2018 Writing Goals



2018 is hopefully going to be all about getting some things finished. Specifically, three long fics I started in either 2016 or 2017. Although I have no doubt that there will be new ideas started. I also have at least two Big Bang fics I am already committed to. I dropped out of Slow Burn Big Bang for personal reasons, BUT I plan on still completing the story. It’s actually one of the three big fics I have planned to finish. I hope to participate in Rough Trade for July and November depending on the themes. I’m not doing July because I know nothing about Harry Potter fandom and never really got into reading in it. So, I will be working on other things.

Fic goal totals for WIPs will include what is already written just to save my sanity of trying to figure out what’s already done and what I have to write. Story word count goals are the final product word count.


Main Goals

100K stories to Finish – 300K Goal Min

All stories below are expected to be at least 100,000 words in length

Swingin’ on the Vegas Strip – Nick Stokes/Tony DiNozzo/Greg Sanders Main Pairing

Started as July 2016 Rough Trade Entry. The beginning can be found in The WIPs

A Long and Winding Road – Tony DiNozzo/Steve McGarrett (former Slow Burn BB Entry)

Unveiled – Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill Jason Bull/James Bond/Q

Started as November 2017 NANO/Rough Trade Entry. Changed to Episode Format



Challenge Entries


Criminal Minds Big Bang – 40K Goal Min

Criminal Minds Big Bang Story #1 – 20K

Aaron Hotchner/Daniel Jackson – Untitled SGC S&G Series Story #2

Criminal Minds Big Bang Story #2 – 20K

Spencer Reid/Tony DiNozzo – Untitled SGC Series Story #3

Forever Angst Monthly Challenges – 83K Goal Min

January Challenge (Warm Thoughts to Chase Winter Blues)

Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neill – 10K

Feb Challenge (Valentines Day Theme of Friendship and Love)

Unknown Pairing: Love Fic – 5K

Tentative Idea: Always Us Tibbs Pairing and final to Them or Us Trilogy

Unknown Pairing: Friendship Fic – 5K

March Challenge (Spring Storms)

Unknown Pairing -3 to 5K

April Challenge (Picture Perfect)

5 Fics @ 1K each – 5K total at least

March Challenge (How to Hug a Hedgehog)

Possible Tibbs Pairing – 3 to 5K

June Challenge (Midsummer Murders)

Possible Tony/Aaron Hotchner Pairing – 10K

July Challenge (A Thousand Faces)

6 Fics @ 3K each Min – 18K Total at least

August Challenge (Rare Pair)

Tony DiNozzo/Danny Williams – 5 to 10K

September (Back to School)

Tony DiNozzo/Spencer Reid – 5 to 10K

October (Halloween – Urban Legends) – 10K

Tony DiNozzo/Sam Winchester

November (Reality Vs Fantasy)

4 Fics @ 1K Each – 4K Max Total


Rough Trade – Participation will depend on the themes – 90K Goal

July Challenge (40K)

November NANO Challenge (50K)



Other Fics – Potentials – stretch goals 110K

Untitled SGC S&G Series Story #1 – 20K

Jack O’Neill/Danny Williams New idea because I needed a pairing for Jack and the potential snark alone with these two demands its own story

Untitled Tony DiNozzo/Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor – 5K

One Beginning Many Endings Addition already in progress

The Beginning – 20K

Sam Winchester/Spencer Reid ABO already in progress

previous EAD and found in The WIPS

Never Them – 10K

Sequel to Them or Us and Story #2 in Them or Us Trilogy – In Progress

Untitled Tony/Alec Trevelyan – 10K

Already in progress

Sequel to It’s Better the Second Time Around – 20K

Thanksgiving fic set during story #1 Tony/Aaron and William/Robert pairings

Stillness of Body – 20K

Sequel to Stillness of Heart – Tibbs Pairing

Tony Gen/TJ Origin Story – 5K

Explains how my OC Tristan Jordan DiNozzo came to be part of his father’s world



Main Goal Total – 513K

W/Stretch Goal – 623K

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