Chapter Eight: Meet the Rest of the Family


Chapter Eight: Meet the Rest of the Family

(Word Count 996)

Tony was in the study with the lights off and candles scattered around. The dragons’ magic had begun to materialize, playing havoc with the electricity. So, they had the breakers off except for in the kitchen while they tried to research a solution. At the moment though, they were spending more time watching the adorable babies explore the books they’d placed on the desk than researching.

Steve wasn’t home but had sent word that he was on his way along with Danny. Since the blond was around so much, he wanted the blond to meet Draco and Harry. Tony couldn’t wait for him to see the dragons knowing he’d flip.

Tony wasn’t sure how long they’d been sitting in the dark of the study when he felt his magic react to Steve’s as his mate entered the house. “In the study, Steve!” Tony called out, and then chuckled as Hades hopped over to scold Alexander who was once more chewing on a book’s ribbon.

“Ribbon for marking spots, Zander, no for eatin! Books is for learnings.” Cleopatra cowered a little, and Tony couldn’t help but smile when she hopped in his direction to be “saved.” For some reason, the young dragon wasn’t as sure of Hades as she was the other Fairy Angels and often sought out a safe haven if he was near.

Plato seemed to be amused at siblings actions from his perch on top of the books. True to his name, he appeared to be quite taken with them and would make a terrible nuisance of himself if you tried to get between him and his treasures. Alexander couldn’t seem to care less about learning but had grown bored, and the ribbon was a way of amusing himself.

“Tony why are the…” Steve started as they entered the room but stopped talking and moving when he spotted the tiny creatures on his desk.

“Steven!” Danny grouched as he nearly ran into Steve’s back and Poseidon shook a finger at the SEAL as he flew by to greet his brothers and sisters. “Oh,” the New Jersey native offered when he too spotted the dragons.

“We’re having some complications, but we’re working on it,” Tony explained but saw that neither man heard anything he was saying. Their attention was totally focused on the table. Not that he could blame them, because… seriously.


“Steve, this is my cousin Draco and his husband Harry,” Tony introduced as he stood with the British newcomers following. “Draco and Harry the tall brunette is my life and magical partner Steve McGarrett, and the feisty blond is Danny Williams, a good friend of ours.”

Danny huffed at Tony but stepped forward to shake hands with the strangers. “Welcome to hell, I mean Hawaii. I hope that you know how to eat a proper pizza.”

When Draco smirked, Tony knew whatever was about to come out of his mouth wasn’t going to be good. “You put fish on it, right?”

“You… I… Fish? Fish? Fish, Anthony? Fish?” Danny sputtered before falling into a rant about proper pizzas and things that you absolutely never put on them. When he finally grew quiet, Steve was frowning at him.

“Huh,” he offered drawing the blonde’s attention, “apparently there’s something you hate on pizza more than pineapple.”

Tony almost choked as he tried to swallow his laughter but found himself intrigued as Cleo made her way down Tony’s arm across the desk, and seemed to be vying for Danny’s attention.

He watched in awe as the often prickly Detective softened in a way he only did around his daughter and took her into his hands. “Well now, a proper lady in the house. That only happens when my daughter Gracie is around you know. She’ll love meeting you. We need to get some ribbons to put around your horns. A lady like yourself deserves all kinds of pretty bobs and bobbles.”

Tony watched fascinated as Cleopatra perched daintily in his hands and chirped happily as if she were carrying on a whole conversation with him. When Danny smiled and began answering her, Tony was surprised. He was less surprised when he saw Draco seemed to be following.

“So, it’s true,” Tony offered absentmindedly to Draco who just quirked an eyebrow at him. Realizing his young cousin had no clue what he was referring to, Tony settled back in his chair and explained.

“Uncle Vincenzo told me that your mother thought you’d inherited the touch of dragon magic,” Tony explained smiling, “and it seems she was right.”

“Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying. I didn’t know it ran in your family, too, Danny.”

The Detective nodded as he looked up from the babies who had started chirping at each other. “Oh, yeah. Goes back generations. Every oldest son in our family back… well as far as there’s written history. I’m happy to answer questions if either of you needs help.”

“That’d be wonderful,” Draco admitted, and Tony reached over smiled at his cousin. They had much to discuss, and Tony hoped that the next day would give them plenty of time to do it. “This is all bloody new to me. I always thought mum was a bit of a nutter when she hinted at such things.”

“Well, to be fair she is a Black,” Harry conceded with a half grin, “and they’re all a bit off their rockers.”

Tony snorted but didn’t argue as it was a true and fair statement. When he turned to look at Steve, he saw his mate was watching him with an expression of sappy affection. Since almost the day they’d met Steve said he wished that Tony had more of an ohana of his own, and now he did. Draco coming to live with them was the best thing that had happened to Tony since Steve, no matter the reason. Baby dragons were only the cherry on top.

Life was pretty fucking awesome.

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