CMRBB Art for The Most Beautiful Tide



I got the honor of doing art for two wonderful stories this round! The first story to post is a marvelous story by Shadeshifter called The Most Beautiful Tide. In addition to the above story banner, I did chapter headers for her.

The story can be found HERE at AO3.


Chp 1 Windbound - Shady

Chp 2 Spindrift - Shady

Chp 3 Constant Bearing - Shady

Chp 4 Hard-a-lee - Shady

Chp 5 Overbear - Shady

Chp 6 Roadstead - Shady

This was my first go at doing artwork for a fic other than my own, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So much so that I will be doing art for the next CMBB round.

2 thoughts on “CMRBB Art for The Most Beautiful Tide

  1. Your art added so much to that wonderful story! I particularly liked the way you aged the images to make them look like something from a Victorian album.

    Brilliant! thank you

  2. Your artwork was breathtaking and added another dimension to a wonderful story. Thanks for all of the hard work to enhance shadeshifter’s gift to us.

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