Landing in London Master Post


Banner by DarkJediQueen

Title: Landing in London

Author: SpencnerTibbsLuvr

Fandoms: NCIS and James Bond (Craig Verse)

Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Alec Trevelyan, Q, James Bond, various OCs of my creation.

Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Alec Trevelyan, James Bond/Q

Warnings: Angst, Anti-Senior, Anti-Abby, Anti-Ziva, Child Talk, Butchered British-isms, Non-Canon Compliant, Q is a Paddington, Established Relationships

Word Count: 33,677

Rating: Teen and Up

Author’s Note: This story was written for the Every Fandom Big Bang. The prologue was originally written a couple years back, and was one of my EAD offerings. Since I originally thought of the idea, the plot has changed and chapters have been rewritten many times. Then sometime last summer I heard the song Landing in London by 3 Doors Down and I got the idea that became the final version of this story. The story was also aided by the song Brother by Needtobreathe Featuring Gavin DeGraw.

I am not British, and tried not to make the British bits of this story completely American. I also took some liberties with how things happen in real life to fit this story. If something is not accurate, consider it a twist of the world I have created. Finally, TJ is the way I want him to be and he talks the way I want him to speak. I have zero cares if any of this doesn’t match real life. 

I want to thank the Mods at EFBB for the work they put into the first Bang. I also want to thank DarkJediQueen for the awesome banner.

Summary: Receiving a letter from his mother who had been dead since he was 8 was upsetting enough. Finding out that neither she nor Senior were really his parents was worse. Feeling like he had nowhere else to turn, Tony fled to London where he hoped his on again off again partner would take him and his son in and help Tony to find the brother that had been stolen from him.

Prologue: The Letter

Chapter One: Final Port in a Storm

Chapter Two: Quartermaster, Double Oh, and Family

Chapter Three: An Unexpected Rescue

Chapter Four: Bond Brothers Reunited

Epilogue: Answers from the Dead

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