Art for Sentry by Jilly James

I did art for Sentry by Jilly James, which is a wonderful Tony DiNozzo in the MCU piece. I love the story and was thrilled to be able to do art for it. The fic was started in Rough Trade and finished for the WIP Big Bang. The story has two main pairings Tony DiNozzo/Thor and Tony Stark/Steve Rogers.

Please go and read the story and give Jilly some love. Sentry by Jilly James

Main Story Banner:

Chapter Banners

One thought on “Art for Sentry by Jilly James

  1. Thank you so much for the gorgeous artwork that adds to an already great story. And thanks for the making it known that Jilly added to it as part of the WIP Big Bang because somehow I had missed that. So now I’m going to start reading it again from the beginning with your enticing chapter headers to set the stage!

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