walked in, Sam noticed Spencer’s eyes pop up to see who it was, and seeing Dean they did a second take. He could hear Tony sigh behind him as Spencer didn’t even try and hide his interest in the older Winchester brother. “So, you’re back,” he observed and while he couldn’t see his face, Sam pictured the raised eyebrow.

“How observant, Einstein,” Dean snarked as he moved deeper into the room with Sam and Tony hovering in the entry way. Sam wondered if Tony was as unsure about this confrontation as he was.

“Next you’re gonna tell me the sky is blue.”

Spencer smirked back as he stood moving toward Dean eyeing him up and down once more. “The sunlit sky is blue because air scatters short-wavelength light more than longer wavelengths. Since blue light is at the short-wavelength end of the visible spectrum, it is more strongly scattered in the atmosphere than long-wavelength red light. The result is that when looking toward parts of the sky other than the sun, human eye perceives them to be blue. The color perceived is similar to that obtained by a monochromatic blue of a wavelength of 474–476 nm mixed with white light, i.e., an unsaturated blue light. The explanation of the blue color by Rayleigh in 1871 is one of the most famous examples of the application of dimensional analysis in solving a problem in physics.” *

Sam’s eyes got bigger as he watched Spencer move into Dean’s space and there was no misunderstanding his intentions by the look of lust in his eyes. “You look dirty. Need help washing your back?”

When Dean turned to look at him, Sam couldn’t resist the eyeroll any longer. His big brother looked like a kid in a candy store. “You know, Einstein, I think I do.”

“Einstein only had an IQ of 160. I have an IQ of 187 and can read 20,000 words per minute with an Eidetic memory. You’re gonna have to come up with something better than that. Hurry up and I’ll bottom first.” Spencer replied smoothly before moving around Dean and hurrying up the stairs.

Dean turned letting his eyes follow him up before turning to grin at Sammy. “Now THAT is a welcome home present. Dinner may have to wait, Sammy.” After patting his brother on the shoulder, Dean followed Spencer upstairs.

Sam took a deep breath and turned to look at Tony who had a half pained and half amused expression on his face. “I don’t know if I should be happy for them or horrified,” Tony finally admitted, and Sam snorted his agreement before heading off to find the others. He guessed that they had awhile to figure out supper, and hoped maybe he could talk Tony into making lasagna.

As he headed deeper into the house, Sam heard Tony following him, and before heading into the family room where he could hear the TV going, paused to study his partner and mate.

“It’s done,” Tony observed quietly, and Sam nodded letting himself be pulled into a hug allowing him to finally breathe again. He had Dean back. They had their whole council. There were still a ton of questions to be answered. Like, what happened with that angel? Did Tony kill him, or did he just disappear to somewhere? What happened with the apocalypse now? What happened after the apocalypse?

All of those could wait though. Sam figured that they all deserved a few days to be together happy and safe from the forces fighting against them. The plans of heaven and hell had been interrupted. Their apocalypse had been reinvented into something better, he hoped. Resting his forehead against Tony’s, Sam took a deep breath, inhaling his mate’s scent, and let himself be whole.

The End… for now

End Note: There it is! I hope you enjoyed it. I had more planned, but we’ll see if it happens. I have a lot of other stories on my plate right now. I do have a love for these characters and this world though. So, maybe someday I will get back to it. Thanks to all who read along the way.


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