Second Family, Whole Heart – Chapter Four

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Chapter Four:

Jason lay in bed propped up on one elbow looking down at his Prospective Guide as he slept. After everything settled down Jason asked and was granted downtime for the whole team so they could wrap their brains around what was going on. They couldn’t go through the SGC training until the whole team was available, and it would be six weeks before Jason and Tony were available.

The team has a whole had a week to do what the needed then they would be put back in rotation with Full Metal from Alpha Team filling in for Jason, if needed. Delta team had been scheduled to go through the training immediately, but it was determined that they also would wait so that Bravo and Delta could go through it at the same time. There were apparently still details to work out. Rookies were one of them. Bravo and Delta each would be up for getting a new member in the next draft. The normally straight forward process suddenly became much more complicated when you had to work in a BFD assignment.

They couldn’t take just anyone, because whomever joined the team would have to be read in on the new project, and neither Jason nor Aiden were willing to let someone else determine who was best for their team just because they could pass a goddamned security clearance check. It was a headache that no one had considered, and frankly the only options Jason could see were gonna piss off the other teams, which was something that the Bravo Team Leader honestly could give two shits about. Most of them hated him anyway beyond Alpha, and Scott would understand.

Delta team was not off, in fact they had been called in, in the middle of the night. So, Tony and Jason would have the beach house to themselves for a couple days probably. Jason wasn’t exactly averse to the idea. They needed some time just the two of them to learn each other, to talk about things they hadn’t discussed, and to just be together without all the other crap going on and pulling them away from their bonding.

Tony was laying on his stomach with his arms wrapped around his pillow and his face turned toward Jason. Sonny certainly hadn’t been wrong the previous day. Jason was well aware how lucky he was because his Prospective Guide was gorgeous, and he foresaw himself glaring at a lot of people as they eye fucked him. Pretty bastard certainly described Antony Sheppard Paddington and Jason was well aware that he’d hit the mate lottery.

“You’re staring,” came from man faking sleep laying next to him, and Jason couldn’t help but grin as he reached out to run a hand down Tony’s cheek.

“Guilty, but I think I’m allowed. I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be doing plenty of staring and sniffing and touching and stuff right now.”

“Hmm, we’ll definitely have to work on that touching thing,” Tony muttered as he rolled over and opened his pretty eyes to smile up at Jason sleepily. “Morning, Sentinel of mine.”

“Morning, Guide of mine” Jason replied softly as he continued to watch his Prospective Mate. “I was hoping we could do a whole lot of nothing much productive today. Although, I do need to take time to workout and get a run in. I think I saw a gym downstairs yesterday at some point?”

“Yeah, on the opposite end of the basement from the movie theatre,” Tony confirmed yawning as he turned his face toward his Prospective Sentinel’s touch making the other man smile that much bigger. “We can run along the beach. Technically they’re all private, but the various neighbors don’t mind us using them for running for quite a way down the beach. Both the ones who do mind have fences up so it’s pretty easy to tell where you need to turn around. How are you feeling about everything this morning?”

Jason took a deep breath and studied the headboard for a couple minutes before he replied. Their emphatic connection wouldn’t kick in until sometime during the first ceremony, when was when their spirit guides would show up again and be around more often.

So, Tony wasn’t yet able to read Jason any better than he could the average person at the moment. Jason also understood from other Guides that were bonded that even if you could read someone, sometimes you just needed to hear the words.

“The aliens thing is still kinda freaking me out, but I can’t decide if it’s in general or if it’s because we aren’t going to fight these threats head on. I think I’m more freaked out by the notion that you’re one of The Sheppards. I’m still unclear how that came to be and why the Guardianship and name change to Paddington when it’s obvious that you are closer to them than any family I have seen.

“My Sentinel feels like there’s a threat somewhere that I don’t know about in your, uhh what did you call him, sperm donor? I don’t wanna push you into telling me things you’re not ready to talk about yet, but I’m curious. Its not a tit for tat kinda thing, but you know about my family and how we’re becoming even more distant than ever now with this bonding, which I hate, but at the same time it feels inevitable.”

“I hate that,” Tony said softly, and Jason could hear the guilt in his tone. “I feel like I’ve taken you away from them and I hate that. My family means everything to me, and when I say family it’s always the Sheppards and never the douchebag that helped create me. I told you about Senior killing mom when I was 10. We were at this vacation rental near a bunch of other rich types he was trying to schmooze into joining one of his business ventures. Mom was drunk, which was pretty typical at that point, and he wasn’t exactly sober either, but he wasn’t drunk enough to use that as an excuse for his temper.

“Senior was always a mean bastard, and by then had given up any attempt to pretend he gave a fuck about me. They were arguing about something stupid. He’d decided that she embarrassed him and that was why he couldn’t get anyone to sign onto his deal, forget the fact that we were surrounded by Sentinels and Guides who could sense his bullshit and unethical practices. He picked up this heavy candlestick and swung it at her head and killed her.

“No one wanted to leave me with him, and I’m pretty sure the adults all knew Senior would be going to prison and never coming out. Even back then killing a Guide was a big deal, more serious than the average murder. Patrick Sheppard was close by. His second wife had already divorced him, and he’d come to their beach house with his parents and the boys. I guess someone called him because he was the strongest Sentinel in the area, although he’s told me that he was already getting dressed to come.

“The second I saw him and John I just… latched on. They felt so good and by the time the Sentinel and Guide Center Representative showed up I’d started forming a parental bond with Patrick. No one really knows why. I have a suspicion honestly, but Patrick’s never said anything, so I’ve never brought it up. It honestly doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.”

“You have a way with wording things, Guide of mine. That sounds like you think maybe Senior wasn’t your father.” Jason pointed out quietly and watched his Prospective Guide take a deep breath then roll onto his side so that they were looking at each other.

“I think that Patrick is my father. I think that mom was his real Guide, his most compatible Perfect Match. I pissed off Caroline once. I wasn’t trying to, but Pops adores her, and I can’t understand why he won’t bond with her and make things official. They’ve been together for a decade, but most days I try to stay out of it. One morning though I was pushing, I can’t even remember why, and Caroline unleashed. She’s awesome and I love her mostly because she is incredibly protective of my father and loves him with everything she has. There is nothing she won’t do to defend him even if it’s from us.

“Anyway, she started snapping at me and let some things slip that I could tell she’ wasn’t supposed to just by the way they both reacted. She told me that when you’d come so close to finding your most compatible Perfect Match only to find out she was already married, then lose her to a drunks murderous rage it was understandable if you were unable to try again.”

Jason felt like someone had shoved a MK3 knife into his gut and regretted having brought the subject up. At the same time, he knew it was something he needed to understand and as long as Tony wanted to tell him then he would listen.

“You have to understand that I already knew Patrick’s two wives were not Perfect Matches. His first wife Emma wasn’t even close to being compatible, but he adored her and loved her so much he didn’t even care. His second wife Jordan is still alive, and while she’s a Perfect Match she’s certainly not most compatible. They had very different ideas about kids and their careers, which is how dad ended up raising Aiden, who was an oops.

“The Center has never been able to explain why or how I bonded to Patrick and John so quickly. In the hour-ish that it apparently took them to get to the scene I had already formed an unbreakable bond with Patrick and John and through them the rest of the family who wasn’t even there. This is with Patrick only having been on the scene for like 35 minutes when they got there. There’s a bunch of other things like that ATA gene that you were told about yesterday? Mine is currently as strong as John’s even though I should only be getting it through mom’s side because there is no way Senior has the ATA gene.

“So,” Jason started and then shook his head and stopped which prompted Tony to continue.

“Emma hadn’t been dead long when I would have been conceived, maybe a year or so. Mom was definitely married to Senior, but from what Uncle George, her oldest brother, told me she was thoroughly miserable and talking about leaving Senior. Then all of a sudden, she changed her mind and stopped speaking to her family. I think somehow Patrick and mom met. I think that there was an affair, and even though they were what we now consider most compatible Perfect Mates, those terms are pretty modern.

“While Sentinels and Guides have been around for like 200 years, they are still figuring some things out. I think that Patrick resisted the match because he was still grieving over Emma, and well, like I said, mom was still married. So, they went their separate ways. I think Patrick didn’t know mom was pregnant because she didn’t tell him, either because she was afraid or because she didn’t know how to get in touch with him. However, I think when fate put them together again during that vacation things were different. I think that mom absolutely would have left Senior to be with Patrick, and he would have pushed her to do so.

“I think Senior found out she was leaving him and in a drunken rage murdered her in the cliché ‘if I can’t have you then no one will’ scenario. I don’t understand why Patrick would let her tell Senior alone. Maybe he didn’t know, maybe… I dunno. Honestly, I don’t care. I ended up with the man who I believe is my real father. When it came time for him to adopt me though, I couldn’t forsake her. I felt like if I became a Sheppard she’d be forgotten somehow. I’ve never been able to get past the need to honor her, and make sure someone remembers the tragedy that was her life.

“I mean, some of that may have been of her own doing, but she died miserable and lonely. Always on the edge of finding her Sentinel, and yet never being able to get him. Always so close to being happy, and yet, never able to get there. Being a Paddington isn’t about punishing Patrick, its about honoring her. I mean someone has to do it. Someone has to remember that I was the only thing she really had that represented the man she loved with all her heart.

“She may not have been a perfect mom. She drank too much for that, but she never made me feel unloved. She protected me from Senior and made sure I understood that I was her everything. How could I ever forsake that by becoming a Sheppard in every way? Changing my name to Paddington and making my middle name Sheppard was the best way I could come up with to honor them both.”

“I’m surprised that Senior is alive,” Jason noted, and Tony shrugged as the Sentinel asked another question. “Why sperm donor if he isn’t really?”

“Technically, I don’t have proof he isn’t,” Tony pointed, and Jason felt him shiver under his touch. Worried Tony was cold, Jason pulled the covers up over his Guide’s shoulder before resuming running a hand up and down his back to try and comfort him.

“Mostly though I say it because its crude and he’d hate it. Even when I was a kid, he’d call himself the real Tony DiNozzo like I was some cheap knock off that they sold at some Kids R Us warehouse store type deal. I hate him. I hate everything he is, and I wish he were dead, but I figure Patrick is allowed his revenge there, so I leave Senior’s life in his hands.

“As to why he’s alive, I think that Patrick wants him to suffer the way she did. Trapped in a miserable situation with no way out. I think that if there ever is a chance that he gets out that he’ll die just before he can be freed. It would be poetic justice and frankly I am happy to know he’s suffering.”

When Tony took a shuddering breath, Jason swore softly and rolled over pulling his Prospective Guide down on top of him so he could hold him in his arms. “Fuck, Tony, I didn’t mean to dredge all this up and upset you. You could have and maybe should have just told me you didn’t want to talk about it, and I would have understood.”

“Could have, yeah, I know. Should have though, I disagree with. You’re my Sentinel. You’re everything she wanted for me. Every day of my life I try and honor her. I know it sounds like I have her on a pedestal, but I don’t. Like I said, she was at least some of the cause of her circumstances. She could have left Senior when she realized her situation. The Paddington’s would have taken her back. She chose to stay. She chose to drink her life away. But…”

Tony paused and Jason heard him snuffle quietly before continuing. “At the same time, I can only imagine the pain she lived with every day. I mean, while I understand why he did it, Patrick still turned his back on his Guide. So, he’s not blameless here either. It’s just a crappy situation with one true villain in Senior and a handful of other people who were simply human and got caught in a no-win situation. While she was alive though she made sure I would have every opportunity she could get me.

“When we found out I was a Guide, Senior raged for days. She just locked me in her suites, and we’d lay in bed for hours and talk about what my Sentinel would be like. What did he do? What did he look like? How would we meet? What would our life be like? We just talked and dreamed and created one fantasy after another. Six months later she was dead.

“Every day since then I’ve known I would find you and I would love you to the very best of my ability because it’s the best way know to honor her and make all of her dreams for me come true. So, understand this, Jason Hayes. You are mine and I am yours. I will fight to my death for you and for us and for this family you’ve given me no matter if I have to fight off terrorists or cake eaters or alien/Marilyn Manson hybrids with jedi soul sucking skills.”

Jason laughed out loud at the last and was happy to hear sniffly chuckles coming from his Guide. “Jesus, he’s a moron, but he’s one of the best men I’ve ever met in my life. Sonny and Clay will honestly make one hell of a lethal pair when they really settle into themselves.”

Turning his head, Jason pressed a kiss into the side of Tony’s head. “I’m sorry that your mother couldn’t find happiness, but I am down with doing everything we can to honor her and represent everything she wanted for you. Also, I support your decision not to say anything to Patrick about your suspicions. Just know that if you ever change your mind, I’ll support you in that, too.”

“How can I love you so much when I just met you?” Tony asked quietly and Jason just sighed quiet and deeply not having an answer for the question but understanding it because he felt exactly the same.

“I don’t know, but I already know I couldn’t give you up for any reason,” Jason offered. “I don’t, I just couldn’t do it and it’s been that way almost from the second I laid eyes on you. I hate to keep bringing it up, but…”

“No, I get it,” Tony said softly taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Jason guessed in an attempt to calm himself down. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since pretty much that first night we spent together. When I woke up Saturday morning, I knew that I was hooked, and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how he could have given her up and let her go back to the monster that is Senior. The only things I can chalk it up to is grief, and maybe he didn’t understand just how miserable and horrible her life with Senior was.”

“Or maybe he didn’t know she was married?” Jason suggested and Tony stilled in his arms.

“Huh, I hadn’t considered that. It would make sense though. I’ve never been able to wrap my mind around the fact that the man I know as my father would have an affair with a married woman. I mean, I’m not naïve. I know he’s a ruthless bastard and more than willing to get his hands dirty. It just comes with the territory when you’re as wealthy as he is and runs in the high-powered circles he does, but cheating has always struck me as out of character.”

“So, she was desperate, and he was oblivious to the fact she was married. Maybe he thought he’d be able to find her when he was ready and then she somehow disappeared or something until that vacation when they run into each other again and… the fates determine neither of them will get a happy ending.”

Jason listened to Tony take another shaky breath and swore at himself silently. “Ok, enough of that. I won’t bring it up again. Let’s get up and make something to eat. I’m actually kinda starving. Then we’ll work out, and once that is done, we can just be lazy for the rest of the day. Maybe you can introduce me to that movie theatre that you’re so proud of.”

“Deal!” Tony said propping himself up on one elbow before stealing a kiss from Jason who was more than willing to give one up. “And thank you. I know you feel bad for upsetting me, but I need to say it all out loud. I’ve never been able to talk it out. So, it’s all just been swirling around in my head for years. It’s nice to tell someone my suspicions and not hear I’m just dreaming or paranoid.”

“That’s what I’m here for, and you aren’t either in my opinion. The whole thing makes a lot of sense. Now you just need to decide if you want to leave things be or if you want to confront Patrick with your suspicions.”

“The million-dollar question,” Tony murmured before giving Jason another quick peck then bounding out of bed. “I vote we workout then eat, though, then be lazy. Run or workout first?”

“Workout then run,” Jason answered immediately and watched his Prospective Guide disappear into his closet. Taking a moment for himself, Jason closed his eyes and took a deep breath to center himself. Somehow, he was going to have to find a way to talk to Patrick Sheppard about Senior without spilling the rest of the beans.

There was just no way he could settle without ensuring that man would never come near his Guide again. The SEAL in him needed to make sure the man’s life was as miserable as possible while it lasted. No one hurt his Guide or Tribe and got away with a cushy prison existence. Senior needed to suffer as much as humanly possible, and Jason needed to verify Patrick Sheppard had made it happen.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Tony was standing on the main deck chatting with Clay trying to keep his mind off of just who it was that Patrick had selected to be the bonded couple representative for the first ceremony. They’d had to wait a week longer than Tony and Jason wanted because they’d been advised the selected couple needed some extra time. Tony had been assuming that Patrick would select David and Charlie, but there was no reason why they’d have to wait on them. Tony had access to their schedules and knew they hadn’t had anything going on recently.

He’d tried to get the information out of Aiden, but his little brother was being tight lipped and smug about having a secret, which only made Tony want to know more. Jason was nearby having a conversation with Ray and Aiden about some Teams related thing and Sonny was poking the fire having commandeered the grilling duties for the weekend. Clay and Sonny had shown up quite early to get started on the meat, and while he’d been confused as to why when they showed up, from the delicious smells coming from the meat that was being grilled, Tony wasn’t going to complain any further.

Clay had asked a question about Guides in command positions and Tony had gotten caught up enough in their discussion that he wasn’t fully paying attention to what was going on. So, when Aiden headed into the house, he didn’t think anything of it. Since he was turned away from the house facing the beach instead, he didn’t see the front door open, and therefore it wasn’t until he heard a familiar very British upper crust accent that he realized what was going on.

“Holy shit!” Tony blurted before turning and bounding excited into the house nearly knocking his Uncle over as he threw his arms around the man’s shoulders.

“Uncle Stephen! Holy shit! Uncle Logan! Holy crap this is awesome! I can’t believe I forgot about you guys.”

“Yes, something Georgie noticed,” Stephen chided gently but his grin made it clear there were no hard feelings. “Fortunately, he understands things have been hectic. I would expect to hear a word or two about it though when they arrive for the ceremony.”

Tony laughed happily as he hugged his mother’s youngest brother Guide Stephen Paddington and his mate Sentinel Logan Worthington. Stephen was Tony’s favorite of his mother’s family, and of all the Paddingtons he and his mate were certainly the ones Tony was closest to. Stephen was an archaeologist and a had been a bit of a rogue before Logan caught his attention. Even then, Stephen led the man on something of a wild chase that somehow led to a bonding ceremony in Egypt and a position within Stargate Command alongside Daniel Jackson.

One of the things that had needed to be negotiated when Tony went to live with the Sheppards was how the Paddingtons would fit into things. The family had mourned the loss of Tony’s mother deeply and hadn’t been willing to lose the only living connection to her they had left. Fortunately, it wasn’t unheard of for someone to be part of one pride but have strong ties to another.

The Pride system was complicated and there had been demands recently that it needed to be overhauled. Tony doubted it would ever change though. Mostly because most of the demands came from those outside the Sentinel and Guide community who couldn’t understand it and saw the system as being archaic.

Almost all Sentinels and Guides whether they were online or not, bonded or not belonged to their own individual Tribe like Jason had with Bravo Team. Those individual Tribes then usually banded together and either formed a new Pride or joined an existing one. It wasn’t unheard of for a Tribe to leave one Pride and join another especially when things like bondings happened that changed alliances. In the case of Bravo Team, for example, most of the members still had ties to their Birth Prides.

Some however, didn’t have a Birth Pride either because they were not born into a Sentinel and Guide family like Jason or because they’d been sent away from their Birth Pride’s territory at a young age like Clay Spencer. If these individuals without a Birth Pride then grew up to become the Alpha of their own Tribe, it left Tribes without an immediate affiliation. Or, if the individual had ties to two different strong Prides like Tony did with the Sheppards and the Paddingtons, a Sentinel or Guide could be part of two different Prides.

Even though he lived in America, Tony was technically part of the Paddington Family Pride through his mother, and his Uncle George was his second Alpha. Although Tony had seen Patrick as his Alpha his entire life and while he loved the Paddingtons and would fight to the death for them just as he would any member of his Sheppard Family Pride, he had always thought of the Sheppard Pride as the primary and the Paddington Pride as a secondary Pride. This meant in the case of conflict, Tony would side with his Sheppard Family Alpha, who was Patrick Sheppard, over his Paddington Alpha, his Uncle George.

When he’d explained his Pride affiliations to Jason, his Sentinel pointed out that if Patrick really were his father in more than just name, but because he’d had an affair with Claire knowingly or not, that would make total sense. Regardless of what he knew, his Guide self would recognize his bond to his real father and unconsciously recognize his father’s Pride, who raised him on a day-to-day basis, before his mother’s Pride, who he only saw maybe once or twice a year.

It was also why Jason and his children would be considered members of the Paddington Pride, but Alana and the members of Bravo Team would not.  Jason would be gaining two Prides in the bonding ceremony, but Bravo Team would only be moving into the Sheppard Family Pride, which was good because the idea of an American SEAL team being part of a foreign Pride was a nightmare no one wanted to consider.

That night as the sun was setting. Tony and Jason stood in front of a bonfire on the beach. The bonfire had been created by the combined efforts of each other’s representatives. The two men stood facing each other with Aiden standing on Tony’s right side and Stephen and Logan behind him. Jason with Ray next to him with Clay and Sonny behind. Tony and Jason’s hands were loosely clasped between them.

Both ceremonies would be led by Tony’s Pride representatives. Had Tony been joining a Pride that Jason was a member of he would have gone first. There were various ceremonies used for the bonding, but both felt that a ceremony based on uniting the families best worked for them. Because of this, Jason was dressed in a pair of white cotton pants, dark blue half sleeve shirt, and sandals provided to him by Aiden, Stephen, and Logan. Tony was dressed in a Type II Navy Working Uniform provided to him by Ray, Sonny, and Clay.

As the sun began setting, Aiden stepped forward and faced the couple. His expression serious and solemn reflecting the importance of the ceremony. “I want you to close your eyes and inhale deeply.” After a pause to allow them to do as he asked, he spoke again, moving back into his place once they had completed his directions. “Now slowly exhale and release all the tension in your body.”

Next, Ray Perry, Jason’s best friend, 2IC, and Tribe Beta stepped forward.

“I want you to keep your eyes closed and inhale deeply.” Just as Aiden had done before him, Ray paused to let them do as asked, spoke again moving back to his spot once they were finished.

“Now slowly exhale and release all the tension in your body.”

One by one the other four stepped up giving the same direction first Stephen, then Sonny, who was followed by Logan, and the first portion being completed by Clay as the youngest member of Jason’s Tribe involved in the ceremony.

Once Clay was finished with his individual part and had moved back into his space, the six men spoke in unison. “Now open your eyes and look into the other’s. Read each other’s soul. Tony your barriers down to allow Jason in until there is no longer two but only one.”

Slowly Tony opened his eyes to find Jason watching him. His beautiful eyes intense with emotions Tony knew would be reflected in his own. Gradually, Tony began to lower his Guide shields feeling Jason’s presence on the other side of them as he did the same. Once he created an opening, Tony slowly extended it until Jason was standing inside then gradually rebuilt his shields until there was a solid wall of protection wrapped around them both.

Once this was done, Tony and Jason shifted so that they were standing side by side holding hands, the fire to their backs and their respective representatives standing in front of them with Aiden and Ray standing side by side with Stephen and Logan next to Aiden and Sonny and Clay next to Ray.

“We are two souls, two minds, travelling down life’s road. Our paths have intersected to begin the journey of Guide and Sentinel. Allow us to travel together as one as we allow the other to travel by our side. Mind, body, soul, all are as one. We are two souls destined to act as one. Each incomplete on his own, but together creating one whole being. Together we travel as Guide and Sentinel. Let our Spirit Guides join us and not be two but one reflection of our whole: one mind, two souls, moving closer, ever closer, never to part. We are two acting as one. Allowing our shield to lower as men and Spirit Guides combine to become one united being drawing those present into our circle so they might travel our journey with us.”

Tony then opened his shields to surround the four men in front of him. As he did this Jason’s tiger Spirit Guide Philly and Tony’s own panther Spirit Guide Bagheera joined them sitting in front of their charges.  Once they were done, Jason and Tony continued speaking in unison.

“We are now one being. Tony and Bagheera joining Jason and Philly and ask for consideration to be recognized by our friends, our family, our Tribe, and our Pride as one united soul. So, mote it be.”

Once they were done speaking, the two Spirit Guides turned with Philly jumping toward Tony disappearing when he hit Tony’s body, Bagheera doing the same only with Jason knocking both men to their knees. It was a moment that Tony had been waiting his entire life as a Guide for, and somehow the reality was so much better than he expected.

While the bond was still forming and wouldn’t be completed until the second ceremony was finished, there was a presence now in his mind that he instinctively knew to be Jason. In that second, he understood what his mother had been trying to tell him all those years ago when she said once he found his Sentinel he’d never be alone again. Jason was slowly but surely combining with every part, every cell, every aspect of Tony’s being, and it was an amazing feeling.

While he didn’t know exactly what Jason was thinking, he could feel his Sentinel’s awe and happiness. So, he wasn’t surprised when he was pulled into the other man’s arms for a breath stealing kiss. Eventually, the two men came up for air, and their respective representatives stepped forward with well wishes and congratulations. Their eyes were all a little shiny, even Sonny’s, who insisted that it was just because he’d gotten a piece of ash from the fire in his eye.

After the hugs and well wishes were passed out, chairs were brought out as the eight men gathered around the fire. They would spend the whole weekend together so the two sides could get to know each other better along with Jason and Tony. Eventually, they’d move inside for food and more laughter, stories that were more exaggeration than truth along with some good-natured teasing.

Monday morning everyone went their separate ways. Ray and Aiden headed to base to work. Sonny and Clay had the day off, and Stephen and Logan headed to the airport to fly back to England but would return for the second ceremony in two weeks. The weekend had been accomplished what it had to though with new lifelong bonds formed between six men determined to do their best for the new couple.

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I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to angst over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

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