Tony & Jack Were S&G Sorta thing

Title: Untitled at this time Story Fandoms: NCIS, Stargate: SG-1, and QaF Story Characters: Tony DiNozzo, TJ DiNozzo - OC, Jack O'Neill, Justin Taylor, Stephen Paddington-OC Story Relationships: Tony DiNozzo/Jack O'Neill, Possible Other Background Relationships Story Warnings: Canon Level Violence, S&G and Were-Creatures Combination, Post Gibbs' Return from Mexico, Warnings Subject to Change Before Final … Continue reading Tony & Jack Were S&G Sorta thing

Tony/Justin/Brian Requiem Aftermath

Title: Untitled at this time Story Fandoms: NCIS and Queer as Folk Story Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, Prior-Tony/Gibbs Story Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Brian Kinney, Justin Taylor, OC-Padraig McCormac Story Contents: Tony Leaves NCIS, Tony and Gibbs Breakup, Angst, Consequences of the Plague, NCIS AU Post-Requiem Notes: This is another post Requiem fic. I … Continue reading Tony/Justin/Brian Requiem Aftermath

One Beginning

  Title: One Beginning Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Justin Taylor, Brian Kinney, Tobias Fornell Relationship: Tony DiNozzo/Justin Taylor/Brian Kinney Note: This is the first story in a different kind of series I am starting. I don't know how regularly it will be updated. It's mostly something else for me to work on between large projects. This story … Continue reading One Beginning

Just Broken

Title: Just Broken Character: Justin Taylor Relationship: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor Content: Angst, Post 5x13 Word Count: 500 Note: Takes place Justin's first winter in NYC post 5x13. This is a response to the July Pic Prompt challenge on Forever Angst. Challenge has a 100-500 Word limit. The picture prompt that inspired this will be posted … Continue reading Just Broken