Chapter Eleven: How to Hug a Hedgehog – Let Them Hug You First



Chapter Eleven: How to Hug a Hedgehog – Let Them Hug You First

(Word Count 746)


Draco was standing in the yard with his hands in the pockets of his shorts watching the contractors finish the expansion of their ohana on Tony and Steve’s property. They’d decided to add a second level that would be divided into an art studio for Draco and new master suite for himself and Harry. Their old suite was being changed into a room for the dragons, who needed a place of their own. Danny said it would be quite some time before they’d have to worry about them outgrowing a house, and most likely by the time that happened most of them wouldn’t be around anymore.

It was hard for him to believe the way things had turned out for him in Hawaii. When they’d been forced to escape England, he knew that he’d be welcomed with Tony, but Draco never dreamed that he would receive the kind of acceptance he had from not just his cousin but the rest of the makeshift family as well. It was a little heady to think of just how well things were turning out there. He tried not to examine it too much for fear of finding too many flaws. He was finally coming around to the idea that just maybe he deserved to be happy, and just possibly it was time to forgive himself for bad choices made in his past.

When he felt a presence beside him, Draco turned his head and was pleased to see Harry there. “You’re home,” he pointed out and winced slightly at the obviousness of the statement.

“I missed you,” Harry said with a shrug and a sappy grin. “We didn’t have a case, so Steve said I could take the day. Looks like things are coming along well.”

Draco nodded absentmindedly but didn’t take his eyes off his husband. Harry turned his head to look at him with a quirked eyebrow in question. “Draco?” He asked sounding somewhat amused, but Draco didn’t hold it against him. For once he had an urge that he was going to follow through on, and not hold back.

Taking a step forward to close the short distance between them, Draco threw his arms around his husband who returned the hug with a bark of startled laughter. “Thank you,” Draco offered, pressing his face into the side of his husband’s neck. “Thank you for being patient while I pulled my head out of my arse. No more pedestals. I deserve you, and you deserve me, and anyone who tries to come between us is getting a blast from my wand up his or her arse.”

Harry tightened his arms slightly, and Draco was pretty sure that he heard a sniffle but didn’t comment. Everything felt too right, and for once he didn’t have a single urge to mock how much of a girl his husband was. Besides, he knew Kono now and between her and Hermione knew how kick-arse those girls could be.

He was about to comment when he heard a chirp of inquiry, and instead, let out a startled laugh as a second chirp was followed by something landing on the top of his head. Pulling back he snorted when Alexander bent down to look at him while Cleopatra hovered nearby seemingly curious as to what her humans were doing.

“Is no supposed to stops the huggins! Silly dragons!” Hades huffed as he flew their way with Aphrodite close behind. Cleopatra had finally gotten over her fear of the Fairy Angel and just chirped back things at him that he was going to scold Danny for letting his girl overhear.

“Is good now?” Dite asked as she flew over and stopped just short of where he and Harry were still standing with their arms around each other’s waists.

“Yes, Dite,” Harry confirmed with a smile. “Everything is good now.”

Draco just nodded and didn’t even protest when he was pulled into a group hug with Dragons, and Fairy Angels included. Hawaii was certainly a magical place, and he thought just maybe England could learn a thing or two from them. He wasn’t going to be the one to point it out though. Draco found that he no longer cared what happened back there. He had a new life now that included cousins who were like brothers, dragons who were like children, and a whole host of other people and creatures that filled all the roles he needed.

Life was just about perfect.


The End!

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