Unveiled 4

Chapter Four:


Xavier Allan Quartermain, otherwise known as Q amongst the halls of MI6 where he terrorized 00 agents as the Quartermaster, was sitting on his couch trying to pretend that his Mate James Bond, aka 007, wasn’t bugging the ever-loving hell out of him. Although, it seemed that he was the only one annoyed. Their four furbabies didn’t seem to be all that interested in what their crazy spy human was doing as he made laps around the inside of the flat.


Zeus and Hera their 1-year old Havana Browns were laying in a bit of sunlight completely ignoring James unless he got two close with his pacing. Then, Hera, the only female of the group but most definitely the Queen of her new kingdom, would give him the stink eye and swat at his ankle as he passed by. Prometheus, their newest cat a Savannah kitten, had only been with them for a short while and was bought for James by Q as a present after a particularly upsetting mission. He was stalking faithfully after his master as he made his way around the flat, but given that he was still a fairly young kitten, Q didn’t give it much longer before he gave in and found a spot to watch him from. Hearing the low rumble of a purr and feeling the touch of soft fur on his wrist, Q looked down at their last cat, Hades, who was the old man of the group. He was Q’s original cat, who the Quartermaster had found on his way home on his very first day at MI6.


Q had been wondering if he’d made the right decision aligning himself with this group, when he’d heard the weak cry of a cat. Tracking him to a nearby dumpster, the then data analyst was horrified to see the tiny creature inside of a crate. Tossing his bag down, he did his best to climb in and rescue the poor creature. He hadn’t really intended to keep him. He was just going to take him home and get him cleaned up and fed before taking him to a Rescue over the weekend. However, it didn’t take long for the kitten’s antics to grow on him. Soon, one weekend was pushed back to the next. Then the next pushed back to a month, and when he hit the six month mark he gave in altogether.


That had been back when he was fairly confident that he’d be alone for all eternity, and decided that it was nice having a living creature to come home to. At that point in his life, he’d been trying to figure out how to reconcile his abilities with logic and trying to stay off of anyone’s radar by hiding in plain sight. Unfortunately, that lasted only as long as it took him to stumble upon a critical situation where it seem sure that the operative was going to die. He’d been delivering some information to old Boothroyd when the older man looked at him and pointed to a computer and told him to get some damned useful information out of it, bloody now!


When the dust settled, the operative was still alive, and safely on his way back to England. He’d desperately hoped that he’d gotten away with finding information that truly shouldn’t have been possible at that time, and for a bit he’d thought that he had. However, several days later, he found himself ordered to M’s office for a meeting. Once there he found the Quartermaster inside with her, and knew that he hadn’t been as successful as he’d hoped. He was sure that he was going to end up in a lab somewhere being experimented on. Instead, after explaining that he was what he called a Data Wizard, and had never met another in his life, and please don’t sent him to be experimented on, he found himself transferred to Q Branch where the Quartermaster could keep an eye on him and mentor him with virtually a pat on the head from M with something like, “aren’t you so cute thinking you’re the only oddity around here.”


It had been shortly after that when he was ensconced in Q’s office with a cup of tea and some biscuits that he found out about the things like himself that hid in the dark and shadows. This was news to Xavier who had just thought he was some kind of freak. He knew from his father that his great-great something grandfather was some legendary hunter and has possibly run across more than just animals in his adventures. Apparently, one of those encounters left the family with some interesting abilities and maybe the great-great something grandfather wasn’t quite as deceased as he should be.


His father hadn’t been quite sure on that point. Apparently, the old codger had taken off at some point after his legitimate son’s death and rumor was he was hiding somewhere in Africa. Q’s line had come from an affair he’d had sometime after that with an upper-class English lady who had gone to Africa to see her father shoot some animals, and gone home with something more than just the animal pelts. Despite finding herself disgraced, she’d stubbornly refused to get rid of the child, and name


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