The Everything is AU ‘Verse Master Page


Series header info will change as stories are added. Some details below may be spoilery. So, proceed with caution!

Series Main Fandoms: NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Avengers

Series Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Clint Barton, Danny Williams, Tony Stark, Thor, OC-Jackson Grimes, Ethan Hunt, Steve McGarrett, James Bond, Alec Trevelyan, Q,

Series Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Tony Stark, More to be added as the series progresses.

Series Content: Everything and Everyone is AU, All fandoms are Non-Canon Compliant, No one is a superhero, Sentinels and Guides,

Note: Seriously, it’s not just a cute tag. Everything is AU. I’m not using anyone’s canon information unless I feel like it. Count on me not feeling like it A LOT. The tagline “It’s all just familiar enough to confuse the hell out of you” is a funny, but I mean it. I will use people I like from the various fandoms and leave people out that I hate. Unless I need a villainĀ or someone to kill. Jackson Grimes is an OC of Rivermoon1970 and is being used with her permission. He runs a tech company and would be considered one of Tony Stark’s rivals. This series will be added to with various challenges from a writing group I belong to for 2018.

Series Summary: Tony DiNozzo, Danny Williams, and Clint Barton grew up on the same block on Newark, New Jersey. While Sentinels and Guides aren’t a secret, they aren’t common enough for any of their parents or guardians to know what the hell to do with them. So, they banded together and formed a bond that they would keep throughout their lives. Whatever the future holds for them, you can count on them going together or not at all.


Together or not at all

Looking for Help in Possibly all the Right Places

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