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Title: In the Shadows of Death
Series: Shadows, Death, Love, and Home
Series Order: 1
Author: SpencnerTibbsLuvr (KliqzAngel)
Fandom: Criminal Minds and Stargate: SG-1
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Fusion|The Sentinel, Slash
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill, Danny Williams, Alec Trevelyan, Other Minor Characters, Various OCs
Relationship(s): Aaron Hotchner/Daniel Jackson, Jack O’Neill/Danny Williams, Other Minor Pairings
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Canon Character Death, Background Fandom Knowledge Not Needed
Word Count: 20,807
Summary: Aaron Hotchner was still angry a year after his wife’s death and the truths that came out in the aftermath. The last thing he wanted, needed or expected was to be recruited as a sniper to kill aliens, or to find his Guide in one Dr. Daniel Jackson. Little did he know that Dr. Jackson was just as angry over his own wife’s death and didn’t want a mating any more than Aaron. If they give each other a chance, maybe these two wounded and angry men can heal each other.

Author’s Note: Ages have been tweaked from canon so that they make sense for the characters involved. Also, this is part 1 of a series of at least 2 possibly 3 stories. The sequel is already written. Knowledge of the James Bond Series or the Alec Trevelyan character are not needed. He can be treated as an OC as no Bond canon is followed for his character. This was written for the 2018 Criminal Minds Big Bang. Thanks to DarkJediQueen and Rivermoon for their hard work. Big props go out to weaselett for her art, which was awesome. (Thought I added this the first time and apparently forgot.)

Thanks to weaselett for the art! You can find her post on AO3 HERE!


You can also find this story on AO3. To find other stories posted for this event. Go to the Criminal Minds Big Bang 2018 Home Page.


Chapter One: Unexpected Opportunities

Chapter Two: Finding Answers

Chapter Three: Finding Your Forever

Chapter Four: Venturing into the World Again

Epilogue: That wasn’t Expected!




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