Chapter Four: The Road to Discovery



Chapter Four: The Road to Discovery

(Word Ct 991)


Draco was sitting in the passenger’s seat of their car as Harry drove them to the castle ruin that they believed he’d seen in his dream. Once Draco accepted they were leaving England, he began to get a prickly feeling that screamed at him to pay attention. He had a feeling that they had very little time and thus used an emergency contact to help locate their destination. Tony had various relatives in England from his mother’s side, although most of them ignored him for fear of angering Crispin.

There was some upheaval in the Paddington family a decade or so back that left Claire’s two brother’s dead and Clive’s oldest son Crispin in charge of the family. Most didn’t like it but were unable to do anything about it. Tony had some suspicions of dark magic interfering with people’s thinking but had always been too much of an outcast to be of much influence. It was only his youngest cousin Ashcroft who worked at SIS that dared to go against his older brother’s wishes.

Hoping he could help, Draco sent the Quartermaster a scan of his drawings asking if he knew the location. Oddly enough, it had been Ashcroft’s two lovers, James and Alec, who knew where it was. The two served with Magical Special Forces before joining SIS and had been involved in a case that landed them at that very location. They remembered because standing inside the ruins made the hair on the back of their necks stand up. In addition, Alec remembered looking out that very window at one point and seeing the tree out on the edge of the cliff.

Immediately, Draco and Harry got into their car and set off toward the castle, which was fortunately within driving distance from their remote English countryside home. Given that they were unsure of what they were going to find, or the risk of the area, neither felt safe using magical transportation to get there. Especially considering that there most probably would be dragon magic involved, which could be unpredictable in nature.

When they reached the castle ruins, Draco immediately leaped from the car and hurried toward the castle interior ignoring his mate’s muttered swearing as he tried to park the vehicle and catch up. Once inside, Draco let his instincts pull him toward wherever he needed to go, ignoring the fact that Harry had his wand drawn in case of danger. It took longer than he would have liked to find the correct window, but once he found it, he felt the rightness of it.

Draco could feel goosebumps forming on his arms as his magic stirred within him as if responding to the memory of the dream. “The air is bloody heavy in here for being outside, Drac,” Harry pointed out quietly, but the blond just nodded, too caught up in his mind to speak at that moment.

“It’s the residue of the Mother Dragon that was here last night,” Draco finally said quietly as if he were far away from his body. He and Harry were quite familiar with how these things went, given that they’d been following Draco’s dreams for years. His husband once complained that he hated how it felt when Draco was caught up in living one of his dream moments. Harry explained that it felt like his magic was far away from him even though he was often standing right next to him. Unfortunately, Draco didn’t know how to correct that, and Harry acknowledged that it was just something he had to live with.

Feeling a tug from the direction of the tree, Draco lunged forward pulling himself up into the window and jumping out much to Harry’s surprise and displeasure. “We are magical you know, Draco,” Harry called as he scrambled to follow, but the Malfoy heir ignored him as he sprinted toward the tree that appeared to be more dead than alive on the edge of the cliff.

By the time Draco got there, Harry had nearly caught up being the faster runner over longer distances, and Draco almost didn’t have the time to keep the Black and Potter heir from intruding where he shouldn’t be.

Stopping abruptly, he held out an arm to prevent Harry from going further. “No, Harry,” Draco commanded not taking his eyes off of the base of the tree, “you can’t go further than this.”

“Yeah,” Harry reluctantly agreed as he scanned the area for threats. “Feels dangerous here. Something doesn’t like my magic that’s for certain.”

“It’s the dragon magic,” Draco offered faintly as he headed forward stopping and crouching down roughly a foot from the base of the tree. “It knows you’re not a dragon and sees you as a threat. I guess there’s one magical spot in England that doesn’t love the Chosen One, imagine.”

He heard Harry’s snort of amusement at the teasing words and was surprised when his husband mostly ignored them. “Might I point out that you aren’t a dragon either, despite your name?”

“Well, mother always told me that she named me Draco for a reason,” he offered back holding out his hand and feeling something magical quiver and break almost knocking him back on his ass. “Oh, I didn’t expect that.”

“What the hell was that?” Harry demanded as he pulled himself up from the ground, but Draco ignored him needing to concentrate on finishing the reveal of the precious treasure in front of him.

“Well, I wouldn’t want father to find them either,” Draco said finally as three tiny dragon babies poked their heads through their shells and began hopping in his direction. More than a little awed by the responsibility that had been given to him, Draco gathered the babies close, letting them perch on his arms, before turning and heading back to Harry.

“Bloody, hell,” was all that his mate offered, and Draco just nodded. He didn’t think any other words were needed.


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