Chapter Six: Your Yin to my Yang

Chapter Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Sam Winchester, Ruby, Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid, OC-Azrael, OC-Samael Chapter Summary: Tony finally meets Sam Winchester, and takes care of a little demon issue that's been messing with the youngest Winchester's head. Afterward, Sam has to decide if he's going to believe the crazy things Tony's telling him. To help him decide, … Continue reading Chapter Six: Your Yin to my Yang

Apocalypse Reinvented Character Listing

Apocalypse Reinvented Characters      Anthony DiNozzo Jr Played by Michael Weatherly  Aaron Hotchner Played by Thomas Gibson  Spencer DiNozzo (Reid) Played by Matthew Grey Gubler      Pastor Jim Murphy Played by Richard Sali  Robert "Bobby" Singer Played by Jim Beaver  Azrael Played by Sean Bean Note: I don't know why the pics won't … Continue reading Apocalypse Reinvented Character Listing