2017 Writing Totals



I didn’t get as many finished as I would have liked, but I did a hell of a lot more than last year! Overall I am really happy with what I did get done. 2018 will be mostly about finishing some long stories and adding to some ongoing series. New long projects will be hopefully minimized if it doesn’t fit into a series I already have or fit into a challenge. I also wanna get some Tibbs fics done. I miss them. I just need to tweek some things to make Gibbs fit my current mindset.

My love for Tony DiNozzo continued strong, and I found a new pairing that I am completely in love with! Tony/Jack own my heart, and I plan to continue them in the new year with other partners for my favorite NCIS SFA to keep the spice in his life.

I hope everyone had a great year, and I look forward to seeing what wonderful fics 2018 brings us!



2017 Goal Total = 36 Stories

       Words = 450,000


Stories Finished:

You Shape my Shift (FA Halloween Challenge) – 3,988

Not as young as we used to be – 7,423

Teal’c and Mamma Voorhees – 670

There’s Aliens in them Hills, Jack – 4,517

Danger isn’t only Physical – 8,230

One Beginning – 1,037

Fear and Determination – 3,276

Apocalypse Reinvented – 43,282

It’s Better the Second Time Around (RT Fic Completed) – 90,294

Familiar Face, New Romance (FA Entry) – 4,492

The Genius, the Seal, and the Surfer (FA Entry) – 4,998

Just Broken – 505

Them or Us – 932

To Hug a Hotchner and a Reid (FA Entry) – 5,002

London’s Calling (NCIS RBB Entry) – 21,346

Against the Grain (CMBB Entry) – 12,678

Monsters and Murders (CMBB Entry) – 18,783

American Born Double Oh (Workshop OMC Entry) – 1,991

Until Someday Comes – (FA V-Day Entry) 1,853

Making Love and Memories (FA V-Day Entry) – 2,708

Blue Skies after the Storm (FA March Entry) – 4,190

The Music (FA January Pic Entry) – 1,923

The Beauty – (FA January Pic Entry) – 2,000

Things May Not Be What They Appear – 5,683


Completed Total: 24 Stories and 251,801 Words

My WIPs are mostly either really long or under 2000 Words. lol Lots of different fandoms. Three of the really long ones are on my list of fics to finish in 2018.

WIP Word Count: 178,478


Overall I only came about 20K short of my goal. I would have liked for a lot more of them to be finished, but it is what it is. I’ll never be an author who beats themselves up over productivity. I don’t really write well when I try and force it. So, I am really happy with where I ended up. I still hope that 2018 sees more completed fics though.

Total Completed and WIP Word Count Combined: 430,271.



2 thoughts on “2017 Writing Totals

  1. Your stories gave me many happy hours of enjoyment and I thank you! Congratulations on your achievements for 2017 and I wish you all kinds of success for 2018! I will admit to a certain amount of self-involved, self-interest in those wishes *runs away*.

    I think I saw some stories that I missed so I will use those to reward myself when I unpack a box (just moved). Tony and Jack are a special favorite of mine as well.

    All for you – Best wishes for a happy and creative new year!


  2. I think you did remarkably well !! You might not have hit your goal, but it was a huge one. You finished 24 stories! 24! Your word count is just amazing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just start over for 2018. Thanks for all the hard work you do, and the lovely stories you post for us to enjoy!

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