Second Family, Whole Heart – Chapter Three

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Chapter Three:

Jason stepped out of the truck at Eric’s house, his head still spinning a little from how well the talk with Alana and the kids went. Alana even promised to give Tony his own shovel talk, and then started laughing and decided she’d just become his new BFF instead so they could share stories. Which resulted in Jason labeling her a traitor, because seriously. She’s supposed to be on his side.

Of course, it was that moment when Mikey walked in and asked who was taking sides in what. Emma immediately proclaimed Tony to be smokin’ when she saw a picture of him. Alana declared she’d pulled something by the time she got done laughing as she listened to Emma try to explain to Jason, she understood Tony doesn’t smoke. All in all, the morning had gone well thus far and Jason couldn’t stop smiling.

“Holy shit, Jase, you’re all glowy. Guess I know what this meeting is about.”

Turning he saw Clay and Sonny coming up behind him holding hands, which Jason liked seeing. They had to walk a fine line when on the job between bonded couple and SEALs despite the fact that they shouldn’t have to. Mostly, they insisted they did it out of respect for people like Ray who were bonded, but whose Guide didn’t travel with him. Jason had in the past always hated that, but now that he would be bonded himself with his Guide travelling with him, knew he’d probably do something similar.

“Goldilocks, what the hell are you talkin’ about, Princess? He ain’t glowy!”

Sonny Quinn was one of Jason’s SEAL brothers, and after Ray probably his favorite person on the planet. The man was a walking billboard for his home state of Texas. He wore his heart on his sleeve and his temper even closer. He was the first one through the door, whether it be the night out with the guys or some building full of terrorists. He was passionate about both his defense of his brothers or if he was giving them shit to keep their egos in check.

When they first found out Clay was his most compatible Perfect Match, Jason thought there would never be a stormier pairing, because all it seemed the two did was fight. Then one morning, the two came into the cage room grinning ear to ear and perfectly in synch.

That was the day Jason knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was missing out on something by not looking for his Guide. That very night when he’d gone home, he’d sat Emma and Alana down after dinner and asked them to tell him one more time why they thought he should look for his Guide. It had still taken a couple of months for him to make the final decision, but Jason thought in the end it was all gonna work out just exactly how it should.

“It’s a Guide thing. Well, a bonded Guide thing. Doubt Brock will be able to see it.”

When Clay stepped forward to offer a hug and a whispered congratulations along with a promise to keep his lips shut ‘til Jason officially made the announcement, the Master Chief accepted both the hug and words with grace wondering if his smile could get any bigger. Pulling back, he noticed that both Clay and Sonny were carrying bags that looked like they had food stuff in them and wondered out loud if he’d missed a message.

“Nah, Eric texted us all and said we should make it a lunch. So, we divvied up an easy menu if burgers and brats with some quick sides. He said he thought maybe food would keep the tempers down. Although, I’m a little confused about that part right about now.”

Jason waved a hand in the air then led them toward Eric’s backyard where the rest of the team would be. From the looks of the vehicles everyone else was here. He didn’t notice Brock’s SUV, but most likely he came with Trent since it wasn’t a family event. After he’d pulled up in the driveway at Alana’s, he’d taken a moment to send off some text messages trying to confirm the Mandy information as well as set up a team meeting away from the base. Fortunately, Eric had been able to help with it all confessing that he’d found out about Mandy the day before and hadn’t wanted to put additional stress on him. So, he’d been holding it.

Normally, such an action would have made Jason’s temper blow. He hated when information was kept from him but was in too good of a mood to care about it right at that moment. When Eric found out that Jason would need the 6-week minimum bonding time, he’d expected his Lt. Commander to be frustrated. The team had just been stood down while Clay and Sunny were off on their bonding time, before their last deployment, which they had just recently returned from. However, Eric proved why he was put in charge of Bravo, because all he’d had to say was a heartfelt congratulations and an offer to hold the team meeting at his place.

Stepping into the backyard, Jason could see he’d been right, and everyone was present including Davis. How Eric had gotten her there, Jason didn’t know because he thought she was away at school. When he’d asked her about it, he noticed she looked a little dazed, and she’d merely said that she was there and that’s all that counted.

Knowing when not to push, Jason took a seat at the chairs left from their last get together and accepted a bottle of soda from Eric. “So, few things we need to discuss. Uhh, some personal and some business. I’ll go with the personal first. I was gonna tell you that part yesterday, but then we got pulled in to help Green Team with that training exercise and I had to put it off.”

Jason took out his phone and thumbed to a picture of Tony that he’d taken the night before on the beach. His Prospective Guide was standing on the beach with the sun setting in the background looking like some kind of Sun God. Handing the phone to Eric who was on his left, he started.

“So, I decided to do a Guide search. Alana and Emma have really been pushing me since the divorce. I kinda made up my mind in the middle of the night and decided to call before I lost my nerve. It seems they already knew who my Most Compatible Perfect Match was and gave me as much information as they could. Well, long story short. That’s him in that picture, and we’ve initiated the bonding ceremony. I’ll be mostly out for 6 weeks while we get things settled, although I expect I’ll be around the base on occasion to work out and keep up with things.

“You uhh you should know that he’s Aiden Sheppard’s brother in every way that counts. So, I expect we’ll be hanging out with Delta a lot more in the coming future. Especially when Jordan retires, and Aiden takes over. Aiden’s a good guy and he’s trying to use Bravo as a model for what he wants his team to be. I’d appreciate it if you were helpful if any of his team comes to you for advice and such. Once Aiden takes over, we’ll all be one family.”

Jason took a minute to take a drink of his Mt. Dew before continuing and Sonny had time to whistle as he got a look at Tony. “Jesus, we caught us some pretty bastards. Didn’t we, Boss?”

“That we did, Sonny,” Jason agreed with a big smile before continuing. “So, of course you’ll all be invited to the final ceremony. My guess is it’ll be at huge assed Sheppard Family beach house that I’ll be moving into with Aiden and Tony. Umm, Ray, as my Beta for our Tribe it’d mean a lot to me if you to be in the smaller ceremony. Clay and Sonny, same for you.

“You guys are all the family I have besides Alana and the kids. I know Aiden will be there, but Tony isn’t sure who Patrick will choose as the bonded couple. I don’t anticipate much changing. We might get an offer to join the Sheppard Pride, but we’ll talk about that when it comes up. I don’t, I guess that’s all of the personal shit. I know you are all gonna insist on hugging me and shit so let’s get that out of the way before we do business.”

Ray immediately stood from his position on Jason’s right and pulled him in for a hug. “I’d be honored, brother. Naima is gonna be thrilled that you’ve finally taken the step. I can’t wait to meet this guy.”

After Ray pulled away, Jason accepted more hugs and well wishes from the others. Clay and Sonny also accepted his invitation, although Sonny quipped, they might need to gear up before this shindig to keep all the pretty people safe. When Davis gave her congratulations, Jason made sure she understood that everything they were talking about included her, and if she thought she was gonna escape Bravo by going to OTS she had another thing coming.

Once everyone was done and settled back down in their chairs, Sonny having taken a second to tend to the fire that would cook their burgers and brats, Eric took over the business part of the meeting. He’d started off with the explanation for why Mandy Ellis their normal CIA liaison disappeared just before their last mission deployment, and predictably everyone exploded.

Jason sat quietly and let them all work their anger out before ordering everyone to pipe down so that he could put in his two cents. “Look, I know everyone is pissed off. Fuck knows I’m not what you’d call happy, and if I wasn’t so glowy as Clay put it, I’d probably want to rip her head off, too. However, it sounds like everything has been as resolved as it’s going to be.

“We all know the Sentinel and Guide Center is going to come down harder on her than anyone else can. Personally, I don’t wanna go to jail and I sure as shit don’t wanna have to pull any of your asses out of it for seeking revenge either. So, consider this an order. Ellis is off limits. Bravo Team will leave her punishment to those higher up the food chain than us to decide. She’ll never get near us again, and that’s all I care about.”

Eric then continued with the new opportunity for Bravo team. “So, Bravo Team has been recommended for a new project. I don’t have a ton of information that I can give you right now. It involves a shit ton of NDA’s and is more classified than anything we have ever done before. I can tell you that we’ll be working closely with Delta Team going forward if we accept this. I can also tell you that means there would be some command reshuffling. Delta would come under my purview and Alpha would share a Lt. Commander with Charlie Team.

“I can tell you this is what we call a Big Fuckin’ Deal, Lady and Gentlemen. Jason’s new Guide will be joining us as our new Intelligence Officer so Bravo will officially consist of 7 field team members including Cerberus plus myself, Davis when she gets out of OTS, and Lt. Commander Paddington. The list for this assignment was short, and Bravo Team should be goddamned honored to have made the short cut. It is a voluntary assignment though. We don’t have to take an official vote today, but I’d like to make sure everyone is at least interested in hearing what’s going on before we waste people’s time.”

Jason saw Eric look his direction and knew that was his queue to have his say. “I don’t have much more information than Eric. Delta’s already onboard. I was told we’d be dealing with global threats but should still be stationed out of Little Creek. So, no moving families and shit. Frankly, I can tell you I’m in. All I need to hear is global threat and I know it’s a project that we need to be on. Bravo Team is the best of the best period. We’re the SEAL’s top team for a goddamned reason, and any assignment labeled BFD requires our time and attention. I’m not gonna twist arms, but I can’t imagine what they could say from this point forward that would get me to turn them down.”

Jason watched Sonny and Clay exchange glances before Clay spoke. “We’re in. I think Sonny and I feel the same way you do, Boss, and quite frankly where you go, we will follow. I know I’m the newest team member here, but it seems like whatever this assignment is, is right up Bravo’s alley.”

“What he said,” Sonny drawled drawing out a round of chuckles and snorts from the team.

“I’d love to just say hell yes, brother,” Ray started, and Jason turned his attention to his SIC. “I like the sound of it so far, but you know how my house works. I gotta run things by Naima or as much as I can. Naima loves the hospital where she’s at and I don’t wanna uproot her unless I have no choice. I expect though that as long as we don’t have to move, I’m in too.”

Jason looked to Brock and Trent who both pretty much just shrugged and said they agreed with what Clay said. Finally, Jason turned his attention to Lisa, who was biting her lip, her cheeks flush with what Jason hoped was excitement. When Jason lifted an eyebrow at her, she let her breath out in a whoosh and nodded.

“Umm, yeah. I’m in. I’m very much in. Yup.”

“Miss Davis, you know somethin,” Sonny drawled, but Jason stepped in before anyone else could jump in.

“Nope, we’re gonna leave Davis alone and not pressure her. I find out anyone is pumping her for information and I’ll having you running hills till tomorrow. She already told me she can’t talk about it, and we’re gonna respect that. Understood?”

After a round of yes sirs was offered, the meeting broke up, and everyone started working on getting lunch together. Jason knew his team was curious about what this new assignment was. Hell, he was curious, but he was damned proud that they’d let things be and instead just enjoyed having a meal together. A part of him longed to have Tony there with him, but he knew soon his Prospective Guide would be included in such meetings. So, instead of moping, he let himself enjoy having his Tribe around him.

When they were done, Eric ordered them all to meet at the Base in the morning for a meeting, which would include Tony and Davis, who would not be returning to OTS until the following evening. Everyone headed to their respective homes curious, but happy, and Jason enjoyed having his Tribe be so happy.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The next morning, Tony followed Jason through the base to the team’s cage room where he’d be meeting Bravo Team for the first time. Given that it was Sunday, Aiden was still at home sleeping, but had promised the night before to have a food ready when they got back. Despite the fact that they were on base, Tony had his hand firmly curled around Jason’s and had no intention of letting it go unless he had to. He knew that Jack was itching to get his teams selected for the new assignment but was disgruntled that they had to do it two days into his bonding.

He’d expected that Homeworld would have to take more time to do background checks, but he hadn’t considered the possibility that they’d already done that when the original list for the project was made. So, all they had to do was run a background check on Clay Spencer, who hadn’t been on the team at the time, and the rookie had passed with only his father coming up as a concern. Apparently, Blackburn had assured them that Ash Spencer would not be an issue, due to the relationship between father and son being highly strained. Eric promised that he’d personally talk to Clay and reinforce the fact that his father was to know nothing about what Bravo Team would be doing.

When Tony asked Jason about Clay’s former SEAL Team father who had been pretty much declared persona non grata by the rest of the SEALs, Jason didn’t even try and hold back his scathing opinion of the asshole.  Ash Spencer had decided to make a name for himself by writing books about shit he had no business writing about whether it was how SEALs did things or offering his opinion on News Networks about operations he knew nothing about.

From the way Jason explained it, Ash had an over inflated sense of his own worth, and while he’d been a hell of a SEAL had been a crappy father, who at one point sent his son to live in Liberia with his grandparents for reasons Jason hadn’t been willing to discuss. At that point, Tony hadn’t needed any kind of Guide ability to tell how much his Prospective Sentinel disliked his rookie’s father, and felt a common bond begin with the younger man. It wasn’t like Tony was unfamiliar with horrible fathers, and sympathized with the position the younger man found himself in. Tony found himself looking forward to getting to know the man called Bravo 6.

When they reached the Cage Room door, Tony stopped and tugged on Jason’s hand to stop him from opening it just yet. “What’s wrong?” Jason asked moving away from the door and closer to his Prospective Guide.

“What if they hate me? I mean I’m one of those cake eaters you guys hate. While I’ve been in the field more than most Intelligence Officers, it’s nothing compared to what you guys have faced. I don’t want to cause friction on your team because they hate my guts.”

“I mean, we like Clay jus’ fine, an’ he’s a whiny bitch, so you should be good as gold, Double Oh.”

“Jesus, Sonny,” Jason muttered, and Tony whipped his head around to see two men standing behind him. The two men were standing close enough to touch but not doing so beyond an occasional brush of their shoulders. One was shorter but stockier and more barrel chested. The other was taller and definitely what Tony would call prettier with his blonde curly hair and blue eyes that were currently sparkling with amusement.

“I’d apologize, but he doesn’t feel the least bit sorry,” the blonde said holding out a hand. “Guide Special Warfare Operator Second Class Clay Spencer and the moron next to me is my Sentinel, Special Warfare Operator First Class Percival Quinn. Besides, the sentiment is true. All any of us ask is that you make Jason happy. I mean, there’s officers and then there’s Officers, ya know? As long as you’re more of a Blackburn type of officer and less of an asshole type of officer, we’re good.”

“Shut up rookie, what do you know?” Sonny interjected and opened his mouth to comment further, but when he stopped, Tony turned his head to look at Jason catching his Prospective Sentinel giving his friend and teammate a death glare. Rolling his eyes, Tony gave Jason a shoulder bump as he heard Clay snort with amusement.

“On secon’ thought, Clay’s right. I’ll jus’ welcome you to the team an’ keep my yap shut.”

“Let’s get into the room before this devolves,” Jason muttered heading back toward the door, and Tony was too busy listening to Clay and Sonny to be nervous anymore.

“You’re an ass,” Clay muttered drawing an immediate protest from his Sentinel.

“You love my ass. You said so jus’ last night when you were doin’ that thing I like so much with your tongue.”

“Jesus Christ, Sonny! TMI! What the hell have we told you about that shit?” Tony heard, but couldn’t stop his lips from twitching with amusement.

“For fuck sake, Sonny,” Jason groaned and sent Tony an apologetic look, but as far as the Guide was concerned it was all good. He could feel Sonny’s intentions were to lighten the mood and take his mind off of his worries. Something Tony appreciated. “Let me introduce the rest of the crazies before Sonny gets going.”

Jason then took Tony around the room to meet the rest of his team starting with his Second in Command and Tribe Beta Sentinel Ray Petty. For a Sentinel, Tony found the man to be much more calming than he’d expected and was almost immediately put at ease by his genuine welcoming to the team. So much so that when he casually threatened to murder him if Tony hurt Jason, all the Guide could do was smile.

Next, he met the team’s unofficial medic Sentinel Trent Sawyer who offers him a quiet hello and requests that Tony let him know about any allergies or any other medical things he might need to know. “Of course, if you hurt Jason, I can’t guarantee I won’t take advantage of any of those medical allergies to make you as miserable as possible.”

Nodding his understanding, Tony followed Jason to the last human member of Bravo Team, Brock Reynolds the team’s canine handler, and his Belgian Malinois Cerberus. Reynolds just nodded and offered a quiet hello. When Jason quipped about Brock not offering up any threats, the quiet and introverted Guide just casually advised that he didn’t need to make threats. He’d just let Cerberus take care of the situation.

At this, Tony couldn’t contain his amusement, and after getting permission from Brock to approach Cerberus, knelt down to hold out his hand to the canine. “What about you? Are we talking peeing in my favorite Salvatore Ferragamos or ripping my throat out?”

Cerberus for his part carefully sniffed the hand offered then inched forward to investigate the new person in front of him more thoroughly. Once he seemed to be satisfied, the canine, gave a happy tail thump on the floor as he submitted to pets and scratches from the new human, even going so far as to give a lick of greeting before Tony stood. “Huh,” was Brock’s only comment and Tony grinned feeling like he’d won a major victory.

“My little brother loves dogs. Used to rescue them when we were kids. For awhile there we had like five dogs that he was nursing back to health or trying to find homes for. I’ve never figured out why he didn’t try and become a canine handler/trainer. God only knows he has the knack for it. I know for a fact that getting a canine for Delta is at the top of his wish list. So, don’t be surprised if he hunts you down one of these days and picks your brain.”

Tony looked away from Brock, who seemed to be embarrassed for some reason the Guide couldn’t figure out, to Jason who was grinning at him like it was Christmas, Halloween, and his birthday all on the same day. “Your little brother? This being the six-foot five inch fucker that walks around here looking like he wants to break someone in half most of the time? The one who is so Alpha half the time I don’t wanna argue with him?”

Tony grins. “Aiden is two years younger than me. So, he will always be my little brother. I can’t guarantee that he won’t break you in half if you call him little though. He is certainly a man of… contradictions. Besides, I seem to recall him almost making you pee your pants on Friday. So, don’t get too gleeful. Trust me, there’s plenty of Alpha wrapped around that squishy puppy loving heart of his.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with liking dogs,” Brock muttered glaring up at his boss and Tony swore Cerberus shifted away from Jason giving him a doggy glare.

Fortunately, Jason was saved from digging his hole even deeper as they were all finally called into the conference room. Tony hoped that Bravo Team adjusted to the upcoming briefing well, because he was suddenly looking forward to being able to interact with his little brother and his new family at the same time.

About an hour later, Tony found himself chewing on the inside of his cheek as the various members of Bravo Team took turns staring either at each other, or the wall monitor as if the picture of the Wraith was still on it. Paul was moving toward the back of the room to talk to Blackburn and he and Aiden had taken over answering questions since they both had been read in on the program for quite some time.

“So, explain to me again jus’ what we’d be doing? I mean, not that I’ve gotten over the fact that there are space vampires that apparently were impregnated by Marilyn Manson who wanna suck out our life force or some other Jedi soundin bullshit. I jus’ wanna be clear on why the most badass SEAL team isn’t going to fight these soul sucking bastards.”

“Because as much as those assholes need taken out, and my brother John probably doesn’t have enough people even now, Earth needs a couple SEAL teams trained to deal with the various issues that come up here. As much as we would like to think the Goa’uld are gone somehow the fuckers just keep showing up. There’re those Ori pricks that aren’t fully dealt with and as much as we would like to think no one else has been here, at this point, I don’t think Jack is willing to make that bet. Not to mention the occasional missing artifact and such that needs tracked down and dealt with.”

Aiden paused his explanation and Tony watched him studying the various members of Bravo. Wanting to put his two cents in, he spoke up while his brother was studying the team. “The mountain already has a ton of Gate Teams trained to go to the various planets offworld and deal with threats. No one is saying that you’ll never be needed off planet, but when General O’Neill did his most recent assessment of the program’s weaknesses,           what he didn’t have was and wanted were a couple of highly trained teams based on Earth and dedicated solely to protecting it.

“They need to know they will have a couple teams with the training they need that they don’t have to worry about being offworld stuck on some planet if shit happens. They have Delta team, but with no offense meant to Aiden, they’re about to have a new leader.

“What they need is a team of been there, done that badassed bastards who aren’t gonna blink of say a Wraith scout ship makes it to earth, or someone figures out some Goa’uld has been hiding here and needs blown the fuck up. To make sure that we’re available when needed, as far as everyone is concerned instead of working with the CIA, Bravo and Delta will be working more closely with Homeworld Command.”

At this point, Aiden took back over as Jason squeezed Tony’s hand in support signaling, he understood what they were getting at. “This doesn’t mean you won’t still have your missions where you are sent to find your every day run of the mill terrorist, because you will. Honestly, most of what Bravo and Delta Teams will do is what we’ve always done. We’ll all get time to go through the ‘Gate and get all the training that teams normally get at Stargate. The difference is once we’re done, we’ll be sent back here and put back in rotation to find whatever asshole needs killed as quickly and with as little trace we were there as possible. There will just be the occasion where they will need us to handle something alien related.”

“OK, cards on the table time, boys,” Jason said, leaned back in his chair, one hand still entwined with Tony’s resting on the tabletop. “I know I’m in, and Tony’s already read in. What about the rest of you. Around the table one by one and be honest. If you are out, say you’re out and there will be no ill will or crap given.”

Tony was sure there would be at least one person that wasn’t sure, but one by one every response was an emphatic yes, including Blackburn and Davis. When they got back to the front of the table Tony just glanced to Aiden then shifted his gaze to Major Davis who offered the team a very precise nod. “I will inform the General that we have ourselves our second SEAL Team. Welcome to Stargate Command and Homeworld Security gentlemen. I look forward to working with you.”

As Paul left the room, conversation shifted to the team vocalizing their incredulity at what had just happened, and Tony just leaned back in his chair and listened to the chatter. Eventually, Jason or Blackburn would end thing and chase them back home or to the cage room. For now, though, Tony just allowed himself to take a handful of deep breaths and turn over the realization that his two families really were starting to be one. Never in his life had Tony’s heart felt so full, and there was still plenty more to come.

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I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to angst over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

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