Chapter Seven: Welcome to Hawaii and your Future



Chapter Seven: Welcome to Hawaii and your Future

(Word Count 977)



The household was awake early the next morning but couldn’t leave for several hours due to the time difference between DC and Hawaii. So, while they waited, Dobby and Valentino spent time in the kitchen making a huge breakfast, and Draco hoped that it wasn’t his imagination that the House Elf seemed more relaxed and sure of himself. He even cursed Apollo less, but not too much so. Draco thought maybe the House Elf and the Fairy Angel enjoyed their shared barbs.

Once he woke up the previous day, he’d had a conversation with Gibbs about carrying guilt and the harm it can cause. He then went upstairs and had a frank talk with his husband, which resulted in Draco promising to try, and Harry vowing that he’d love him either way. Their pasts had left scars on them each that might never be fully healed, but they both acknowledged all they could do is try.

As they walked through the Port Key Gibbs had set up to Tony’s place, he was carrying Nibble and Tribble as the NCIS agent gave Dobby a bigger and fancier cage for his pets. The House Elf was nearly beside himself with joy and actually gave the older man a hug for thanks.

As his head cleared and the nausea started to settle, he rolled his eyes at his husband who was once again giggling and chose to ignore him so that he could greet his cousin. Stepping forward, he set the cage down so that he could give his favorite relative a hug. “Jesus, Tony. It’s been too bloody long.”

“Yeah,” Tony agreed as he hugged him rightly, “but if you’re here permanently, then it’s all worth it.”

“I admit though that I’m a little curious what got you out of England in such a rush though. There aren’t any dead bodies left behind are there?”

Draco snorted as he let his trademark smirk settle on his face. “If there were Ashcroft would totally take care of them. Alec totally loves me.”

“That’s because you encourage his urges to blow shite up,” Harry threw out as he came up having already settled down faster than he had on the trip to Gibbs’.

“Potter,” Tony greeted before drawing a hug from the younger man then stepped back and laughed as he was swamped by excited Fairy Elves. Eventually, the small creatures finished welcoming Tony and headed toward the house, as Tony, Harry, and Draco fell into step behind them. While the Port Key point was well inside their property boundary, Draco was glad for the walk, because it would give his nausea time to finish going away.

“Not that I’m not glad to see you here, but the curiosity is killing me,” Tony offered after several minutes of silence. “Seriously, are there dead bodies?”

“Quite the opposite, Mate,” Harry offered cheekily before stepping up behind Draco and unzipping the backpack. Knowing what he was doing, and thankful because the kids were getting restless in their confined space, Draco stopped, which caused Tony to stop as well.

When Harry came out with Cleopatra and held out the tiny creature to Tony, Draco couldn’t help but grin at the look of astonishment that only grew as the process was repeated twice more. God, he was happy to finally be with his family.


~*~~*~ ~*~~*~


“Oh,” Tony murmured as Harry put the little red dragon in his hands which were much bigger than her tiny body. While dragons didn’t necessarily have sexes, something in him said this was one who would identify as a girl. “Aren’t you a pretty little thing.” When the dragon in his hands chirped happily and seemed to preen, Tony chuckled softly.

“Meet Cleopatra,” Draco offered grinning, and Tony looked up to see his cousin had a small black dragon on his shoulder, while Harry had a green one perched on his forearm like you could hold a bird of prey. “I have Alexander, and Harry has Plato.”

“Three?” Tony asked astonished as his mind whirled with the possibilities. “Well, I can certainly see why you were in such a hurry to get out of England. Things would have been much dicier had the British Magical Community found out about them before you could leave. Not that legally they would have been able to say much about it. It’s clear these little ones have already bonded with you, but that wouldn’t have stopped them from trying. Then when that failed they certainly would have tried more underhanded methods.”

Tony watched Draco nod seriously before replying. “That’s what Gibbs said. So, he’s filed emergency ownership papers for with your Government along with our emergency citizenship papers. He said that as leader of the Magical Crime Response Team that it wouldn’t be the first time he had to do something of the sort, and that this was the perfect place to make sure your government didn’t get any stupid ideas either.”

Tony sighed knowing how true the statement was and made a mental note to have Steve talk to the governor the next day. Putting Cleopatra up on his shoulder, Tony faced his cousin fully. “I’m glad to have you here, Dragon.”

Before he could proceed, Tony felt something bump into his leg and snorted as he looked down to see his new babies looking up at him curiously. George, their new baby chimp familiar, had rolled over with Leo, their new baby white tiger familiar, in his arms and was grinning up at him. Kneeling, he let Cleopatra climb into his hand and lowered her town to the baby animal’s height, so they could inspect each other.

“Guys meet our new Queen, Cleopatra. Cleo, meet George and Leo.”

Tony wondered if it was his imagination that Cleopatra preened at the title, but he knew the groans from Harry and Draco weren’t.


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