The Library

I have decided to start a page to house links to stories I like or genres of stories I want to be able to find in one area. I am not over the moon with any of the bookmarking sites. I loved Delicious, but since it went away I haven’t found anything I’m in love with. I got the idea because I wanted a place with links to Tony DiNozzo crossover stories, and decided to do this.


I am going to add story title, author, completion status, and summary. The link will be the story title. This is mostly for myself. If someone else wants to use it that’s peachy keen. HOWEVER…


I am not adding tagging or warnings. It’s up to you to read the story tags. I may add warnings at some point for my own reference. As I said this is mostly for me, so since we’re all adults I trust you can read headers and such for any warnings on your own. Should anyone other than me use this.


Tony DiNozzo Crossovers



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