Chapter Ten: The Strategy of Life


Chapter Ten: The Strategy of Life

(Word Count 937)

It was a Saturday night a couple months after Harry and Draco had arrived in Hawaii. The two had settled in the ohana that Tony and Steve built on the property for them some time back in anticipation of the English couple needing it. Harry was settling into his spot on 5-0 reasonably well and was an interesting counter to Steve’s more impulsive personality. It was something that Danny loved as he didn’t have to be solely responsible for reigning in his partner all the time.

The dragons had grown strong enough that they could fly, and were often found buzzing around the house or ohana or perched out of reach somewhere watching things. Draco still at times seemed somewhat restless, but Tony knew the only fix was time. Eventually, his cousin would find that nitch in the family like the rest of them had. Tony just hoped that it was soon because he just wanted the younger man to be happy.

Currently, the four household members along with Danny, Chin, Kono and Draco’s assistant Lucian Kekoa were gathered around the table they usually used for poker playing Game of Thrones. When Tony found out that Harry and his cousin liked the adult board games, he wrangled the others into playing with them. So far, it was going much better than he’d expected. For one, it exposed his lover’s nerdy side, as well as shining a light on Draco’s strategy abilities.

The conversation had turned toward a case the 5-0 team was working on, and Tony noticed that Draco had grown quiet. “Draco?” He finally prompted and when his cousin looked up his wide-eyed look worried him a little. “What’s wrong, Drac?”

“I think I need to show you something,” Draco admitted softly, and Tony watched him share a look with Harry who nodded at him. As the younger man got up and left the house, Tony’s eyes followed him as far as they could before he turned his gaze to Harry who had a fierce expression on his face.

“He’s been scared shitless to show you all,” Harry said intensely as he placed his cards carefully on the table. “Most people don’t react well to what he can do, even if they know about it, once they are actually faced with it. Plus, it’s never come out like this before. He was afraid that the team wouldn’t believe he wasn’t guilty.”

“What,” Steve started to demand but stopped when Tony put a hand on his arm. “This has something to do with the case? He’s having dreams about them?” Tony asked, but the answer came from behind him unexpectedly.

“I didn’t think so until now.”

Tony turned to see Draco standing there somewhat breathlessly clutching a drawing pad. As the young Englishman started forward again, he continued to explain. “Harry and I don’t talk about his cases like we did before. We weren’t sure what he could share and being the new guy he didn’t want to make anyone mad. I didn’t… I’m not…”

“It’s ok, brah,” Chin offered gently, and Tony was glad it was someone other than himself who had offered support first. He hoped that it would carry more weight with the younger man.

“We know how these things are. New place, new people, new everything. All that’s important is that you’re sharing now. What’s on the pad?”

Draco settled on the edge of his seat, and Tony wasn’t shocked when Alexander flew over to perch on his shoulder. The eldest of the dragon babies had the strongest bond with Draco. “I have dreams, visions really. I try to draw them out, but its hard here because I don’t have a room that I can dedicate to just that or lock up.”

“Can I see?” Chin requested holding out a hand, and Tony didn’t realize he’d been holding his breath until it came out when the sketchpad was placed in Chin’s hand. After nodding his thanks, Tony watched his friend flip through the pictures almost expressionlessly, but after handing the notepad to Kono looked up with a gentle smile for Draco.

“We’ll get you what we call a Magical Consultant Agreement that will cover you,” Chin explained in that zen way of his that just made you feel better. “No one here would ever believe you’re responsible for these murders, brah. These pictures will help us a lot. The agreement will also cover any conversation you and Harry want to have. That way he doesn’t have to keep secrets and you guys can let us know right away next time. We appreciate your help and know what a risk you’re taking in sharing this with us. Don’t we, Steve.”

“Yes, of course,” Steve offered, and Tony relaxed further. “I’ll do the agreement myself and make sure it’s filed with the governor tomorrow. You’re ohana, brah.”

Tony watched as his cousin’s eyes glistened with unshed tears before he looked down to where his hand was clasped in Harry’s. Tony found himself dizzy momentarily from the head rush as relief flooded his mind. Everything was going to be alright. Tony thought just maybe the last nitch in the family was filled. Like Tony, Draco had found his place, and if he had any say in it, the team would be taking advantage of those strategy skills that he’d been hiding as well. It may have taken over a decade, but maybe finally Draco had found his way around the damage Lucius had made of his life.

Finally, one more father’s ill deeds had been conquered by the love and acceptance of an ohana in Hawaii.


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