Chapter Three: Talking it out


Chapter Three: Talking it out

(Word Ct 981)

One thing Draco found, was that he tended to get lost in his drawing no matter if it was logging a dream before it became too hazy, or solely for pleasure. The latter had been something he’d discovered he loved in the aftermath of finding his own path. He found that it was an incredibly useful stress relief and helped him to expel the dark magic that bottled up inside of him. Unfortunately, the path that he’d started on way back when had left consequences that he had to deal with or find himself in trouble.

Harry wasn’t as sure as Draco was of the penalty should he ignore the things his father tried so hard to instill inside of him, but he was very confident. Thus, he worked hard to manage some of the darker parts of his personality and magic that he wasn’t at all proud of. One way he got rid of the excess darker magic was to put it into his personal drawings. After he’d gotten the dream down on paper, he’d moved onto his latest creation.

So far, he only had the head completed, and already it made him shiver looking at it. The background was completely black giving no hint of where the creature was. So far, there was an image of a skull being eroded away to show the helmet some kind of robot or another mechanical being underneath. The bone of the skull and the eyepiece of the helmet were in the same sky blue with white patches that could almost be clouds. He both loved it and hated it simultaneously.

“Jesus, that thing bloody freaks me out,” He heard behind him, and once he was to a stopping point, closed the sketchpad, and turned to see his husband lurking behind him.

“Well, it doesn’t fill me with warm fuzzies either, but it’s necessary,” Draco pointed out and leaning back against the drafting table ignored his partner’s eye roll.

“Dobby said that you had another dream?” Harry asked worried, and Draco nodded stiffly. “Does it have something to do why the back of your neck is all burned? Apparently, Dite is worried, but didn’t want to interrupt your drawing to tend to it.”

Frowning as he realized the back of his neck did hurt, Draco lifted a hand to touch the area and winced when he realized it was warm and tender. “Bloody hell,” Draco muttered before getting up and taking his husband’s hand pulled him out of the room locking the door. He didn’t like anyone being in the room when he wasn’t there, and it was the one door that Draco insisted stay locked when he wasn’t in it. He’d never been sure if the pictures and drawings could be used against him magically and had never really found anyone to ask. It wasn’t as if there were a lot of adults at Hogwarts that had leaped forward to help guide him once he’d revealed the remaining truth of his magic.

Once they were settled in their favorite breakfast nook with Dite tending to his wound, while Dobby and Apollo helped finish making and serving breakfast, he relayed his latest dream to his mate.

“Well, by the burn on the back of your neck, I’d say that it is not your normal dream, love,” Harry murmured as he doctored his second cup of tea. “Maybe it’s time that we reconsider the generous offer your cousin made us.”

“Harry,” Draco breathed softly in a part sigh and part pained moan at the mention of the old argument. Oddly enough, it was Draco that always argued against such a thing, merely because he loathed the idea of taking Harry so far away from Sirius and the rest of his friends. While they never quite fully accepted Draco, all the blond cared about was that they were important to his husband.

“Draco, it’s time,” Harry said sternly as he set down his spoon and turned a frown toward him. “I know you don’t want me to be so far away from everyone, but how is it fair that I have so much, and you so little? I am not blind to the fact that you have completely cut yourself off from everyone here, and that the only person you really have left lives thousands of miles away. That same person who can’t come to England because of that scoundrel cousin of his. Now, it’s time. I say we go find whatever it is that dream is leading you to and move to Hawaii. You can run the rescue while the rest of us catch the villains and other assorted magical morons.”

Draco couldn’t help the quirk of his lips as the love he felt for his husband swelled within him. “I’m not terribly sure that they call them villains in America, Love.”

“Whatever,” Harry returned with a grin waving a hand in the air. “Now, I say we’re going, and that’s that! I won’t take no for an answer this time, Draco.”

The blond huffed out his annoyance and let out a smirk he knew would make his partner’s teeth clench. “Well, who am I to argue with the Boy Who Lived? I am but a humble Malfoy evildoer who got caught within your web.”

“There’s not a single humble bone in any of the Malfoy family,” Harry pointed out still grinning. “Dobby! We’re moving to the States! Get the important things ready to move.”

“Is bout time,” Dobby muttered as he bowed and started trying to direct the Fairy Angels who were cheering overjoyed at the idea of reuniting with their family. “Stubborn Masters no listen to House Elfs an’ Fairy Angels. Has been saying for months.”

Draco just lets out another huff and finished his meal as he listened to Harry plot their trip that afternoon. They had a mystery to uncover.


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