Chapter Six: How to Hug a Hedgehog – The Hit and Run



Chapter Six: How to Hug a Hedgehog – The Hit and Run

(Word Count 1226)


“Well now, who do we have here?” Gibbs asked as he knelt down in front of Dobby and held out a hand. “Leroy Jethro Gibbs. You can just call me Gibbs or Boss if it makes you feel better. I work for the Magical Crime Response Team at NCIS. Welcome to America. I need to inform you that as a new resident you are now a free House Elf. Do you acknowledge a bond with either of the men who brought you here?”

Draco could feel the small creature shaking as he pressed harder against Draco’s leg, but despite his fear and anxiety, he answered the question.

“Dobby claim two Master. Lord Harry Potter-Black an’ Lord Draco Malfoy. Is no want leave me, Masters! Dobby right where him want be!”

Gibbs nodded smiling softly as he held out a hand carefully and waited patiently until the House Elf put his much smaller hand in Gibbs’ palm for a shake. “It’s nice to meet you House Elf Dobby Malfoy Potter-Black.”

When the older man finally stood and turned his attention to Draco and Harry, the blond could feel Dobby relax slightly even though he didn’t move from his side. “Draco, Harry, I take it you’ve had to leave England?”

“Something came up,” Harry confirmed with only a slight giggle in his voice as he came over to stand behind Dobby, which helped the House Elf relax further. Before either of them could explain more the backpack on Draco’s back began to shift. Gibbs just quirked an eyebrow at them before he moved back over to his boat. Once there, he gave Apollo and Hades each a sanding block and showed them where they could help if they’d like. The two Fairy Angels squealed with excitement and began sanding happily.

Taking the backpack off, Draco opened it up, and carefully took the three baby dragons out drawing Gibbs’ attention once more. “Aah,” the NCIS agent commented as he put his sanding block down once more and came over to study the dragons. “Three?”

“Yeah,” Draco confirmed as the black dragon whom he’d mentally named Alexander crawled out of the bag and onto his shoulder. Harry immediately reached in and wasn’t surprised when he came up with the green dragon in one hand, who had been named Plato, and the red dragon, whom Aphrodite named Cleopatra. Even though dragons didn’t really have sexes, she declared that there needed to be at least one girl, and none of the rest of them cared to argue with her.

When Harry looked at him for permission, Draco nodded and watched as he held the tiny red dragon out to Gibbs, who immediately took her in his hands. “Meet Cleopatra. I have Alexander and Harry has Plato. We are officially requesting emergency residency in America, and plan to take up existing employment offers with the Honolulu Magical Creature Rescue and Sanctuary. Harry will be working with the Hawaii 5-0 team under the command of Lt. Commander Steven Jack McGarrett.”

Gibbs nodded his understanding and watched Cleopatra crawl up his arm before responding. “Arrangements have already been made and were just awaiting your arrival. As a representative of the US Government, I welcome you to America. Valentino!”

A burgundy colored House Angel came down the stairs immediately, but instead of going to his Master headed right for Dobby. Along with his Burgundy colored skin, he had black and gold colored hair that was slicked back, and his wings were a swirl of burgundy, gold, and black. Draco lowered his gaze to see the House Elf looking at the other creature warily and wondered how this would go over. Matings with Fairy Angels weren’t taken favorably in most of the affluential households in England, and sometimes this filtered down to their House Elves not being friendly to the creatures.

The union of a Fairy Angel and a House Elf that created offspring created one of two creatures. House Angels looked like a House Elf, but could change their skin color at will, had hair, and wings. They were the result of the mother being a House Elf and the father being a Fairy Angel. Fairy Elves looked like Fairy Angels, which were more human in appearance than their House Elf counterparts, but had the skin tone of a House Elf, no hair, and transparent wings that held no color. They were the result of the mother being a Fairy Angel, and the father being a House Elf.

Valentino stopped in front of Dobby and started to hold out a hand before he noticed the wooden cage. “OH! You has Hamster Sphinxes!  Valentino has never seen before. Is safe to let out? We can take to back yard if want. Is fenced in so they can’t get out.”

Dobby looked up first to Draco then to Harry getting a nod of approval from each of them, before he turned his attention back to Valentino. “Dobby would like that. Master Draco got Dobby pets from Master Cousin Tony. Dobby can ask Valentino questions ‘bout this ‘Merica place?”

Valentino nodded quickly before turning and flying up to talk to Gibbs. “Boss, Valentino’s takin rest of day off. You gon’ starve?”

Gibbs huffed and rolled his eyes at the House Angel who was always more than a little sassy. The creature had spent a bit too much time around Tony before his favorite Agent escaped to Hawaii several years back. As a result, Valentino had chosen to take on much of Tony’s personality. “Yeah, I’ll take steaks and burgers out, and we can grill, and I am sure I can figure out how to make french fries in the oven. Go get Dobby settled. Make sure the others know where they’re staying first, please.”

Valentino nodded and flew off with the Fairy Angels following. Although, Hades and Apollo promised to come back later to help sand. Draco knew that working on the boat would be a novelty for the two creatures. When it was just the three of them in the basement, the dragons having been taken with the others so they too could go outside, Draco let out a deep sigh and looked to his husband.

“I’m sorry, Harry,” he said quietly feeling the familiar weight of guilt that was most likely helped by the exhaustion he always felt when using an International Port Key. “I wished that I deserved you. I am thankful though that you chose me even though I don’t.”

Blue eyes watched him with a tinge of sadness Draco hated knowing that he was the cause. When his husband suddenly lurched forward and threw his arms around it, he was too startled to react immediately, and by the time he came to his senses, Harry was halfway up the stairs. Once at the landing at the top, the Potter heir paused and looked down at him. “I love you Draco Malfoy-Potter, and it is my greatest wish that someday you believe just how much you do deserve my love.”

When his husband gave him a sad smile before leaving, Draco just nodded and let out a sigh of discontent before sinking to sit on the floor with his back to the wall underneath the stairs. Leaning his head backward, he closed his eyes, and let the sound of Gibbs’ sanding lull him to sleep.


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