Epilogue: All’s Well That Ends Well

Epilogue: All’s Well That Ends Well



Gibbs was in the living room reading a book when he heard the front door open. Finishing his page, he marked his spot and looked up just in time to see his partner walk in. “Hey, how’s the case?”

“Coming along, Chris said we’d worked enough for the day,” Tony said coming over and stealing a kiss before settling on the arm of the chair. “He says he likes to keep reasonable hours because unlike you, he likes sleeping.”

Gibbs snorted as he tapped the book against his knee. “Had an interesting visitor at work. I don’t know what happened at the FBI, but McGee showed up with his tail between his legs. I think that’ll work out now. You’re gonna have to have an honest talk with him and air everything out, but I think you’re right in that he’ll come around. Abby, I don’t know about. Apparently, she showed up in the morgue telling Ducky she was quitting, but he managed to talk her around to taking a few days. So, we’ll see there. I’m not as upset about that as I imagined I’d be. Gonna have to think about it awhile though before I’m ready to discuss it more.”

Tony nodded and stole another kiss before standing. “There anything left for dinner? It smells like it was good.”

“Haven’t eaten yet. I was holding off to see if you’d come home. Got one of those chicken, broccoli, and cheesy rice casseroles in the oven on warm. If you wanna go change, I’ll get the table set. I have everything made. Got some things I wanna talk to you about.”

Once the two of them were set down, Gibbs cleared his throat drawing Tony’s attention after they’d been eating for a few minutes in silence. “I’ve come to a decision, and I want your thoughts. I gotta question first. Have you found someone to sublet the apartment yet?”

“Nope,” Tony admitted before taking a sip of milk before continuing, “I haven’t actually put it up for rent yet.”

“My old real estate agent retired, and I don’t have one at the moment I trust. I need to ask around and get a name, why?”

“I was thinking if you don’t mind, that you hold off on that for the moment. What if we move in there for awhile? You’ll have to get a new bed because we both can’t sleep on that horrible twin thing you have. Then, what if we renovated the house? I umm… I might have seen the sketch pad that you’ve been drawing out ideas for this place on. I’d like to talk to you about some of them and tweak some things. Maybe we can add an in-law suite onto the back of the house for my dad or Ducky. I think though that we need to make this place ours and less mine and Shannon’s.”

“Leroy,” Tony breathed, and Gibbs smiled softly at him. Generally, at home, his partner called him LJ except for special moments like now. What had started out as something of a tease had become something intimate between them. When the younger man reached out and took his hand, Gibbs lifted it and kissed the back of it making his lover smile.

“That includes redecorating by the way, which I will leave to you. I just ask that you leave the basement alone. I do wanna add a better TV down there and a couch. I was thinking we could move the one we have now up here down, so you have a better place to sit, and I figured that neither of us will mind getting it dirty.”

Tony was silent for a moment, and the way his eyes got sparkly from the emption told Gibbs it wasn’t a bad thing. When his partner spoke, it was quieter, and his voice was huskier than usual. “I love you so fucking much. Do you know that? The most scared I’ve ever been was down in the basement when I wasn’t sure what you’d say. I was scared to death that you’d tell me to fuck off and throw me out. I have no doubt it would kill me. Rumor has it that DC is about to legalize gay marriage. If they do, would you be willing to do it one last time? Would you marry me, Leroy? Would you become Mr. DiNozzo-Gibbs?”

Getting up, Gibbs cupped the sides of Tony’s face, and before their lips touched, he paused to look in his lover’s green eyes. “I would be honored to become Mr. DiNozzo-Gibbs.” Then he touched his lips to Tony’s and lost himself in the moment.

Later as he was laying in bed, with Tony in his arms, and his nose buried in the back of his fiance’s neck, he realized that for the first time since Shannon it felt right. Opening his eyes, he looked toward the window and startled for a moment seeing something standing there. Lifting his head, he blinked rapidly at the vision in front of him. He wanted to believe that it was just a sleep induced hallucination that had Shannon hovering outside the second story window. Before he could react though, she blew him a kiss and faded away.

“LJ?” Came sleepily from the man in his arms. “S’wrong?”

“Nothin, babe,” Gibbs said slowly lowering his head to rest on the pillow. “Nothing at all. Everything is perfect.”

And, as he let himself fall to sleep, he realized it was. Somehow, he knew that whatever happened was Shannon’s way of giving her blessing and that he wouldn’t see her again. For the first time though, that didn’t hurt as much as it usually did. He’d come close to losing everything but knew that he’d made the right choice. He’d always choose Tony, and never them.

The End!


3 thoughts on “Epilogue: All’s Well That Ends Well

  1. Great ending esp for Tony and Gibbs. Abby and McGee have the choice to turn their own lives around if they take the chance they’ve been given. Ziva … I think she’s a lost cause.

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