Epilogue: That wasn’t Expected!

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Epilogue: That wasn’t Expected!


“Finally!” Daniel exclaimed as he pulled Aaron out of the isolation room so that they could get to their meeting. Even though they had been cleared for a couple days, the SG-1 team had still been on their mission, and Daniel’s room on base being a single meant that the bonding room they’d been staying in was the most comfortable thing readily available. At some point, a suite for a bonded couple would be assigned to them, but Aaron was finding that some things on base were slow going. Aaron was familiar with this from his time with the FBI and wasn’t too worked up about it.

In addition to the SG-1 team being off base, it seemed that there had been some snag that Stephen had run into and his arrival had been delayed by some new recruits he was bringing with him to join the program. Aaron and Daniel had one brief meeting with General Hammond, who had given his apologies but been incredibly cryptic about the whole thing, which made Aaron suspicious as to there being a more significant cause behind the entire thing. Finally, though, everyone needed was finally on base at the same time. Aaron, apparently along with some other newcomers, would get briefed on what was going on around there beyond the cryptic aliens comment he’d gotten from Jack that first day.

It had been about two AM the morning after their first venture out of isolation when the reality of Daniel’s new circumstances hit him. While he had known logically what that meant, the possibility of maybe never being able to go out with his team again hit him full force. It had taken Aaron several hours of comforting and reassurances to calm his Guide down and consider that just because they wouldn’t be a team anymore didn’t mean that they wouldn’t be family. In fact, it just meant that the people that he considered family would just be expanding to include Aaron’s new team, whom he was already growing fond of. So much so that Alec was trailing after them. He’d become a frequent visitor and had spent the morning with them keeping Aaron company as Daniel did some translating work.

“I wonder who all is going to be there. It must be quite a few new people if we have to meet in the larger conference room.” While their original meeting had taken place in a conference room adjacent to Hammond’s office space, this meeting would be taking place in the conference room that Daniel advised his old team customarily met in to debrief and go over missions.

Aaron would blame his distraction on Alec, who was in the middle of, he hoped, a highly improbable tale from his past when time seemed to slow down to a stop. They rounded the corner to where the elevators were located when another group came from around a corner at the other end of the hall.

At first, Aaron couldn’t figure out why the voice he was hearing sounded familiar, because it couldn’t possibly be whom it sounded like. Even though, his eyes were telling him that it really was Spencer in the group coming toward them. Things from there would become weird, and later the memory of the events would be slightly hazy, which would become fodder for Alec to use against people who tried to agitate Tony.

Stopping in the middle of the hall, Aaron vaguely heard a soft, “fuck me,” from behind him as he looked at the group who had stopped roughly five feet from his own little group.

Eventually, his brain kicked into gear, and he realized that it was who he thought. He still didn’t understand what they would be doing there let alone what people like the Winchester brothers were doing there as well. “Spencer?” Aaron asked half stunned and half happy to see the friends that he’d missed dearly.

Once everything was calmed down again, he’d quip that he’d known there was a reason he tried not to piss off DiNozzo and ask Alec to remind him of it in the future. At the moment though, he didn’t comprehend what was happening enough to be amused. Not that he should have been surprised by what happened. After all, he’d been warned by the man himself of the consequences if he ever hurt the Guide. Unfortunately, that talk had been years before, and Aaron had ultimately put it out of his mind, not really believing that it was a threat he’d need to take seriously.

“Spencer!” Aaron repeated happily as took a step away from Daniel and Alec dropping his Guide’s hand momentarily. Having his gaze locked on his friend though distracted him from the others around him, and he missed what was happening until it was too late.

Hearing Sampson’s growl mixing with Harrison’s, Aaron frowned before looking down at his Spirit Guide who had his teeth bared at the giant lion. “Harrison? What are you growling at?”

He heard Tony a moment too late and looked up a second too slow to do anything about Tony’s fist coming at him. The next thing he knew was that his ass was on the ground and there was an uproar around him as people and Spirit Animals made their unhappiness known. Aaron though, just sat on the floor shaking his head as he tried to clear his vision. An outraged Sentinel standing over him looking very much like the King of the Jungle that was his Spirit Guide.

“You fucking bastard!”


The End!


End Note: When I imagined this story, the first thing that came to me was the ending, and the rest of the story built from there. I don’t usually do cliffhangers, but knowing that the sequel would post shortly after this, I was ok with it. There IS a sequel. It’s already written, and will be part of the CMBB event. My posting date for my second story is 5-30-18, and it has a Tony/Spencer pairing. I have ideas for a second sequel, which would initially focus on the Jack/Danny Williams beginning. I am not as confident that story will happen. So, I am making no promises there.

2 thoughts on “Epilogue: That wasn’t Expected!

  1. I enjoyed this a lot! So many lives crossing paths and getting tangled in multiple ways. I’m curious what else you have in stock for this!

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