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#The WIPs Master Listing – Incomplete fics I am working on

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2019 Completed Fics:

My Demons are Your Superheroes –  Tony Stark/Tony DiNozzo/Clint Barton, 1768 Words

Maybe Someday – Tony DiNozzo/Aaron Hotchner 1998 Words

Landing in London – EFBB Entry Tony DiNozzo/Alec Trevelyan 33,670 Words

Caribbean Love: Intrigued – Tony DiNozzo/OMC Jackson Grimes 5,298 Words

Caribbean Love: Loss – Tony DiNozzo/OMC Jackson Grimes 3,573 Words

Deny Thy Heart No Longer – Gen (Tony DiNozzo/Ronon Dex hinted) 2969 Words

The Reason Behind the Crime – Tony DiNozzo/OMC Jackson Grimes 3,393 Words

Beach Confessions: Tony DiNozzo & Spencer Reid 1,854 Words

Ferris Wheels and Beach Yoga: Pre-Tony DiNozzo/Draco Malfoy 1,991 Words