Second Family, Whole Heart – Chapter Two

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Chapter Two:

Jason pulled his truck into the driveway at the address he’d been given, and after turning off the engine stared at the structure in front of him. If this was the Sheppard family idea of a beach house, Jason was a little afraid to find out how big the family home would be. He knew the Sheppards were rich, and theoretically understood that meant bigger houses, more cars, things Jason couldn’t dream of. However, actually seeing it was something different.

Hearing a knock on the truck driver’s side window, Jason startled slightly cursing himself for not being aware of his surroundings and was thankful that it was just Aiden standing there grinning at him. Climbing out, Jason gave Aiden a slap on the back as the younger man reached out for a hug as he laughed.

“Welcome to the humble family abode in Virginia Beach,” Aiden quipped, and Jason just snorted as he pulled his duffle bag out of the backseat in the cab.

“How the hell did I not know you were one of The Sheppards? I mean, we’ve hung out. We’ve had beers. Did I just miss something? Jordan already called me a dumbass when I asked him so apparently, I did miss something.”

Aiden laughed and led the way toward the house once Jason had locked the truck. “Nah, I don’t talk about it. I mean I love my family. We’re super close. Well, cept dad and John. They are both muleheaded morons, but the rest of us hope that one day they’ll both grow up and actually talk to each other to work their crap out. I just don’t want my career to be defined by who my family is or specifically my father. So, I don’t tell people. Sheppard is a common enough name people don’t immediately associate me with dad.”

They had just reached the front door when Aiden stopped and turned to look at Jason. “Look, I like you. Hell, I view you as something of a mentor, even though you’re not that much older than me, but you’ve been leading your own team for a long time. I can only hope to bring Delta team to be half what Bravo is. That being said, if you hurt my brother, they’ll never find your body. Fuck shovels. I’ll bring a goddamned backhoe to bury your ass.”

Now, normally, Jason would step right into any threat to his life with passion and rage making it clear that there was no mistaking he was the top dog. However, he knew this for what it was. This was a brother looking out for his blood, his family.

He’d given Clay and Sonny each a similar talk when they announced their relationship. Jason actually appreciated that Tony had at least one person in his life that wasn’t afraid to stand up to him. Jason knew what his reputation was and usually took great pride in it. However, when it came to a Prospective Guide, the myth, the legend that was Master Chief Jason Hayes had no place in the conversation.

“I know this is probably gonna be hard to believe, but all I want is for this to work. I want a fair equal relationship with my Guide. I know I’m a control freak, but that doesn’t include Tony. Everyone else, fuck yes. I expect everyone else to jump when I say to. It doesn’t always work, but I expect it anyway. Tony though…

“Look, I can’t guarantee that we’ll never argue, or I won’t ever be an asshole. You know me well enough that you’d never buy it, but I will try my damnedest to never hurt him on purpose. This match is not only a Perfect Match but the center says the compatibility ranking is in the rate percentage category with people like Ellison and Sandburg. I really want this, Aiden, and if you see me fucking it up, you have permission to kick my ass you big alpha bastard.”

Aiden flashed Jason a smile that was all teeth and dark intent. “Oh, you can bet on it.”

“Are you done verbally peeing on him, Aiden? Can I greet my Prospective Sentinel, now? Or I assume he’s my Prospective Sentinel unless more than one strange man is going to come by tonight to see if I wanna bond with him.” Jason looked up to see a man standing in the open front door who looked more like he belonged on the cover of GQ than in the Navy. He’d never hear the end of it from Sonny.

“Yeah, I suppose,” Aiden joked switching from lethal SEAL to affable brother with a speed that made Jason a little uneasy. Looking toward the man Jason assumed, hoped was his Prospective Guide because if he wasn’t, they had a problem. He was definitely reacting to the man’s presence and more than just on a physical level. The man in the doorway just winked at him before glancing toward Aiden Sheppard, who quite frankly was pretty easy on the eyes himself.

“Don’t worry too much, Jason, or I hope you’re Jason. Aiden is a pussy cat. Well, until he isn’t. Then you might have a problem on your hands. John hasn’t been callin’ him baby Alpha since pretty much the day I met them for no reason.”

The gorgeous man in the doorway held out his hand. “Guide Lt. Commander Antony Sheppard Paddington at your service. Call me Tony, please. Only Pops and Caroline ever call me Antony. You didn’t tell me you were gorgeous. I can hear Caroline snarking about the family Playgirl calendar models gaining a new month now. Please tell me you’re my hopefully soon to be Sentinel or I’m gonna be really embarrassed.

“Sentinel Master Chief Jason Hayes at your service. Playgirl calendar models? Do they take honorary members? If we’re makin’ a calendar Spencer has to be included. Sonny will never forgive us if we don’t.”

Aiden laughs and slaps Jason on the shoulder. “Welcome to the family, brother. I can’t wait to enfold Bravo team into the madness. Tone, I’ll get dinner tonight. I can manage burgers, fries, and a salad. I think we still got some ice cream in the freezer for dessert. You two can hang out on the beach and talk. I’ll holler when dinner is ready.”

Jason watches Tony slap his brother on the shoulder as the younger of the two pushes his way past. Then, the Master Chief finds himself alone with the man he already can’t stop calling His Guide. “Why don’t I take you to the bedrooms, then we can go out to the beach chairs?” Tony asked and Jason murmured his consent.

Following Tony though the house, he noted that it was less beach house, and more beach mansion. Jesus, how many damned people did this place sleep? There had to be four stories in a colonial style with windows everywhere and an equal number of doors going out to balconies. As they navigated through the house, Tony pointed out things he thought to be important like an elevator for fuck sake. Jason figured he must have looked overwhelmed or something, because Tony smiled and told him he’d get used to it at some point.

“How many people does this place sleep?” Jason asked curiously as they reached the bedrooms, and Tony stopped to lounge against the wall outside of a room.

“Like 20 I think? Pops wanted something to hold all of the family and any friends we wanted to bring. It doesn’t get used as much now as it did when we were kids. Aiden was gonna get something of his own when he got stationed here, but Pops pointed out it was stupid when the house mostly sits empty most of the time. ‘Course Aiden’s wanting to get his own place had nothing to do with not wanting to impose on the family or some such shit. Although, my guess is Pops knew that and was ignoring it. So, we got options, Hayes.”

“You ain’t kidding,” Jason quipped as he looked into a bedroom that held four bunkbeds each with a queen-sized mattress on bottom and what looked to be a full sized one on top. “OK, lay the options on me.”

“We can pretend we don’t want to jump each other’s bones. You can take one of the many guest rooms on this floor or the bottom floor. Or we can just accept that this thing is most likely happening because I can tell you I’ve already started to think of you as My Sentinel. Capitol M, capitol S by the way, in case you weren’t sure. You can just stay in my suite, and we will figure this out as we go.

“I know we have details to work out. I have a suggestion on your housing situation if I haven’t completely melted your brain with the tour. Technically, I should talk to Pops, but he won’t care. He made it pretty clear the house was for Aiden and I when I talked to him on the drive down here.”

“When you say Pops, that’s Patrick Sheppard? I’m having trouble picturing a billionaire as a Pops kind of guy. I mean, would he even notice if he came down here? The entire Bravo Team could probably hide in this house and not be noticed.” Jason wandered along the hallway peeking into bedrooms and could hear Tony following him.

“My suite is at the end of the hallway if you keep going. If that is what you were looking for that is,” Tony advised, and Jason gave him a thumbs up as he kept going. Really, he was mostly just being nosy, but this house really was blowing his mind.

Finally, he stepped into a suite done in Navy blue with white trim that had what appeared to be a Naval movie theme with old movie posters of various Naval movies scattered around the walls. Dropping his duffle bag on the bed, Jason wandered around the bedroom that was bigger than the apartment Jason had shared with Alana when they first got married.

As he was looking at the bathroom, he could hear Tony doing something behind him. When Jason got back to the bedroom, he saw that the wall of glass windows was now gone and realized that they must have been those sliding doors that open the room to the outside. “Jesus,” he breathed and felt Tony come from somewhere behind him to stand next to him.

At some point while he’d been in the bathroom, Tony had managed to not only open the wall of doors, but he’d changed into shorts and tank top. “Too much?” Tony asked quietly, and Jason turned his head to look at the Guide before stepping out onto the balcony taking in a deep breath of the salty ocean air. After taking a couple minutes to calm his mind, Jason turned his head and looked at Tony.

“Not too much,” he said softly leaning against the balcony railing. “Just new and different and more than anything I have experience with.”

“That’s understandable,” Tony conceded as he stepped out onto the wooden deck and moving to stand next to Jason, resting his right hip against the wooden railing so he was looking at Jason.

“So, if this thing keeps going the way it sounds it’s going to, we’re gonna need a place. Aiden doesn’t mind us living here, but it kinda depends on how you feel about living in someone else’s house. Not to mention how your Sentinel feels about cohabitating with Aiden, ‘cause I’ve been told even though he’s not bonded, he’s can be hard for other strong Sentinels to be around. Baby Alpha may be a nickname, but we’re pretty sure it’s gonna come true.”

“How can you tell?” Jason asked turning his body so that he was now looking at Tony.

“John’s Alpha of his Pride where he’s based, and he and Aiden have always occasionally butted heads. It’s usually a 50/50 thing as to who comes out on top. Aiden has surely never let his age disadvantage stand in his way. Honestly, I think Aiden is the stronger of the two. Personally, I think the only reason it’s taken this long for him to get his own team is because he wanted it that way. He thought he still had things to learn, so he’s never pushed it before. Now though, I think if they tried to give Delta Team to someone else, he wouldn’t stay there very long.”

“I don’t see that happening,” Jason offered running a hand over the back of his neck. “From what Blackburn has told me the cake eaters are pretty insistent that he get the team, and I think the rest of the guys on the team would revolt if they tried to put anyone else on it. He’s been mostly co-leading with Jordan for at least the last yr. maybe longer.

“As to me and Aiden, he’s never… I’ve never felt threatened by him. I know they say bonding will change that, but I’ve butted heads with other people who wanted to out Alpha me. Honestly, I’ve never had much of a territorial issue at home. I’ve always considered my territory wherever my team is. They are my territory, not a place. If that makes sense. I don’t think staying here with Aiden would be an issue. My guess is that if he’s as strong as you all think that my Sentinel self will defer to his after we bond when we’re at home. Now, if we’re in the field that’s a different discussion.”

“I don’t see Aiden getting into a dick measuring contest with you at work. He’s already made it clear to me that he sees you as a mentor and your team as something he wants Delta Team to be. That part I am happy to leave for you guys to figure out. I just want to make sure our home lives will be peaceful if we live here. Family is really important to me. Even though legally speaking I’m not a Sheppard. Patrick is just my Sentinel Guardian, or well he was when I was a kid. They’ve always treated me like I was one of the family though despite that, and I don’t see it changing.”

“Like I said, the only pride I have is my team, and I’ve always thought of them more as a tribe than a pride. I figured someday I would find the right Pride for us to join, but until then I’m good with how things are.”

“Well, don’t be surprised if Patrick talks to you about joining the Sheppard Pride. I know Pops would have no issues with you staying in charge of your Tribe and rolling it into the Pride. That’s what Aiden will do with Delta Team until Pops steps down and Aiden takes over. I think Jordan will even be joining as something like a Tribal Elder type role where he serves as an advisory type role for Aiden. So, it sounds like we’re doing this?”

Jason stood quietly on the deck giving himself a minute to make sure this was what he really wanted, but when he tried to imagine himself without Tony, already his Sentinel roared its displeasure. For a second, he felt himself panic as he thought about family and realized that this bonding would just push him that much further from his own blood family. While he knew his parents loved him, and supported him as much as they could, he also knew they didn’t understand his Sentinel side.

Neither of his parents were online nor were they latent. Jason was the rare Sentinel or Guide born to two non-S&G parents. There hadn’t even been anyone online in either of their families in generations. So, when he first came online his mother hadn’t known what was going on. It wasn’t until his father returned from deployment with his Marine unit that he got help.

While his father did have some working knowledge of Sentinels and Guides due to his time in the service, it wasn’t the same as understanding. Jason had drives and longings that neither of them quite knew how to deal with. Honestly, Jason often wondered if even one of them had been a Sentinel or Guide if things with Alana would have been different. The answer he always came up with though was always yes, and that meant he wouldn’t have Mikey in his life. So, as much as it hurt not to be understood by his parents, Jason had never regretted the road he travelled in his life and he certainly wasn’t about to start.

Most likely, if things went the way Tony suggested and he got pulled into the Sheppard Family Pride, things with his blood family would just get that much more strained and distant. Jason had two younger siblings, a brother and a sister neither of whom he was particularly close to. Like his parents, they tried but just couldn’t understand. Jason had always felt like an outsider in his family, which was a big factor in why he had created his own Tribe in Bravo Team so he could have that family he needed and longed for.

“Where did you go?” Tony asked softly, and Jason blinked then shook his head to pull himself out of his thoughts and back to the man with him.

“I was thinking about my parents and my brother and sister,” Jason explained, unconsciously moving closer to Tony seeking the comfort his Prospective Guide could give him. “This will probably just push them further away. None of them are Sentinels or Guides.”

“Aah,” Tony said softly, and Jason felt a hand rest on his shoulder. “I get it. My sperm donor wasn’t a Sentinel or Guide either. Mom was a Guide, but not online, and as far as I know never found her Sentinel. I think that’s why she was so miserable. Once she married Senior, she pretty much gave up that dream. The older I got and didn’t know who mine was, the more I understood the pain she must have lived with.

“I suppose this is the point where I tell you that he’s in prison for murdering her when I was 10. He’ll never get out. He’s tried to reach out and get me to help him a couple times, but I have no interest in having anything to do with him. Hell, I changed my name after I’d been with the Sheppards for like a year just so I didn’t have any more connection to him than I had to. If I could remove him from my DNA, I would.

“I’ve known most of my life that I’d have to create my own family. It’s kinda amazing to me that the 10 yr. old who had no one after his mother was murdered is going to end up with not one family but two between the Sheppards and your Bravo Team.”

“Jesus, Tony,” Jason whispered before stepping yet closer to the Guide. “I don’t even know what to say. I’m sorry doesn’t seem to be anywhere near adequate enough to cover that. I can only swear that my family will always be yours. Somehow my own family issues don’t seem quite so bad.”

“Don’t do that,” Tony quickly inserted frowning as he let his fingers entwine with Jason’s. “I hate the whole ‘my life is worse than yours, so you don’t have a reason to bitch’ game. They’re two completely different situations. I can’t imagine spending my whole life around people that I could never feel part of. I took Sentinel and Guide classes in college. Hell, I’ve been working on a doctorate in it for years.

“The issues with Sentinels or Guides born into families where they are the only one are real and serious. Feelings of being isolated and a higher than normal level of protectiveness over the family they do form are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problems that children in your situations face. So, we’re not doing the whole my childhood was worse than yours game. Mine may have had a more tragic event, but you had to suffer longer as far as I’m concerned. Do you think you could live here, or is it too much?”

“Nah, I’ll get used to it,” Jason promised as he gave in and just pulled Tony forward until he could wrap his arm around the man’s waist. “The guys’ll give me crap about it forever, but they’ll get over it eventually.”

“I am sure once they find out they’ll have access to the pool and the beach whenever they want not to mention the fact that it’s more than big enough to have parties with both teams they’ll ease up on you pretty quick. Soooo, no more living with the ex-wife?”

Jason chuckled and let himself hover on the very edge of temptation as he lowered his head so that his lips hovered just over Tony’s. “No more living with Alana. I’ll go over tomorrow morning and get my things after I fill them in on what’s going on. I vote we seal the deal with a kiss. How do you feel about it?”

In lieu of words, Tony leaned forward just enough to close the distance between their mouths, letting their lips touch. Jason could feel Guide in his arms pushing his willingness to initiate a bond into chasm of space that Jason’s Sentinel was already filling with his own intent. Closing his eyes, he let himself get lost in the kiss, feeling his Prospective Guide begin to wrap him up in his protective barriers. Eventually, Tony would lead them back inside and the kiss would turn into something more as clothes were shed and the initiation step was completed.

Technically, sex wasn’t required to initiate a bond, but Jason could already tell his Prospective Guide was quite a sexual being. So, it wasn’t a hardship to let him learn his Guide’s body in that manner. Of course, there was much more to the process. Tony would have to declare his intent to Jason’s Tribe, that being Bravo Team as well as his kids. Likewise, Jason would have to declare his intent to Tony’s tribe if he had one. If not, it would be offered to the closest people in Tony’s life.

Then once approval had been given by both sides, there would be a two-part ceremony of sorts. Representatives from Jason’s Tribe in the form of Jason’s Tribal Beta as well as one bonded couple would join representatives from Tony’s Tribe. Since Tony was not an Alpha in his tribe, the representatives would still be one bonded couple, but also the person he was closest to in his Tribe. Then once those parties had given their approval, a separate ceremony would happen later bringing both Tribes together.

Back 100 or even 200 years ago these ceremonies were very formal affairs, but in modern times, things were more relaxed. The two ceremonies were generally handled as weekend parties or get togethers. There would be at some point a formal ceremony in each part where specific words would need spoken by both parts, but overall, they were a much more casual atmosphere. There certainly would be no viewing of a coupling because Jason would scorch the earth before he’d let someone watch him have sex with his Guide.

At that point, concentration on anything but Tony became hard, and any thoughts to ceremonies and people faded as the bond started taking charge of the initiation. Just before Jason stopped thinking all together, he became aware of some kind of tiger sitting watching them with a black panther curled up next to him. His last conscious thought was to wonder if he could get away with naming his tiger Tony, too.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Tony was standing in the kitchen having just finished his call with Patrick, watching Jason pace back and forth on the main deck. His Sentinel was getting some calls out of the way before he headed over to Alana’s house to get his things and speak with her and the kids. He wanted to go out and reassure Jason that things would work out, but since he had no knowledge of anyone involved, Tony knew they would be empty words with nothing real behind them.

“What’s got him worked up? Who’s he talking to?” Tony heard and looked over to see his brother sitting at the breakfast bar, also watching Jason through the window.

“I’m not sure if he’s still talking to Blackburn or if he’s talking to Ray now,” Tony said answering the second question first. “He is going over to talk to Alana and the kids this morning. So, he’s nervous. I think it’s more about Alana than the kids. They’ve been friends a long time, and I don’t know how he’ll react if she doesn’t take this well.”

“Didn’t he say last night that she’d been pushing for him to do this though?” Aiden asked as he reached out and snagged a banana out of the fruit bowl.

“Yeah, but you know as well as I do that what people say and how they react once faced with the reality of things isn’t always the same. The call to his parents last night went about as lackluster as he expected. So, that isn’t helping things. I hate that there’s nothing I can do about that situation.”

“It happens to a lot of people born into that situation,” Aiden reminded, and Tony turned away from the window to glare at his younger brother.

“That doesn’t make it right, and I hate it. Families shouldn’t have these huge gaps where one person is left on the outside. It isn’t any better if a Sentinel or Guide family has a child that isn’t either Sentinel or Guide. The whole thing sucks.”

“Kinda makes you get why they used to pass babies back and forth in the old days. I mean, I’m not saying I agree with it, but I get it. There certainly has to be a better solution than what we’re doing now.”

Tony watched Aiden pop some of the banana into his mouth and turned his attention back to Jason without commenting further. It was an old discussion that he had no urge to bring back up today. Especially when he knew his Sentinel could hear them and didn’t want to make his Prospective Sentinel more upset than he already was. Feeling a brush against his leg, Tony looked down and smiled at Bagheera. He’d tried hard to convince Jason to name his Tiger Shere Kahn, but he’d refused and eventually settled on Philly.

“So, I uhh, I told Pops this morning that I wanted him to assign you as my other representative.”

Aiden just nodded and kept chewing on his banana. Tony knew he was trying to resist the urge to come and hug him. Thus far Jason hadn’t had an issue with Aiden interacting with Tony, but they were being cautious, especially with his Sentinel already upset.

“I don’t know who he’ll pick for the bonded couple,” Tony continued with a frown as he turned back to Jason, again. He really was trying not to go out there, but it was hard. The instinctive urge to comfort his Prospective Sentinel was warring with the logical side of his brain that reminded him he’d just met the man yesterday and they needed time to learn each other.

“Dad’s gonna contact the Navy and DCM S&G C for you, right?” Aiden asked using the acronym for the Center they all three belonged to instead of saying the whole name.

“Yeah, he said he’s just gonna contact SecNav since I have such a weird situation going on right now with Thatcher. I’m letting him deal with it. I don’t even know how I’m gonna explain that whole mess to Jason.”

“What’s there to explain?” Aiden asked as he got up to throw away the banana peel. “Your Commanding Officer is an asshole who thinks you’re too weak to function in the Navy because you’re a Guide. Dad’s gonna wipe his very existence from the face of the planet. Bam. Conversation done.”

Tony watched Jason turn their way and narrow his eyes, and quickly reached out and punched his brother in the stomach when the younger man wandered too close. “You did that shit on purpose.”

“I ain’t about to let you angst over that crap any more than you have to,” Aiden huffed giving Jason a toothy wave as his brother’s fellow Sentinel appeared to end his call and stalk toward the door to come inside. “Thatchole doesn’t deserve any more of your time. You know dad will assign me as your main representative. I’m just doing my duty getting this crap out of the way. You have more important things to deal with than Commander Thatchole.”

“Who is this person, and why does he think your Guide status has anything to do with your ability to do your job?” Jason demanded as he stomped into the kitchen. Tony just sighed and walked to the refrigerator letting Aiden tell the story since he’d started the conversation.  Coming back with a bowl of fruit salad and some waters, Tony dished them all up a bowl before settling at the breakfast bar next to Jason.

When Aiden got done explaining the mess that was Tony’s professional life, he turned to Jason and sighed deep before speaking. “I know you wanna storm Maryland and beat the crap out of Thatcher right now, but I need you to let Patrick deal with this. First off, he’s technically the one with the authority to do so still since we haven’t completed the bond. Secondly, he’s retired with a higher rank than Thatcher and he can’t get in trouble for telling the guy off. I don’t want both of our careers messed up because of that asshole.”

“Asshole, Thatchole,” Jason muttered with a nod. “Got it. If you say Patrick will deal with it, I’ll let it go for now, but if he doesn’t get it handled by the time we get bonded, I’m not keepin my mouth shut. Eric likes you and says you’re good at your job. That’s all I need to know. He was practically giddy at the thought we’d get you and still have Davis when she gets done with OTS, too. I think he’s hoping it’ll limit the amount of time Mandy is with the team. He’s pretty pissed at her right now.”

“Mandy is the CIA person who works with Bravo team, right? You know I’m looking her up and pulling your mission details from when you’ve worked with her like the second my clearance is changed to do so, right? I hate those fuckers.”

“I mean, doesn’t everyone?” Aiden asked scoffing as he popped some melon into his mouth. “Although Ellis hasn’t been horrible when we’ve worked with her. Especially once Jordan reamed her ass out for using her projection abilities to try and manipulate him. Man, I thought he’d kill her for that shit.”

“What are you talking about?” Jason demanded, and Aiden lifted an eyebrow at the question. “Mandy isn’t a Sentinel or Guide.”

“No, but she is a Projection Empath, and a pretty strong one for not being a Sentinel or Guide. Dad says the CIA has a bunch of people like her. You guys didn’t know? I guess that makes sense. I mean, we only did because Jordan felt her trying to get past his barriers. They’re supposed to notify us when one is around, but dad says the CIA is notorious for not telling people.

“Dad says that most likely Shaw knew though and that’s why he’s all of a sudden retiring. Jordan and dad both filed complaints with the DCM S&G C and dad filed complaints with a bunch of other people as well. Supposedly, that’s why she was pulled from your last mission just before y’all left because she’s in deep shit. I bet they found proof she’d been doing it to y’all too.”

“Sonofabitch,” Jason swore running a hand though his hair, and Tony pressed his shoulder against his Prospective Sentinel’s then rested a hand on the man’s leg.

“What can I do?” Tony asked softly, but Jason just shook his head and popped a piece of apple into his mouth chewing on it violently.

“Nothing,” Jason said then changed his mind. “Unless you can make sure we don’t have to work with those assholes again for a while.”

“Well,” Tony started and looked to Aiden who shrugged before putting his bowl in the sink.

“They still need another team besides mine for the new umm home-based missions. Charlie Team tried to apply, but when Jack asked what I thought about them I told them fuck no. Dude is way too rules oriented and not nearly flexible enough mentally. He’d never make it. Bravo was on the shortlist, but the Brass didn’t think that they’d agree to leave Ellis behind, and no one wants the CIA a part of that.”

“It’s like you two are having a conversation in another language,” Jason complained, and Tony shared another look with Aiden before turning toward his Sentinel.

“I can’t go into detail, but theoretically say that there was this huge super-duper secret project that we were aware of. I mean, bigger than anything your team has ever been involved in before. Think global matters rather than skirmishes with individual countries or terrorist organizations. Would you as Bravo Team Leader and Bravo Tribe Alpha be interested in involving your Team in such a thing? The teams they’re recruiting with be involved in…. global issues and liaising with Home… uhh Homeland Security. So, chances are you all wouldn’t even have to move.”

“Hell yeah,” Jason said immediately, then seemed to stop to reconsider and shrugged. “I mean, I’d want to put it to a vote with the boys, but my initial reaction is yes. Obviously, there’s quite a bit you aren’t saying. ‘Cause some of your wording is obviously carefully done, but yes.”

“I’ll have dad call Jack,” Aiden said pulling his phone out of his pocket. “They can get the ball rolling while you two are going through your bonding steps. They’ll probably want to come have a meeting with all of Bravo Team as soon as possible.”

“Make sure they know that Logistics Officer Lisa Davis needs to be included. She’s currently in OTS, but they are hoping she’s placed back with Bravo once she’s out.”

Aiden offered a wave of his hand as he wandered out, and before Tony could say anything more to Jason his Prospective Sentinel swore.

“Crap, I’m late. I gotta go. I’m gonna be late as it is.”

“Go, I’ll clean up,” Tony said giving Jason a kiss. “Don’t fret. I am sure it’ll go fine. Make sure Alana knows I look forward to meeting her. I look forward to getting to know her. Same with the kids.”

After letting his Sentinel steal another kiss, Tony watched Jason hurry out and soon heard the truck roaring to life before pulling out of the driveway. When Bagheera appeared settling down on the counter in front of him, Tony gave the panther’s big head a scratch earning himself a happy purr. “So, he’s giving me a second family, and I’m giving him aliens. That’s about equal right?”

Bagheera just chuffed in answer and Tony grinned before standing to clean up. This was gonna be one interesting bonding.

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I write fanfiction for fun. It’s a hobby and a stress relief. I refuse to angst over my writing. What you see is what you get. Errors, plot holes, and all. Thank you for reading my story!

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