#4 Lay me Down in the Safety of your Arms & Protect me from my Demons

Tony DiNozzo, Aaron Hotchner, Tobias Fornell, David Rossi Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner Darker fic – Tony is suffering from depression and anxiety. Ant-Ziva and Anti-Abby in a big way. Word Count 4504 WARNING: May be triggery for those with depression or anxiety. This is not a happy DiNozzo in this story snippet. Full Version May Contain: … Continue reading #4 Lay me Down in the Safety of your Arms & Protect me from my Demons

#2 Child of Gabriel

Snippet Header Info: #2 Child of Gabriel Tony DiNozzo, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester Tony DiNozzo/Sam Winchester 1667 Words Set in early NCIS years, while Kate is still alive. Full Version May Contain: Characters: Gabriel (Supernatural), Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Kate Todd, Bobby Singer, Castiel, Content: AU-ness for Supernatural, SPN Case Fic, Anti-Senior, Will NOT have Destiel … Continue reading #2 Child of Gabriel

#1 Bureau of Supernatural Affairs

#1 Bureau of Supernatural Affairs Snippet Header Info Tony DiNozzo, Christopher LaSalle Tony/? 906 Words Full story would contain: Relationship: Tony/? (Possibilities include, Dwayne Pride, Dwayne and Christopher, Sam or Dean, Someone Non-NCIS or Criminal Minds (exception would be Will LaMontagne) Content: AU-ness, Non-Cannon Content, Most Likely no one else from NCIS Summary: Tony leaves … Continue reading #1 Bureau of Supernatural Affairs