Q Breaks Alec’s Heart


Title: Untitled at this time

Fandoms: NCIS and James Bond (00Q Verse)

Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Alec Trevelyan, James Bond/Q, Prior-Alec/Q

Story Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Alec Trevelyan, Q, James Bond

Story Contents: Angst, AU for Bond Verse Canon, Alec was never a bad guy

Notes: I started this last yr and keep pecking at it, deleting shit and trying again. At some point, I am fairly confident it’ll be finished. I feel the need to assure the Bond fans that he isn’t quite the Sociopath this makes him seem. Try and keep in mind this is from Alec’s POV and he just got his heart broke. This may end up being a Tony & … Verse entry.


Q Breaks Alec’s Heart


Alec stood in Q’s kitchen holding the tiny kitten whose tiny claws were digging into his arm, but he didn’t even notice. The physical hurt was masked by the intense pain exploding in his chest. Q stood staring at him looking incredibly miserable, James was behind him with his arms curled across Q’s chest. The expression on the other Double O’s face was less sympathetic than he’d expect from his best bud and more something he’d seen as he stood victorious over the latest target.

He hadn’t imagined that this was the way it was going to go. He’d been so careful in his courtship finding just the right presents. Rare teas that he thought the Quartermaster would enjoy. Cheeky slogan t shirts to wear around his flat on his rare days off or when he’s working from home. A hand-crafted chess set using his favorite Tolkien characters. Personally, Alec was fond of Boromir and thought he got a bad wrap. There’d been others, but all had been selected with the same care and love. Or he’d thought it was love. No, he knew it was love. At least on his part, and he’d thought that Q was on the same page.

The new toys that he’d been given to take out into the field to test. He’d even brought them all back in one piece! The tickets to see his favorite team play their rival live. The dinner the young quartermaster brought him one night when Alec had been stuck in the office he shared with James doing paperwork. He’d thought they were leading somewhere. He’d thought for once that it had been real. Bloody, James.

The bastard had known how Alec felt about Q. He’d known that he was more than a little smitten with the man, and so of course he’d had to go after him. As if Q was some honeypot. As if he was some trophy to be shown off at the end of a match between bitter enemies. He was a person goddamnit!

“Q, he’s just playing you,” Alec pled anxiously. “He knew I had feelings for you. You have to believe me. I… I love you.”

“I’m sorry, Alec,” Q murmured softly leaning slightly back into James as if trying to draw on his strength. “I know we were moving toward something, but… It’s just… I never imagined that James could have feelings for me and I’d given up hope but when he told me how he felt… When he told me about the bet that you made with him and well…”

Q lifted his chin. “I am not some prize to be won in some contest. I am sorry if you developed real feelings, but maybe you will consider that before you make some insensitive wager on someone’s heart.”

Alec opened his mouth to rebut the lie. To defend himself and the love he felt for the young genius. However, he saw a smirk cross James’ face and knew it would do no good. The Casanova of MI6 had his eyes set on his prey. And well, if Q was so easily swayed against him after all they shared then maybe, just maybe, then it was for the best. It wasn’t as if the Quartermaster was his soulmate after all.

At that moment, he felt a slight burning sensation on his arm and knew he was receiving a new message. At the same time, the kitten in his arms let out a pitiful meow drawing Alec’s attention. He couldn’t leave the thing now. It would have to come with him. He didn’t trust James around the creature. He knew that the poor little thing would “accidentally” end up dead or lost for no other reason than because Alec had given it to him.

“I wish you nothing but happiness, Ashcroft,” Alec offered, “and I hope that I am wrong about James.”

Turning he walked to the door, and paused before opening it. “I’m terribly afraid that I’m not though. I do hope that after he shatters your heart that you treat the next one you are given with more care. Good day, Quartermaster.” Alec then opened the door and left the flat. He needed to get to M. He had a mission to accept, and she was going to have to find room for the Major. He wasn’t about to leave the tiny kitten behind. After all, every fake criminal mastermind needed a kitten, didn’t they?


Three years later, Alec was sitting in a hole in the wall bar in DC nursing his vodka as he listened to the Blues band on stage play. They didn’t seem to have a singer at the moment, but it didn’t bother Alec, because the guy next to him mad an amazing husky voice that he was using quite pleasantly. He wondered why the hell the guy was on a barstool and not up on stage singing, but wasn’t going to ask. Really, he was the last one to poke at someone who wanted a bit of privacy, considering he’d been hiding from MI6 and James fucking Bond for about 3 months now.

The relationship between James and Q had lasted about as long as he’d thought it would according to Thomas, aka 003, who kept him up to date, and was the only person who knew where he was. Apparently, the Quartermaster had quickly clued in on what was going on, and had kicked the agent to the curb. Alec wanted to have some sympathy for the younger man, but thus far he’d been unable to find it within him. By the time he’d gotten done with his mission, and talked to Thomas, it had been well past the breakup point anyway, and Alec figured that his sympathy wasn’t needed. He’d recently been informed that James had thought maybe he’d made a mistake, and was not trying to woo the Quartermaster in earnest. He wished them both luck. He figured there was no need to hold a grudge as he’d washed his hands of both of them.

It had made life a little lonely and boring, but it was better than having to worry when your friends were going to stab you in the back next. He was pulled out of his musings when a loud voice on the other side of the singing guy disturbed him.

“Jesus, don’t they know anything fucking happy,” the guy griped loudly as he slammed his bottle onto the bar top. “Why the hell did I let you drag me here anyway? This music is for shit.”

Alec was trying to decide if he felt like rearranging the man’s face when the man next to him took the decision away from him. “No one is forcing you to be here,” the guy said calmly before taking a drink of high end Scotch, and continued once he was done. “I doubt anyone here would cry if you decided to rob us of your sparkly presence.”

Alec turned his head to see whom he assumed was the guy’s buddy put a hand on his arm. The guy though was either too stupid or too drunk or both to understand the danger he was in. As someone who had lived a good portion of his life going from one dangerous situation to another, he could tell that the man next to him was not one to take lightly. He was pretty sure though that most random people wouldn’t see the danger. They’d look at his pretty face and expensive clothes, and just assume that he was some rich kid.

However, he’d swear off Vodka for life if the guy wasn’t carrying at least three weapons on him, and he’d seen the guy cataloging the bar’s occupants in the mirror. He could be one of the bad guys, but something in Alec’s gut told him that wasn’t quite right. Whomever he was, he guessed the man was damned good at his job and not one to be taken lightly.

“Who the fuck are you to talk to me, Pretty Boy?” The angry dolt sneered standing and kicking back his stool, which toppled over. The sound had drawn more attention than they were already getting.

“I’m the one that’s going to remove you from this bar if you don’t leave,” the man said still appearing as calm as he had when he sat down earlier.

“You and what army?” The guy sneered slapping the chest of the friend beside him who had stood and placed himself at his back.

“I’m sure if it’s needed I can find some assistance,” The guy said with quiet confidence, and Alec knew it was a sign from Gods he didn’t believe in.

“I do believe the line goes something like, I’ll be your Huckleberry,” Alec assured just as calmly.

“We’ll take both of you pansy assed faggots,” the boisterous drunk sneered again, but before he could move the bartender who had been moving in their direction pulled a bat out from under the bar, and slammed it down missing the idiot’s hand by no more than a hair’s width.

“How about I just beat both you dumbasses brains into the bar top here and be done with it?” The guy hollered as five guys appeared from the dark corners of the bar to stand behind Mr. Obnoxious. “In case you fucking missed the goddamned memo this is a Blues Bar you moron! Now get the hell out! I’m exorcising my right not to serve your stupid self. And, please, do be difficult about it. The boys haven’t had any action in a while.”

Fortunately, at least one of the two morons had some brains, and the buddy managed to drag the idiot out promising he knew of someplace better. Alec turned his attention back to his drink and drained the tumbler surprised when the man next to him ordered him a refill. “Thanks,” the guy said holding out a hand. “Tony DiNozzo, and that is probably one of my favorite lines in cinematic history. Tombstone released on 1993 staring Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer was decidedly better in my opinion than the similar movie released the next year starring Kevin Costner. Of course, I’m not a huge Costner to begin with. I think he’s highly overrated. Kilmer’s portrayal of Doc Holliday was leaps and bounds better than Dennis Quaid’s attempt, and Kurt Russell is just a living God.”

“Have a crush do you?” Alec teased before he took a sip of his new drink.

“I just like movies,” Tony said smiling cheekily, and Alec chuckled softly.

“So, besides an interest in movies and an incredible singing voice, what else do you do, Tony DiNozzo?” Alec asked having turned toward the man.

“A little of this and a little of that,” Tony said as the bartender came over.

“Thanks Tone,” The guy said sincerely, “seems like you save my bacon every time you come in here.”

“Before long I’m gonna owe you a kidney or something.”

“Never,” Tony said sincerely and the bartender shook his head.

“You’re too good of a guy for us schmucks. You guys want something to eat? We’ve got some gorgeous bone in ribeyes today.”

“Any hash brown casserole left?” Tony asked hopefully, and the bartender nodded fast pulling out a pad of paper and making notes. Alec watched Tony turn his direction and flash a happy smile that made him think some very filthy dirty things. “Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this.”

“I’d be happy to, mate,” Alec agreed as the bartender nodded again quickly.

“We’ve got a house salad or that cauliflower one that you invented for us, Tone, and then Texas toast.”

Tony flashed another smile as he ordered the cauliflower salad, and again, Alec followed his lead. When the man headed off, he arched an eyebrow at his companion. “What did I just order?”

Tony laughed and took another sip of his drink before answering. “Nothing too complex. It’s got cauliflower, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, and dried cherries with a mayo dill dressing. It’s pretty good if I do say so myself.”


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