Chapter Two: Getting it Down on Paper



Chapter Two: Getting it Down on Paper

(Word Ct 995)


Getting up carefully so as not to wake his husband, Draco headed to his studio to draw what he’d seen. As he sat down at his drafting table, he let his eyes drift up to the picture that hung on the wall in front of him. It had been one that he’d drawn during his third year that helped him realize that he needed to make some changes. It was a picture of the school as he’d never seen it and hoped that he never would.

Two of the windows had rounded to appear as if they were eyeballs, and the columns below them were ragged and crumbling like sharpened teeth. There was a single hooded figure walking along the corridor that, while Draco couldn’t see any distinguishing features, he’d always known was Harry. It was a precursor to something terrible, and he put it in its resting place to remind him of what would happen if he failed to act on the things he dreamed.

He was just settling into his drawing when he heard the familiar flap of wings and sat back smiling as Aphrodite, one of his Fairy Angels, flew over and stood in front of him on the table. Once he’d come to his senses, one of the things he realized as being wrong in his family was how the House Elves were treated. Most of the Malfoy Manor House Elves had been around for generations and didn’t see a problem with their current circumstances.

Dobby had been a different story.

Dobby was one of the younger Elves and more sensitive than the others, because of that Draco worried about leaving him to his father’s mercies. Especially after he realized how badly he was being mistreated. Because of that, he managed to convince his father to give him Dobby and then finagled a situation that ended up with Harry as his owner. While Potter had been unsure at the beginning, Dobby was thrilled, and Draco had never regretted his decision.

In the aftermath though, he had a hard time finding a new Elf for himself. After giving up Dobby, his parents certainly hadn’t been willing to give him another, and for a while, he’d lived with missing the bond he saw Harry and Dobby share.  Then, an older cousin on his father’s side came to his rescue.

Draco’s Grandmother Aurora Malfoy nee DiNozzo had been a sister to Tony’s Grandfather Domenico DiNozzo. When Draco’s grandmother married Abraxas, it had been an arranged marriage that grew into love. Unfortunately, Aurora died when Lucius was very young, and Abraxas never had the heart to remarry. While the DiNozzo family liked Abraxas, Lucius was another story. As he got older, the family approved of his actions less and less until the only one who would speak with him was Anthony Domenico DiNozzo, Sr.

While they hadn’t seen each other often, Draco had enjoyed corresponding with his older cousin and hearing about not just American life, but how American Witches and Wizards lived. He’d also found not only a sympathetic ear but someone he could count on when things went south with his father. If there was anything that Tony understood, it was how to live with a crappy father.

One of the most significant differences between the two magical communities were the household companions.  The American counterpart to the House Elf was the Fairy Angels. While the two shared some similarities, they were completely different creatures. Fairy Angels were roughly the same height as a House Elf, but their ears were tall and pointy. They also had wings that allowed them to fly. They came in varying colors, had hair unlike the House Elves, and their relationship with humans was vastly different.

Unlike House Elves, Fairy Angels decide whom they were going to attach themselves to and were free to go at any time should their circumstances change.  So, while they did many of the same tasks, Fairy Angels were more independent than their English counterparts. Needless to say, when two of the Fairy Angels that Tony had mentioned in his letters showed up at Hogwarts one day to be Draco’s companions, there was quite a stir amongst the rest of the students and staff. Hades and Aphrodite didn’t much care though, and happily told anyone who pissed them off exactly what they thought.

Fairy Angels tended to come in bonded pairs, although unbonded single Angels weren’t uncommon. Once they found their mate though, the pairings lasted for the rest of their lives. Hades and Aphrodite were one of these bonded pairs.

Hades was a black Fairy Angel with a red mohawk and black wings with red tips. He’d been named by Tony, as had all of his cousin’s Fairy Angels, and once he learned about his namesake and all the mythical versions of him, grew himself a tail with a sharp red tip on the end. He tended to dress in dark-colored suits and had a dry sense of humor.

Aphrodite was a pink Fairy Angel with long multi-colored pastel curls who loved shoes and fashion. Her wings had swirling pastel colors, and she was very much a mothering sort. It hadn’t taken Draco long to bond with them, and now he couldn’t imagine not having them in his life.

“What you doing up?” Aphrodite asked with her hands on her hips before fluttering around to look down at the paper that Draco was drawing on. “Master Draco have another sleep sees?”

“Yeah,” Draco confirmed sitting back and rubbing his hands over his face. “This one feels different though, Dite. I think something big is coming. I dunno. It scares me.”

“Master’s not alone,” Dite proclaimed fiercely. “Gots Master Harry and gots Hades and Dite and Dobby and that scoundrel Apollo. Whatever it bes, it no bigger than all of us.”

Draco couldn’t help but smile at her before turning back to the paper to get the images down before they faded away.


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