Chapter Three: Making a Break



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Chapter Three: Making a Break


Spencer was sitting in the passenger’s side seat watching the lights go by in the dark as they headed home. He felt a little guilty about making his Mate drive when he knew Tony had to be tired, but there was no way that he’d be able to get on a plane and fly home with Gideon and Rossi. His Sentinel must have known how close Spencer was to giving into his anger because he didn’t even question the request to drive, despite the fact that it was an 8-hour drive. Or, it would be typically. Given the speed, his Mate was driving though he guessed that it would be more like a 5-hour drive.

He could feel Tony worrying about something because the anxiety over whatever was bothering him was bleeding into the bond. At first, he thought it was just this whole thing with Prentiss. He knew that Tony genuinely liked the woman and considered her a friend. However, after an hour on the road, Spencer was coming around to the idea that it was more than that. Whatever it was felt older than Prentiss. Like it was something he’d been worrying over for years and hiding it somewhere, but for some reason, it had come out of where ever he’d had it.

“Whatever it is, just tell me,” Spencer said softly as he turned to look at his Sentinel and Mate. If he hadn’t, he would have missed how his statement affected him, because the only outward sign that he was right and there was something wrong was the slight flexing of Tony’s hands where they were gripping the steering wheel.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me,” Tony said carefully, and Spencer leaned forward so that he could reach the radio dial to turn the sound off, “but I don’t know how you won’t be.”

Spencer wasn’t sure what to do with that. Fighting with Tony was never one of his favorite things to do, and now was most definitely not the time for a fight. The thing was, he couldn’t think of anything going on that would lead to him being mad at his Sentinel of all people. He certainly didn’t have anything to do with the fiasco going on with the Prentiss and Doyle situation. It hadn’t even begun until Spencer mentally connected Prentiss’ fake death to Alec’s.


Lowering his gaze to study his own hands a moment, Spencer pulled up his memories of Alec’s reported death and how Tony fit into the whole thing. But, as far as he knew, Tony didn’t have anything to do with that. His Sentinel was at college when Uncle George came to tell him that his brother had died. Tony wasn’t there until a few days later when the rest of them ran out of things to do to try and get him to come out of his room to talk. In fact, Tony had been the only one who believed him.


“Does this have something to do with what you told me?” Spencer asked looking up and seeing the now obvious signs of stress on his Mate’s face. “Did you know Alec was alive?”

“Not for sure,” Tony said quickly and risked a quick look in his direction. Just as quickly though he turned his attention back to the road. “Definitely not until you said that you could still feel him. Even then, though, it was mostly a guess that I had no way of verifying. Once I did have a way of checking into it, I was too afraid to try just in case I was right.”

Spencer’s frown deepened as he tried to fit the pieces of the puzzle together in his head. It was fairly obvious though that there was something big that he was missing. “Just tell me, please? Not knowing what you’re talking about is just making it worse. I didn’t even know you knew enough about Alec then to have any kind of idea about… well, anything having to do with him.”

Tony sighed and nodded but didn’t speak right away. Mentally, Spencer could feel him giving himself a pep talk before he began. Not being able to stand in not having contact with him any longer, Spencer reached out his hand, palm up, so that it could be held. It still took a couple minutes before Tony removed one of his hands from the wheel and twined their fingers together.

“You have to remember that after Mom died, I went to school in England. Summer vacation and holidays though were always spent at Paddington Castle. So, while I didn’t have a ton of contact with what the Paddington’s really did for a living, there were enough odd things that by the time I met Alec I had a few ideas that he didn’t do import and export work.”

Tony paused his story and stayed silent for a few miles as Spencer just watched him. He had at least a dozen questions that he wanted to ask but knew from experience that pestering him now wouldn’t help. So, as painful as it was, he stayed quiet and waited. Eventually, his patience was rewarded, and his Sentinel continued.

“He showed up one night in the room Dean and I shared at the frat house. The fact that he’d gotten into our locked room inside a house that had people up and about at all hours should have been the first sign that he wasn’t what he said that he was. Dean and I came home from a game to find him sitting in the dark on a chair near the window with his gun resting across the top of his right thigh. Before we could even speak, he motioned us inside and told Dean to shut the door. He then continued to interrogate me like I was an unsub and he was Hotch or Rossi. I can honestly say that I hadn’t been that scared since the accident where my mom died when I was a kid. After a while, though he just gave a nod and told me to see to it that I treated you right and left. I suppose any of those things could have tipped me off, but…”

Tony just shrugged and tapped the steering wheel a few times with his free hand before he went on. “It was the look in his eyes. I remember one summer when I was at the Castle Uncle Clive hadn’t been around. When I asked about it, everyone would just answer without answering, ya know? Then, one day he just showed up. Of course, the first thing I asked was where he’d been. He gave me the same non-answer as everyone else, but his eyes were different than I was used to. Now, I know that he still had mission stuff going through his head. Then though, all I knew was something wasn’t right. Edward told me later that day to not ask questions like that of his dad or Uncle Clive, and I never did, again. When I looked at Alec that night in my room, he had that same look in his eyes that Uncle had. Like he was one wrong twitch on my part from forgetting that he was around a civilian and not whatever scumbag that he’d been chasing.”

“You think that my brother was a spy?” Spencer asked unsure of how he felt about the idea. He and Tony had been read in on what Edward did years ago when it was deemed that the two of them might be of use to MI6 on occasion. Spencer figured that it had also been becoming harder and harder to keep the truth from them once they bonded. They still often vacationed in England with the people who were as much Spencer’s family as they were Tony’s. Thinking back to the letters he had received from his brother as a child, he supposed that if Spencer looked at them with an adult’s eye instead of the child he’d been that it made sense.

“It never occurred to me, but now that you say it, I don’t know why it didn’t. Is that why you told me to put Alec in a box in my mind and not let him out?”

Tony nodded stiffly, his free hand still clenched around the steering wheel. “All I could hear in my head was Eddie saying, we don’t ask questions like that in this house. In fact, we don’t ask questions about anything much when it comes to their jobs. We just keep our mouths shut and pretend that we don’t notice the things that don’t much make sense. It rather works out for the best that way, I think.”

When Tony risked another glance, Spencer tried to give him a reassuring smile and marveled that Sampson and Leonardo hadn’t appeared yet. Ever since the full bonding, the animals were almost always present when one of them was upset. “You were an incredibly inquisitive kid,” Tony offered, pulling Spencer away from his musings. “I knew that you’d just keep bringing it up unless you forced yourself to stop thinking about it. You said that your connection to him felt weaker, so I figured that meant that he was hurt pretty bad. I didn’t want him to get killed for real because you kept asking questions and the wrong people found out. I figured if he was really alive that we’d find out. Only, no one ever came forward, so I just figured we had it wrong somewhere.”

“Could we just be wrong about Prentiss, and therefore making the wrong assumption about Alec?” Spencer asked wanting to make sure they had all their options covered. Tony quickly shook his head in denial though.

“I heard JJ tell Jason and Rossi that she’d been listed as a Jane Doe and that the State Department would be taking care of the arrangements to keep her hidden once she recovers. I heard her say something about us, and Gideon replied that you’d believe whatever he wanted you to believe. I know that you look up to the guy, and I don’t wanna have another argument about him tonight but… damnit, Li’l Bit! The guy is an arrogant and manipulative prick. Maybe once he was the best of the best, but now he just uses you to keep himself looking good. You know as well as I do that the second Aaron left, our time with the BAU was running out as fast as an hourglass with a hole in it.”

Spencer nodded as he held in a sigh. He should have known better than to argue with Tony about Gideon. His Sentinel had always been able to read people better than him despite Spencer’s Guide abilities. He just hadn’t wanted to admit that Jason changed so much after Boston. “You think Dean and Sam would move with us?”

“I think that Sam turned down a promotion offer a week ago that he didn’t want us to know about because they’re waiting on us to tell him and Dean both that we’re leaving.”

Spencer’s lips twitched with amusement. He wasn’t the slightest bit surprised Tony knew things he wasn’t supposed to. The DiNozzo and Deano Information Network was vast and efficient. Between the two of them, it didn’t seem like there were any secrets anywhere. “I’m not asking how you know that.”

Tony threw a quick smirk at him before responding. “This time I wasn’t even trying. His boss called me in to try and get him to change his mind. Like I told Fornell though, Sam Winchester is the most stubborn man that’s ever been born. I’d have more luck moving the Rocky’s than changing Sam’s mind.”

“We’ll go to Rossi and Gideon’s house tomorrow to give them our resignations. What are we going to do about the rest of the team?”

“We can have JJ, Morgan, and Garcia over to the house tomorrow for dinner and explain. I doubt any of them will be truly surprised though. The team will be getting quite a few new people all at once, but we can’t help that. They should have replaced Hotch well before now. The Bureau would have taken him back in a heartbeat if he ever changed his mind. He won’t thank anyone for going against his wishes. I’ll call Uncle George before we go to bed and let him know that the four of us are on our way.”

Spencer frowned not wanting to believe that someone else he trusted and respected as much as George Paddington was misleading him. “You think he knows about Alec?”

“No,” Tony said quickly in denial, “and if he does, I think he found out well after the fact.”

“I am fairly sure that Edward knows. I remember how upset you were that he wouldn’t look you in the eye the first time you saw him after Alec died. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were friends even. I think they’re only months apart in age. It would make some of the stories he’s altered in weird places make more sense if he was trying to remember to take Alec out of them. What I do think though is that there’s no one better to help us find your brother without the wrong people finding out. It’s been long enough now that there is no reason why they should still have to lie to you. If all else fails, we’ll just disappear to where ever they have Alec stashed. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Spencer just snorted before turning the sound on the radio back on. Then, getting more comfortable in his seat, he looked out the window, and let the miles fly by as he considered all of the future’s possibilities.




The next afternoon, Spencer was settling into the passenger’s side seat of Tony’s SUV as Dean and Sam headed off with Dean in his Impala and Sam with the rental car, which he was returning for them. He’d been quiet all morning and knew that Tony was worried. He also knew though that his Mate would give him the space that he needed. They both had moments where they got quiet and didn’t want to talk much as they processed things in their head. In fact, it was a trait that they shared with the Winchester brothers as well.

He’d been happy to find out that Tony was right in that the two brothers had just been waiting for them to figure out what they wanted to do. Dean had only grumbled a little at being woken up for an early morning house meeting but settled down when he found out there were doughnuts to go with the conversation. By the time the four men headed to bed, or back to bed in the case of Sam and Dean, they had a firm plan of action on how to find out just where Spencer’s brother Alec was at.

Ever since he woke up, Spencer’s mind had been comparing his childhood Guardians to his current mentors. It wasn’t surprising with the childhood that he had that he had a hard time letting people go when he should. Jason Gideon was a perfect example of that. Never one to sleep long, Spencer was up well before Tony and had settled in the window seat in the kitchen to look out at the world as his mind ran through every second of time that he’s spent with Gideon since about six months before Boston happened.

Looking back on things as if he were profiling an unsub, it was much easier for Spencer to see the numerous moments where he was manipulated by the older Guide into seeing things his way instead of Tony’s or his own. That was maybe the thing that hurt the most, knowing that Gideon had been trying to come between him and his Sentinel. The man that Spencer was so completely Bonded with that he wasn’t sure there was a part of him anymore that Tony wasn’t a part of. What Jason was hoping to accomplish by the act, Spencer had no idea. It wasn’t as if he was compatible with Gideon, as they both were Guides. It also wasn’t likely that he thought he could take Tony for himself and not just because of the man’s existing bond with David Rossi.

The fact was that the only reason Tony had tolerated Gideon from the very start was for Spencer’s sake, and maybe later for Aaron’s whom also saw Gideon as a mentor once upon a time. While Spencer had been enthralled by the veteran Guide right from the beginning, Tony had taken one look at him and hated him. Once when he’d asked him why the Sentinel had said there were two reasons. One was that it felt like the older Guide was trying too hard to manipulate Spencer into becoming Gideon himself and just expected that Tony would slot into a Rossi shaped box. While Tony liked Rossi well enough, he didn’t want to be him, and in fact, didn’t want to be anyone other than himself.

The second reason he gave was the point where Spencer, at the time, had stopped listening and declared that Tony was just looking for things to hate about Jason. When Tony said that there was something about Gideon that reminded him of his father, the very idea was preposterous to Spencer. Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. was an alcoholic manipulative conman who had lost custody of his son because he’d succeeded in murdering his wife, but thankfully for Spencer failed in killing his son as well. Jason Gideon had at one time been close to being Reid’s hero.

Knowing it would take a while to get to their destination with afternoon traffic being the way it was, Spencer closed his eyes and let his mind wander to the aftermath of him throwing Tony out of his hospital room.


~~*~~*~~ Flashback ~~*~~*~~


Spencer watched angrily as the door closed on the man who was supposed to be his Forever but had failed him so spectacularly. Then, he turned that anger on the man who had introduced himself as Tony’s Uncle waiting for him and the man named Marcus to leave. When they didn’t, he scowled at them as the small monkey climbed up onto Sampson’s back. “Well, aren’t you going too?” Spencer spat annoyed, expecting that to get the pair to leave. When instead, Stephen came over and sat on the side of his bed, Spencer just scowled harder.

“I’m afraid that you’ll find out we’re a tad bit harder to get rid of than that, young man,” Stephen said gently, and Spencer just narrowed his eyes at him. “Tony has entrusted your care to Marcus and myself, and I intend to do my very best to help you. Fortunately, this is not our first time taking care of someone who’s been mistreated by someone who should have loved him. Your anger is understandable, and to be quite honest, I would be more surprised if you weren’t bloody pissed off. You have been abandoned in some fashion by everyone who was supposed to stay by your side, even your mother and Anthony whose reasons are certainly more understandable.”

“My mother loves me!” Spencer shouted angrily taking some satisfaction when the lion seemed to rumble unhappily. The older man though only gave a nod of agreement in reaction.

“Yes, I am sure that she does, kiddo,” Stephen returned compassionately. “She will always love you. Unfortunately, your mother is quite sick, and cannot take care of you at the moment, as much as she would like to. Once she is settled and able to have visitors, Marcus and I will make sure that you get in to see her. She was not the one that I was primarily referring to though, little one.”

Feeling his chin begin to tremble, Spencer just clenched his teeth together refusing to give into more tears. “I don’t want to talk about William. He left us.”

“Then we won’t discuss him,” Stephen agreed reasonably and paused. Spencer felt as if he was being studied under the microscope his mother had gotten him for his last birthday. When the older man spoke again, it appeared that he’d been right. “It is quite alright for you to let those tears loose, little one. There is no one here who will judge you harshly for letting them go. I have not ever been one to prescribe to the foolish notion that boys should not cry, and I can assure you that my Marcus does not believe in such nonsense either. I would not tolerate it.”

“I won’t cry for him,” Spencer shot back angrily, “Mamma says that only people you love deserve your tears.”

“That may be true,” Stephen acknowledged carefully as Spencer watched him like a hawk ready to pounce on any hint of disparagement about his mother. “It seems to me though that you have at least a couple people you love to cry over. No matter the circumstances of why, both Anthony and your mother have left your side. I do believe that those are both reasonable events to cry over.”

Spencer continued to glare at his new Guardian until his vision was too blurry to do so effectively. “I would quite like to give you a hug right at this moment, Spencer,” he heard Stephen say softly, but stubbornly fought himself from giving into it offer until he just couldn’t any longer. Then, with the tears still rolling down his cheeks, he crawled into the Brit’s lap and let all of his fear and sadness come out.

Once he was done, and the tears stopped flowing, he felt Stephen lay him down, and place a kiss on his temple. “Never let anyone tell you that you are not allowed to feel whatever you feel, Spencer. If I can teach you nothing else, I hope and pray that I am able to teach you that. Marcus and I will always be here for you from today forward. You have my oath as a Paddington and on her Majesty’s honor.”

Rolling over, he hugged the baby Chimpanzee who curled up in his arms and was glad to feel the large lion at his back. If he couldn’t have his Sentinel, at least he had his Spirit Guide. The Lion’s steady presence was something he’d refuse to question during the many months that would make up his separation from his Forever. His last conscious thought before sleep came, had been to ask upon waking if he could talk to his brother. If ever he needed his brother, it was now.


~~*~~*~~ End of Flashback ~~*~~*~~


Feeling a finger touching his cheek, Spencer jerked slightly as he came back to the present and was surprised to realize that not only was he crying but that they’d reached Rossi and Gideon’s mansion. “Sorry,” he offered when he saw and felt the concern with an underlying bit of hurt that he’d jerked away from the touch. “I was thinking about that day I threw you out, again.”

He heard Tony’s sigh and blinked to clear his vision to really see how worried his Sentinel was. It was no secret amongst anyone who knew them just how protective Tony was of him. There was always a careful dance that his Forever did as he tried to balance his instincts with Spencer’s need for independence. It always made him wonder if Tony ever resented having to withhold certain parts of himself just to make Spencer happy. He hoped not. He didn’t think that it was awfully mentally healthy for his Sentinel to have to be forever suppressing bits of himself.

“Will you ever let that go?” Tony asked softly, and Spencer was pulled out of his head once more. “I hate that you still feel guilty for that. You were 10 Spencer. You weren’t and shouldn’t have been expected to understand why I couldn’t be around you. No 10-year-old should understand such complex sexual impulses or fears. I wasn’t mad that you threw me out, and no one else that I give a fuck about did either. It’s simply part of the path that we had to walk to become who we are today, and I happen to love who we are today. Rossi just came out to see what we’re doing.”

Spencer turned his head to look back out the front window to see Dave standing on the front porch looking at them. “I guess that it’s time then,” he said carefully, and when Tony kissed the back of his hand flashed him a grateful smile before getting out of the SUV. The upcoming meeting wasn’t going to be pretty, but at least he had his Forever by his side.

Tony waited at the front of the SUV for Spencer to meet him there and held out a hand for his Guide to take. He knew Dave was watching them like a hawk, and it was part of the reason why he was doing it. He wanted there to be no doubt that he and his Mate were wholly united on what was to come. As far as Tony was concerned it was too long in coming as it was. As the two of them approached the front door, Dave waited for them on the porch without Jason anywhere in sight.

“I’m glad that you kids came to see us,” Dave greeted appearing to be smiling easily. “Jason and I have been worried about you. I know that you two were close to Emily, and must be taking her death hard,”

“Wow,” Tony offered but told himself that he needed to try and keep his mouth shut. This should be Spencer’s confrontation, not his. Sampson appeared between him and Spencer to give a grumble of disapproval with Leonardo sitting on his back in his usual place chattering unhappily waving his hands around.

“Why don’t we wait until we’re with Jason to get into Emily,” Spencer said with a definite edge in his tone that the veteran Sentinel didn’t even blink at. “I assume that he’s waiting in the library for us? I have no doubt that the two of you knew that this confrontation was coming.”

“This way,” Rossi instructed as he turned and headed back into the house. Tony started to follow but stopped when his Guide didn’t move. Curious, he turned to look at Spencer with his head tilted to one side in question.

“If you need to take over, I want you to do it,” Spencer said sounding determined, and when Tony opened his mouth to argue, his Mate just barreled on. “No matter what you’re telling yourself, this isn’t just my confrontation. I’ve ignored your instincts for too long and gone along with you stuffing down your own needs and instincts to make us happy. I won’t do that anymore. We need to do a better job of allowing each other to be our natural selves without ignoring who the other person is outside of being a Sentinel or Guide, and it starts now. If you need to step in with Jason, I want and expect you to do it.”

Tony wanted to argue but knew when his Guide had made up his mind, and honestly, it was something that he needed. Despite how long they’d been Bonded, sometimes Tony felt like they were still learning how to be together. He wondered if they’d ever figure it out and thought silently that maybe he should find time to sit down with his Uncle George and talk about personal things when they were in England. Uncle George and Auntie Olivia had been together a million years and were the Sentinel and Guide pair that Tony tried to emulate his own relationship after.

So, without speaking, he just gave his Guide a nod and stepped forward to lead Spencer into the house with Sampson and Leonardo proceeding them. Having been there often in the past, they were all familiar with where the Library was located, which was why Rossi hadn’t waited for them. Well, that and he was sure the older man wanted to whisper warnings to his Guide before they got there. Not that it would change Gideon’s mind or course of action. There just was no one more stubborn or arrogant. Once Jason Gideon made up his mind about something you just were not changing it.

When they walked into the room, Tony almost snorted when he saw that Jason and Dave were seated on the room’s only sofa leaving Tony and Spencer to be separated by having to sit one each in the two wingback chairs. Leading Spencer to the one furthest from the pair, Tony set Spencer in the chair and then perched on the arm with Sampson settling at Spencer’s feat where he could glare at Jason easily with his tail sweeping from one side to the other in apparent agitation. He was still letting out an occasional rumble of unhappiness, which should have signaled Tony’s mood at least, but Jason looked and smelled entirely unphased for Tony.

“So, how are you two taking Emily’s death?” Jason asked folding his hands across his lap. His raven was perched behind him on the back of the sofa next to Rossi’s eagle. The two birds at least seemed to have the sense to look uncomfortable with the situation.

Tony gave a chuckle that held no mirth as he shook his head and looked at Spencer who was just looking back at his mentor. He could feel his Guide’s sadness dwindling into acceptance and wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. “I had some hope that Tony was wrong, and you weren’t going to really try this bloody ridiculous path, Gideon,” Spencer said sounding all British and proper like the Guide always did when he was aggravated. It was a side effect of growing up with two Brits and always made Tony smile as he had the same tendency if he wasn’t careful.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Spencer,” Jason said calmly as he looked back at them trying to look concerned. “I’m worried about the two of you not taking this well. I knew her sudden death must be hard on you both.”

“Oh, stuff it, Special Agent Gideon,” Spencer spat, and Tony’s lips twitched drawing a glare from his Mate, but a mental eye roll was sent through their Bond letting him know he wasn’t agitated. “We all know that Emily Prentiss isn’t really dead. For God’s sake, I am a higher rated Guide than you, and Tony is stronger than Rossi. Surely you must have known that you can’t hide this from us! I can still feel her bloody bond with me, and Tony heard the bleeding conversation you had with JJ!”

“I don’t know what you’re referring to Spencer,” Jason said stubbornly sticking to his script. “I’m even more worried now though that the two of you are having some kind of shared delusion over this. It isn’t uncommon for a pair as closely Bonded as the two of you to have a break at the same time. I can assure you that Emily Prentiss is very much dead. We’re planning her funeral as we speak.”

“Oh, do stuff it, Gideon,” Spencer threw back angrily as Sampson stood with Leonardo sitting up to chatter again as the big lion began to pace in the space between the two couples his twitching tail revealing his continued unhappiness. “Assistant Director Evans has already confirmed our suspicions and accepted our resignations. This meeting is nothing but a bloody courtesy. So, let’s drop the portion of the program where you try and manipulate us into something. Despite what you believe, I actually won’t believe anything you want me to believe, SSA Gideon. I do believe that was how it was worded, wasn’t it, Tony?”

“Yup,” Tony confirmed directing his glare at Rossi, who should know better than to go along with this madness. The man needed to be doing a better job of reigning in his Guide instead of just letting him run around and cause havoc all over the place.

“The direct quote was ‘Spencer Reid will believe whatever I want him to believe, and his Sentinel will keep his mouth shut, or I’ll see their Bond broken.’ How you think you’re going to accomplish that when the reigning Sentinel and Guide in the world have been like Uncles to me since I was a child is beyond me. I can assure you that Blair was most unamused to find out that you think you can just sever a bond whenever you want and is looking forward to discussing some things with you. I’m afraid though that we won’t be sticking around for that. We have much better things to be doing than watching your long coming downfall, Gideon.”

“Good,” Jason said with a nod appearing smug. “I assume then that you’re finally going to look for Spencer’s brother. It’s about time that the two of you realized that he was alive. I’ve known for quite some time. Hopefully, your inquiries will go better than my own did. I am assuming though that with Tony’s family connections finding out the truth will be quite simple. I look forward to finding out where he is. Make it quick though. We won’t hold your spots for long.”

When Sampson lunged at Jason, Tony didn’t even try and calm the massive Spirit Guide, which was much larger than even an ordinary lion was. He was too preoccupied with trying not to attack the Guide himself and knew that Sampson wasn’t solid enough to do actual damage, no matter how pissed he was at Jason at the moment. Leonardo, though, did abandon ship to chatter angrily at the other Bonded couple and their Spirit Guides from the safety of Spencer’s lap.

“You put Alec in danger by looking for him?” Tony growled deep and low sounding more like Sampson who whose low and deep growls should have been a red flag of danger to Gideon. Rossi at least looked worried for all of Jason’s nonchalant expression.

“Please,” Jason said in complete disregard for Tony’s concern as he waved a hand in the air as if he could actually brush off the nagging feeling. “It’s been years. How much danger could he possibly be in? Besides, I was careful in whom I asked.”

“You were careful,” Tony parroted not realizing he’d stood and dropped Spencer’s hand to move to stand in front of him to block his Guide from Jason and Dave’s views protectively. “You were fucking careful? I know for a fact that you don’t have the connections to make those inquiries carefully, because I fucking personally either blocked you from making those connections or severed the ones you already had. You’re damaged, Guide Gideon, and it’s suddenly crystal clear that you’re even more damaged than any of us thought because you actually believe the bullshit that’s coming out of your mouth.”

“As if you have the ability or training to judge me,” Jason shot back still unconcerned but obviously annoyed at his competency being questioned. “You are nothing compared to me. I built the BAU from the ground up. I know more about people than you could begin to. As to you severing any connection I have it’s preposterous. You don’t have anywhere near the clout to damage my relationships.”

Tony couldn’t help but laugh at that and felt Spencer retake his hand. It would help him to keep his head despite his anger. More than that, he felt better than he had in quite some time when his Guide didn’t try and retake control of the conversation and instead let Tony protect him as his instincts were screaming to do. “That last statement alone tells me that you have no bloody clue,” Tony spat back as his own British tendencies started to bleed through.

“You aren’t just damaged, Gideon, you’re broken, and it’s evident that it’s irreparable. More than that though, you’re possibly a danger to both yourself and those around you with your delusions of your own power and grandeur.  You are not in control of this situation, and you never were. If Emily’s safety is dependent on you in any way, then she’s in deep shit. I can promise you that you’re going to quickly find out how much clout I do or don’t have.

“John will be getting my recommendation that you’re sent to Cascade for evaluation and I will be making a call to Uncle Blair to ensure that he or Robert Calhoun, who oversees the center there and is as sharp as they come, personally handles your evaluation.  As to Emily’s safety, I can promise you that her care will be taken out of both of your hands and JJ’s too if I have anything to fucking say about it. I can promise you that it won’t take much for me to have quite a bit of say in the matter. Consider this your one and only warning to stay the fuck away from and out of anything to do with myself, my Guide, my family or my friends or I will personally fucking make sure that you are lost somewhere that you’ll never be rescued from.”

“Your posturing is amusing but ultimately unconcerning,” Jason sniffed settling back against the sofa. “I hope that you two find Alec healthy, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to allow you back into the BAU after this. Spencer, don’t worry. I will get you rescued from this abusive Bond, and you can come stay with David and myself until we find you a better match.”

Feeling movement from behind him, Tony shifted forward and to the side slightly as his body quivered with anger. It was becoming difficult not to attack the clearly disturbed man in front of him. So, instead of dealing with Jason, he turned his sights to Rossi and was at least comforted that one of them looked concerned. Although, the fact that the Sentinel was sitting there mute and letting Jason run his mouth was an alarming sign, and for the first time he wondered if Jason’s damage wasn’t affecting Rossi as well. It was definitely something that he’d have to bring up to Blair and Jim and make sure that Rossi got his own evaluation in Cascade.

He knew his Guide was thinking along the same lines when he spoke directly to Rossi and ignored Jason completely. “You’re doing him no good in ignoring the now obvious problem. As someone who grew up with a mentally ill mother, I know how hard it can be to admit that there’s a problem. You have to know at least now though that there’s a grave issue here. I suggest you make sure he doesn’t do something that will get him in more trouble than he’s already in. Don’t look for Emily. I will be calling JJ and make sure she knows that her safety is in danger and whatever plans they had needs to be changed. Don’t call us. Don’t look for us. Pretend that you never knew us, because if I ever see either you or Jason again I’ll gleefully help Tony’s family completely destroy the two of you. Goodbye, Rossi. Despite how it ended, it was an honor, and I learned a lot from the two of you.”

Tony for his part just glared at the other Sentinel, and after Sampson collected Leonardo, followed his Sentinel Guide from the room as the lion headed out with a fast trot that showed he was still quite angry. When they reached the car. Tony unlocked it, but then held out the keys to Spencer before moving to the passenger’s side. It wasn’t often that the Guide drove. Mostly because his mind was always so active that he had to some days work to stay focused on what he was doing and not get lost in something that he was poking at. Today though, Tony knew he was too upset to get behind the wheel, and just wanted to put this whole mess behind them.

It was a sign just how close he and Spencer were that his Guide didn’t question the unspoken request to drive. Once they were both settled inside of the car though, he did turn and look at Tony. “I know that it’s not needed, but I will say it anyway. Not even when I was a child and didn’t understand why you wouldn’t stay with me did I think what was between us was abusive. You are the best of me and the best thing that ever happened to me, and I would never allow someone to sever our Bond. Make whatever calls you need to, to wrap this whole mess up. By the time we get back to the house, I’d like to be able to focus our lives on what’s coming and leave the BAU and more specifically Jason Gideon very firmly behind us. Should we cancel the dinner tonight?”

“No,” Tony said quietly after a long pause to make sure he could be honest about the night’s planned event. “They deserve a chance to say goodbye, and now more than ever need to know the truth about what’s going on. I’m going to call JJ after I talk to John though and warn her about the Emily bit. I don’t know if we’ll be able to bring that up. I’m going to recommend that we read them in. If it’s ok’d then I think we need to tell them the truth about Alec. I will leave that up to you though.

“I know that Garcia is excitable, but she knows when she needs to keep a secret. Derek knowing will make it easier on her, and there’s a chance that JJ will start to put things together. I’m sorry that it went the way it did, but at least now we know why he’s been doing the things he has. Jason’s obviously ill and needs help. Blair will make sure that he gets it. I just hope that they can save Dave, and he hasn’t been permanently damaged too.”

“It is what it is,” Spencer offered philosophically as he started the car and began to move down the drive. “We still have each other, and I will find my brother. That’s really all I care about right now. Jason Gideon and David Rossi are on their own now. I can’t… I’m done there.”

Tony nodded and turned his attention to the scenery out his window before starting his calls. He too was anxious to find out just where Alec Trevelyan had been all these years. If for his Guide’s sake than anything else, he would see the two brothers reunited. There would be a happy ending to their story.



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