Chapter Six: Monsters, Murders, and Explanations

  Chapter Note: When I was writing this story I had Amy Allen from The Dead Files in mind when I wrote Tony's Medium characteristics.   Chapter Six: Monsters, Murders, and Explanations   Four days and one more body later, both teams were getting frustrated. The BAU team was learning how very frustrating paranormal cases … Continue reading Chapter Six: Monsters, Murders, and Explanations

Monsters & Murders Full Character Listing

Monsters & Murders Characters        Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner Played by Thomas Gibson  Paranormal Investigator Medium Anthony Hotchner (Formerly DiNozzo Jr & Winchester) Played by Michael Weatherly  Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi Played by Joe Mantegna        Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid Played by Matthew Gray Gubler  Paranormal Investigator Sam … Continue reading Monsters & Murders Full Character Listing